Chapter 5 - you can say it to me, anything that should be…

-Do you want to tell me?–
-Go upstairs-

While they were walking towards Ginny's room she felt trembling in her legs and her heart beating very rapidly inside her chest. When they approached her room Bill grabbed her hand. When they were in, the words were turning without any order in her head and she didn't know how to begin.

-Tell me- said Bill calmly. She was squeezing her hands while she was thinking for the words.
-Eerr... Bill... It's about the twins and Ron . . .- Bill was observing her, without sign of surprise
-Have they been visiting you?- She looked at him surprised
-Did you know?-
- So, why you didn't you do anything?!–
-Wait Ginny, we are going to speak with calmness.–
-CALMNESS?– She began to back away.
-Come in, do you want to speak? So, we are going to speak.–
-From when did you know it?–
-Since I came back.–
-Fred told you–
-Why Bill? WHY?-
-You have to take it calmly. I know that the beginning was difficult but... We have all had this happen…-
-All of who?–
-All of us Ginny, all of us…-
-Charlie and Percy?–
-All of us…-
-But... how did it begin?. . . You. . .-
-"Please forget how it began, you wouldn't believe it, only accept that it is something which happened for all of us and everyone found it disconcerting in the beginning.-
-Yes, but nothing dreadful happens, it is simply the fulfilment of a need. These things happen, the persons mature and learn to control their emotions and their bodies, but it is a slow process."-
-Have they hurt you? Have they been violent with you?–
-They forced me; I never wanted it.–
-But they haven't hit you or anything like that?–
-No, but they bewitched me.–
-Bewitched?. Who?- Now Bill seemed really worried
-No, "silence."–
-Oh… That spell, we have always used it.-
-Have you used it?–
-Of course. Would you sometime listen when . . . forget it.-
-And why was it never used by the twins?-
-Maybe because they like it like that, it is a part of their sexual personality, I guess.–
-Look, if you want to still do it . . . It does not matter to me... But why force me to do something that is disgusting for me?-
-Ginny, we all have difficulty initially, but later, when it is over, it's the simple satisfaction of a need that we all have. Wouldn't you give something to eat to a brother who is hungry?–
-It's not the same... But, why did they join if you were already experienced... If already they were initiated, why me?-
-You are the only woman Weasley in generations, you know it; they had never been with a girl, besides Ron commented to us that this year you was dating a boy in the college, and we thought that… Maybe you were already prepared to this.–
-Are you saying that this happen because I had a boyfriend? . . . No, I don't understand it Bill, and I am not agree with what you do.-
-I understand you, really, that was the reason because I asked them to understand it also. Have they come just one at a time, right?-
-The first time no, but, do you mean...-
-Calm, come here.–
-Wait, listen, the twins are big and will go away soon and then when they open the shop their minds will be dealing with other things. Or they will find a couple of girls and their thoughts and their hormones will be away from here. Later Ron also will do it and all of this will finish when they all have a more adult life.–
-Ron . . . Ron suffers . . .-
-Yes, I know. He is. . . is special, his insecurities... He also was upset the first few times, but he is maybe the only one who more needs it.–
-Did you say that Percy also was involved?–
-Ppfff… Percy.–
-How is it possible that dad and mom have not realized?– said Ginny confused, sitting on the bed
-Don't do questions which maybe you wouldn't like to know the answer to.-

Ginny didn't have anything more to say. Later having listened to all of it her mind could take no more and she preferred really not to continue. She looked down to the ground glancing at a knot in the wood. Bill approached her, gave her a kiss on the cheek and went out.
She didn't go out of there until lunchtime, nor did she to cry, the thoughts and memories and words were turning in her head without finding a conclusion. It seemed that the only thing to do would be to beg Ron to find a girlfriend at Hogwarts or that finally Hermione would notice him. But principally she proposed to be strong and not allow that this should affect her more than it was already. Though when she returned to Hogwarts and her date, Dean, was waiting for her, she didn't know if she would continue with him. Soon she would see Harry as well... Oh Lord!
When she went down to eat she was met with more news. The discussion was heated. Bill is gonna marry? with Fleur?

-Bill... But Bill, son you are making these…–
-Mom it's the best opportunity that I have, now that they have decided to let me stay here and there is no objection for us marrying.-
-But, how long have you been seeing each other?–
-Almost a year, Mom. She will come for a few days to stay with us and that the engagement will be formalized. She will come in a couple of weeks.-

The twins were smiling very happy while their dad was patting Bill on the back. Ron was looking a bit and she only limited herself to watching. Bill would return to live in house and soon Fleur would visit. The twins were going away and opening a shop to sell their jokes... Her life was turning 180 degrees. At night on having returned to her bedroom she found her wand on the bed.

The week passed with long days in which she didn't stop observing everything and paying close attention. Her brothers were the same as always and they didn't have that "hunger or heat" that Bill had mentioned. The twins went away to Diagon Alley and they were really showing more creativity and happiness than ever. Bill reasoned, that in that moment the twins thoughts were just on the opening of the shop. They were feeling enormously happy. Ginny could even feel happy for them, somehow this was a success for the whole family.

On the other hand, Ron had returned slowly to be like he had previously been. She admitted to herself that Bill had been right about Ron, he was the only one who needed to feel loved and had insecurities. Deep down maybe he was innocent. Her feelings and thoughts with regard to all this situation was very confused She continued thinking that it was abnormal, but on the other hand; she was beginning to understand some of the things that Bill had said to her. Besides it was several days since she was visited, so she was feeling calmer.

The week was ending with the news that Dumbledore would take Harry at the week-end to The Burrow in order that he and Ron could prepare for the start of their sixth year. When Fawkes's notice came, Ron immediately sent Pig to Hermione to warn her. In the night Pig returned with her response, she would come also on that day. After having dinner and cleaned the kitchen, Ginny climbed to her bedroom and went to bed.

When she began to fallen asleep, in the silence and the darkness of the room; she listened to the crack of appearing. Ginny sighed, which one would it be this time? The body raised the sheets of the bed and leaned down behind her back, they were side by side. His hands cuddled her and began to caress her body. She didn't object. Forwhat? The caresses were passionate while he was kissing her neck and back. One of his hands raised her night-gown up to the waist and lowered her knickers. A moment later she was being penetrated by her excited brother.

-"Oh… Fleur… Aah… Fleur…"- he was groaning between sighs and pants.-

WHY THE HELL DOESN'T HE DO IT WITH FLEUR? Thought Ginny, upset; surely Fleur wouldn't refuse. She waited in a tired way until he ended. He remained awhile still leaning on her shoulder, they were continuing side by side, she didn't say anything, didn't do anything. Awhile later he retrieved her clothes and gave her a kiss on the cheek and left. She didn't noticed but two solitary tears were on her cheeks, she didn't even think of the reason and some time later she fell asleep.

The time passed by and one night Bill was remembering at dinner that Fleur would come next day. It seemed that the house would soon be full with people, since Hermione would come one day later and then Harry to get ready to go back to Hogwarts.

The day started very early for Ginny, something woke her up in spite of the fact that still she was sleepy. She went to the bathroom immediately and entered. Before closing the door she realized that someone was bathing, she was going back away when the door of the shower was opened… it was Ron.

-Don't go away, stay with me… please.-

Ron had a hand on his erect cock. She felt… pity? Surely when she entered he was wanking himself. She closed the door behind her without stopping looking at him and stood still where she was. He came out drenched and approached to Ginny, looking at her surprised. He waited for a moment and lowered the straps of her night-gown, stilling looking at her, waiting for some reaction or denial. She didn't do anything. He brushed softly his fingertips on her breasts and pulled down the night-gown until it fell to the floor, removed her knickers and took her to the shower.

He leaned her against the tiles and started touching all her body, everything, in a real exploration, then she felt his hand to get between her legs. Well, the twins liked to listen to themselves and Ron is interested in rubbing a clit… "it's part of his sexual personality I guess", Ginny remembered Bill's words. Ginny didn't like it, it wasn't agreeable, her vagina was alone in reacting to the stimulation and it was making her feel guilty.

He put a foot between hers and spread her legs, lowered to stay at a the suitable level and penetrated her very slowly, with a soft groan. Ginny thought, with knowing how Ron does it, that she would have time to think of many things, like the things she needed for School this year, if she still had her uniform… or revising mentally some classes. She wasn't feeling anything, certainly she was felling a penis moving in her vagina but, was less excited than if she was receiving Dean's or Michael's kisses.

Right, she was thinking, if she still had her uniform skirt when Ron, maybe tired of the position, took her with him and sat on the floor. She was astride him, and then she was being penetrated less deeply, while he was entertaining himself sucking like a baby. Later Ron hugged her, increasing his depth and speed, then moved her and held the floor and ejaculated outside of her.

He was sitting down on the tiled floor as she looked at him thoroughly, when he noticed her look he felt upset. Ginny sat on Ron's knees, she gave him a pat on the thigh and said to him:
-Go out now, let me take a shower.-

Both got up and he rinsed body quickly and went away. Ginny continued thinking about what they had done. It was not pleasant but it had not been so terrible, at least she wasn't suffering.
A few hours later Bill accompanied by Fleur came and the house had a bit of tension as Bill was trying to settle in his Fiancé, Their mom was making an effort to be nice and their dad was tolerant and affable as always, Ron was making an effort for receive Fleur's attention, Ginny saw he hoped for a kiss on greeting her.

On the next day Hermione came and was staying in her bedroom marking the end of any attempt of a visit. The twins weren't there now, and Ginny knew that Ron wouldn't dare with the full house and not with Hermione there. Bill neither while Fleur was still there. She knew also that Ron wouldn't look for her with bad intentions during the school year, so actually with the beginning of term she was beginning a real vacation. Dumbledore arrived with Harry one of the nights with some news. Surely this year would provide many things and Ginny was hoping that all of them were good, but what will happen in the next vacations?

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