Chapter 1

Ginny knew the temperament of her family, having lived all of her life with six brothers. She knew what some of them were accustomed to do when their bodies and minds were sexually active. It was a puzzle to Ginny: how could they do it? Was it such a huge need of men that they could not control themselves?

Ginny had first discovered Fred's and George's bedroom activity when one day she was walking in the corridor and had heard strange noises. She had approached cautiously to see what was happening. Boy was she surprised! Both had their trousers down and George had his face in Fred's lap and appeared to be eating his brother, while Fred was panting like a bull and was pulling him by the hair.

Ginny had been surprised very much, she was a young girl and her brothers were teenagers. Now she was not surprised anymore when she listened to those sounds, they were always the same ones, the same kind, sometimes in George's voice, sometimes in Fred's voice. In the Burrow everything could be heard so it was good that their parents slept in the floor below because if they d their bedroom on the same floor as the rest of them...

With Bill and Charlie she had not lived so much, they were older and when she was quite young Charlie went away and then Bill. She never seen them do the things that Fred and George did, but... fine. Bill had always liked Ginny to sit on his lap and sometimes he was in the habit of being rubbed a bit by her, but that is normal, is it not?

Percy was very reserved, serious, rather stiff and less affectionate. If at some time he was a victim of his hormones he had Penelope Clearwater, his girlfriend since he was 15. Poor Ginny could only guess what they got up to. Great!

Ron for his part always has seemed to be calm enough, he let everything happen and nothing seemed to bother him. Ginny did not really know how much Fred and George might have influenced him, usually they made fun of him. That had changed when Fred had fallen very sick, so much so was he had to be admitted to St. Mungo's hospital for several days. It was during that time that Ginny had the bad luck of seeing something she would rather not have seen. When she had thought about it she understood that George had needs –big needs- and he would miss Fred very much. What she had not expected was that George would use Ron that way to satisfy those needs. After all little Ron was only 11 and very naïve. What Ginny saw was Ron was lying down in George's bed with his trousers undone while George was sucking and stroking his penis continuously! Little Ron was trembling and moaning, sometimes raising his head and begging: "Please, please!" Ginny guessed that Ron didn't know why George was doing that, or why it was having the effect it was, but she could tell he hoped it wasn't stopping. That was the only time that she saw Ron involved in that kind of thing.

Ginny even knew when the twins got together for "that" and even knew that they were vigorous boys because sometimes they would have several meetings in the same day. Generally it was very early in the morning when they had only just awoken, sometimes in the late afternoon and sometimes she had listened to them at night. Definitively they were early-rising.

Some years later, when Ginny was 15, she had gone down at dusk to take some of her clothes to the wash room. When she approached the door it was half-opened and as she listened, there was no doubt the twins were in one of their sessions. Now after several years, she was curious to see again what they were up to and she approached carefully. Fred and George were kissing each other and from where she was she could see they were embracing and kissing deeply. She could tell they were French Kissing and they were highly excited to an extent that it was unbridled lust. They were attacking their mouths desperately and Fred was touching and stroking George's erection. As she watched Fred unzipped George and took out his penis. Immediately George did the same to Fred and they wanked each other simultaneously. Still stroking vigorously, Fred knelt and took George's erection and put it his mouth.

Ginny was careful not to make any noise as she watched the feverish activity of the twins. Her brothers had changed, their bodies had grown, Ginny was surprised by how adept they obviously were with their hands. Fred's sucking was so loud and effective that George was groaning with total passion. As Ginny watched she leaned forward to see everything in detail without making any noise. She was totally absorbed watching but the next moment she was left totally stunned.


A hand had slipped between her legs from behind and fingers were touching her pussy! Instinctively she supported herself in the frame of the door. The other hand from the intruder pulled her strongly from the waist to his chest and then he grasped her breast and squeezed. It was Ron's smell... What the hell...?

Ron was rubbing Ginny's pussy through her panties while they still had their eyes fixed on the twins. George was withdrawing his penis from Fred's mouth whose lips were covered and dripping from seminal liquid.

-RON!- yelled Ginny in confusion at which Ron pushed Ginny into the room without releasing Ginny.

-What's happening? - asked Fred recovering his breath
-She was spying you in the door- said Ron grinning
-Again?? Ginny, This one is not the first time that you spied on us; don't think that we didn't know it- said George
-I just came for the clothes!! And you, Let me go!!- Ginny said making a real effort to escape, but Ron was holding her easily. She couldn't free herself and when he got tired of seeing her fight in vain to get free he released her with an amused smile.

-Well, we accept your application to our Weasley Family Circle, but the initiation is not today, we are too tired, but soon...- Said George
-Hey!!! I don't... listen... I don't want anything!!! Hey!!!- Ginny shouted while her brothers were going out of the room and ignoring of her words.

Ginny was absolutely stunned, it was almost like she didn't know them; not that they weren't her brothers; she always thought that Fred and George were pretty crazy... But not to that level! And Ron, she always thought he was so innocent, she couldn't believe it.

She knew that her brothers were sex mad; fine, sometimes they wanked in the bath, or at breakfast they had to hold their dressing-gowns trying to hide -something-; and of course, she knew about those meetings, but to try to integrate her into their activities? Maybe they were joking and they were trying to scare her... Yeah, that was it. They wanted to scare her so that she wouldn't say anything to her parents, of course... that was...

After a few days, The Burrow seemed to continue like any normal house. One morning Fred and George got down before the others to breakfast, their mother gave them a delicious breakfast and asked them to take care of the house because she was meeting Tonks for some business for the Order and would be out the whole day.

-I will return in the afternoon with your father, and you don't worry, we will bring fast food!!- Molly Weasley said before leaving hurriedly, giving a kiss to her children.

Fred and George immediately turned to each other with the most malicious of smirks; they wouldn't have a better opportunity to initiate Ginny to their Circle. It would be the first time that they were with a girl. They ran up and found Ron on the stairs still sleepy.

-Hey Ron, Ginny's time has came, where is she now?- said George
-I don't know, but that's good because I woke up with a problem- said Ron indicating something that was getting up in his trousers.
-Lets go!- said Fred excitedly.

They approached Ginny's bedroom and opened the door softly, searching for her and they saw some of Ginny's clothes on the bed. They thought she was bathing; George took her garments and smelled them with a shudder.

They went towards the door of the bathroom and placed their ears on the door, there was the sound of water still falling down. Fred made a gesture to enter immediately but George and Ron agreed to wait, they hid and were careful not to make noise and to surprise her when she gone out. The sound of the water stopped. They decided she must to be drying off and stayed close to the wall, as the door was opened and she gave her first step into the room they surprised her. Fred took her from the waist trying to lift her up but she shrank away trying to stop him, he wrestled briefly for domination of her until they could hold her and take her to bedroom.

When they finally had in her bedroom she looked at them desperately, for Lord sake! There were three of them! Maybe it would be better if she didn't object, but... No! She didn't want to be with them... NOT this way!

They were looking at her with lustful eyes. George approached her slowly, she was watchful and trying to be alert as to what he might do. In a quick movement he snatched the towel that was covering her and she immediately covered herself with her hands and turned round with her back to them.

Undoubtedly women's bodies from the back didn't look anything like a man's, and even though Ginny's figure was slight it was wonderfully curvaceous. Ron was touching his erection, massaging it over his pajamas, her three brothers were drooling.

-Don't be afraid, it isn't bad…- whispered Fred approaching her as if he was going to convince her.

He took her arm and tried to turn her but she refused, then he turned her more forcefully. She continued trying to cover herself; with the left arm over her breasts and her left had over her pubis. Obviously she wasn't achieving anything, she was naked.

-Don't cove yourself- Ron approached and withdrew her arms from in front of her.

The twins approached also, their sister had nice breasts, they put their hands on them and started to touch them with curiosity. Ron went away to her back. The twins started kissing them -the twins-, were catching her nipples with their tongues and were sucking deeply. She listened to the sucks that they were giving her, and she remembered that they were the same sucking noises that she had listened to only a few days before. She was feeling sick, maybe it would be better if she fainted and had no knowledge of what was to happen.

Ron was caressing her hips and legs, leaving some kisses on her thighs, hips and buttocks. He seized her strongly from the waist and leaned his body, showing her his hard cock. She sobbed.

The three of them together tried to take her to the bed, but she wouldn't let them and began to hit them, they had to realize... It mustn't happen. Ron had her held very well from the back; so it wasn't difficult to take her arms forcing her under his control then he raised her. George took her legs and they carried her to the bed, lying her down and continued to hold her down so she could not get up with him above her, Ron was holding her wrists with just with one hand.

-Came on Ginny, don't fight!! We are your brothers- Fred seemed to find that very natural.

She was sobbing and for some moments she making huge efforts to get up. Fred pulled her arms backward so that George could continue enjoying her breasts, Ron also approached and caressed and sucked them, kissed rapidly her belly, and unexpectedly took his cock and tried to open her legs but she was closing them with all her might.

-Nooo!!... Noooo... Mmmuuuuuuummmmm!!!!!!-
-She isn't here, so don't bother, she went away with Tonks- said George calmly

Ron pulled her legs apart opening them abruptly and he came back to her, but:

-Nooo... Noo... Ron, please!! oh... oh... DON'T!!!–
-SHUT UP! – said Ron a bit scared
-Wait…!! Look, she's not even wet, it's going to hurt her, wait a bit- said Fred holding Ron off.
-I can't wait; I need it now, seriously!!–
-Do it to my!! It doesn't matter... We aren't all going to be able to fuck her today...- said George putting his face between Ginny's legs and offering his backside to Ron who evidently liked the idea.

George was panting while Ron was entering his ass, containing his breathing and closing his eyes. Ginny realized that they knew each other intimately. Ron really had been taking part in those meetings. George was forcing her legs open and began to kiss her pussy, but she was fighting to close them.

-Don't move! This is necessary, Ginny, we don't want to hurt you, just relax!- George was saying, but she was feeling as if they were emptying a water bucket with ice-cubes over her.
-Please George, don't!!- George had wanted to convince her but Ron's movements paralyzed his mind for some moments.

Fred thought that it would be good if they lowered their arousal for a moment and try to get her used to what was happening. He leaned over her on the bed with one leg between her legs. Fred started kissing her neck and shoulders and breasts, and began to slip his hands on her body caressingly. Ginny believed that what he was doing was worse, that it was prolonging the agony, but she had to try to relax and not to fight because she could see that she wouldn't get anywhere with that.

Ron and George were moving, George was leaning against the wall while Ron was fucking him slow. Fred still was dressed in his pajamas, but suddenly he lowered the pajama bottoms freeing his hard penis. Ginny knew immediately that there wouldn't be any way out for her, Fred lowered a hand to her pussy and she was surprised to discover that for some reason she was a bit wet. He rubbed her clit to improve the wetting and it worked. Ginny couldn't help wrestling; the sensation was making her anxious and desperate and then he was beginning to penetrate her.

-Oh... Fred... don't, don't do it!–
-Easy, easy–
-Fred, ouch! You hurt me, nooo!–
-Sshh, I am doing it slow-
-Aahh, no... No.. .- Ginny was sobbing
-Relax, easy-
-Stop!! Please, no more!!!!!–
-OK, just that- he waited for a moment and then he moved his hips softly -sshh, slowly, this way?-

She didn't answer; already she was trying to turn off her brain. Fred hadn't penetrated her deeply, she was very scared, he had just penetrated her. Suddenly there was the sound of a big groan and the wall was getting dirty with semen from two intense shots out of George, but Ron was scarcely breaking his rhythm.

-Stop!, get out, now!!– said George
-Wait please!! I'm closer–
-Noo!! GET OUT!!!- George said while he was pulling away from Ron.

Ron was panting like an animal, he pulled Fred's shoulders round indicating that was his turn, but Fred didn't notice him, so he went away towards Ginny's head and approached her mouth with his cock. She thought that she would die of disgust He had just extracted it out of George's asshole! She closed her lips pressing them strongly together, but he grabbed her cheeks forcing her to open her mouth, and when he had it open he put his cock in and gave a husky groan. Ron was already very excited, he just needed a little time to reach an orgasm, Ginny was trying to move away from him, she was pushing his prick with her tongue to get it out it of her mouth, but he had his hand on her head to stop that... Impossible.

She made an effort while Fred was accelerating his movements inside her moaning loudly like Ron, and she acceded a bit to Ron's blowjob, who took no more than two (eternal) minutes to come inside her mouth.

Fred was obviously not far away from climaxing so she just relaxed and begged that everything finish soon. Fred had an intense orgasm and stifling a groan he withdrew from her and got up.

Ginny lay still on the bed, undressed, with her body in a weird position, her legs open as Fred had left them, semen on her mouth and on the face. She was feeling very weak, very tired, very disconcerted.

George was sat on a chair watching her while Ron and Fred were recovering from the post-orgasmic effects, Fred sat in another chair and Ron was sitting down on the bed beside her. Their trousers had been raised again and Ron covered her with the quilt of the bed. She curled up in a little ball in the bed. Nobody was speaking for a moment.

-Ginny, I know that this could seem bad for you, but... The sex is something normal and...- tried to say George but the sight and mind of her were so far away.

Ron caressed her hair and cleaned her face with the quilt. She really didn't know what to think, did they have any awareness of what she was feeling or was it she who was wrong? Was she mistaken? She remembered that in spite of everything they had tried to be considerate with her, principally Fred, but the lust had made them lose control. How normal could that be? Why didn't they see things like her? Because they are men?

Ginny fell asleep with the weariness and her tumultuous thoughts. When she woke up she lay perfectly in her bed, her bedroom absolutely fixed and clean, she was wearing her night-gown, also she had on panties and a top; and on her night table was a cup of tea. She was trying to understand this, when the door was opened:

-Hello sweetie, how do you feel?- Molly Weasley was saying to her daughter -Did you drink some of the tea?- Ginny shook her head. -Well, you need to drink a bit. I feel so proud of your brothers; they realized that you were sick and they took care of you all the time that I was out. They made this tea for you. Your brothers adore you Ginny...-

A/N:Hello. I'm so happy. I'm Mexican and this fic was written originally in Spanish, but thanks to my dear beta David I could submit in a good English. My last version was horrible. Thank you so much David.