Title: The Bandage Cuts Me Deeper

Summary: Majorly Edited. Sam and Dean travel to Wenatchee Washington to investigate a string of killings. But will the brothers be the next victims?

A/N: If you read the original, you'll notice half the story is missing. Lol. Well, that's because it was basically three totally separate stories, and I just decided to cut them up and then repost them. This is technically a companion to Walking Away, And Coming Back Again, as well as The Past Resurfaces (which would technically be the sequel). The characters in this story may also be used in The Ghost of You.

Chapter one; What Hell Must Look Like

Dean's mental journal; I've been with Sam for a while now. Not exactly sure how long it's been, all I've been keeping track of is how we've gone way longer without Dad than we ever have before. I'm getting worried. We got a call from him a week ago. He told us to stop looking. And then I almost got my ass killed by a scarecrow. Thank God Sammy's got a soul and he turned his scrawny ass back around to save my perfect one. I love that kid more and more every time he does something heroic. Of course, his good brother points did take a dive lately… after the incident at the damn asylum. Dr. Ellicott might have been possessing him, but I'm still pretty bitter about that damn rock salt. But it seems like that little outburst has helped Sam sleep better. As much as it irks me that Sam benefited from my pain… as long as Sam gets some decent sleep I guess it's worth it.

"Spacing out again, Dean?" Sam whispered tiredly when Dean swerved back into their lane for the fourth time. It was about eleven a.m. and they were still on the road, and had been since noon the previous day. They were heading towards Wenatchee Washington where the locals' dogs and other house animals had been showing up on porches skinned with all of the internal organs and blood missing. Now sure, it could be a sick freak, but more than likely it was a supernatural sick freak.

Dean looked over at his brother. "Go back to sleep. I was just thinking about something. It won't happen again." Dean explained and then yawned widely. Sam rolled his eyes and sat up straight.

"You want to switch places?" Sam asked. Dean shook his head, a few extra shakes to wake him up.

"And end up in a ditch? I'll pass on that." Dean explained. Sam sighed and looked out the window. Down below the road was a man made lake, stumps of tree trunks jutting out all over. It looked a lot like heads bobbing in the lake. Whatever the name of the lake was, it would have been most fitting to be something like Death Crater. "Gives you chills, doesn't it?" Dean asked without taking his eyes off of the road. Sam nodded.

The lake was partially frozen over and there was a young couple with a toddler and a dog standing along the shoreline. The man was tossing a stick to the very edge of the thin ice and making his dog fetch it. Sam really couldn't believe some people's stupidity. He just prayed the toddler wouldn't be looking when the family dog turned into a popsicle.

"If I ever go to hell, I bet that's what the river of death looks like." Dean whispered absently.

"Except hell is supposed to be hot." Sam said back. Dean shrugged and looked at the wreck on the side of the road. Two small cars had slid on a patch of black ice. The red Honda had slammed into the side rail and the black Volvo had crashed into the side. The two owners were yelling at each other and the woman in the black Volvo was bouncing a baby on her hip and hushing her screaming five year old. Dean looked at his brother.

"Well I'll tell you what, if hell is supposed to scare you. That damn lake would do a really good job." Dean explained. Sam looked at the lake again, it stretched a good mile or so along the interstate.

"I bet it's gorgeous in the summer." Sam said longingly. Cold and snow did not suit him well. Dean nodded and then the lake disappeared behind a hill of snow covered trees. Dean let out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. That lake had scared him more than he'd realized. It was like something you'd expect to see in a Steven King story about a murderous abominable snowman or something. "So, how much longer?"

"About two hours." Dean sighed and looked at the fuel gage. "We're going to have to stop soon though." He tapped the plastic. "Almost running on empty." He explained. Sam nodded.

"Good, I'm starving and I really need to stretch my legs."

"Well maybe if you weren't so goddamned tall…" Dean said grudgingly.

"Don't be jealous, shorty." Sam said gently. Dean shot him a look and punched his leg. Sam punched his arm.

"Dude! Don't hit the driver!" Dean yelled and then punched Sam's leg again. Sam groaned and Dean laughed. "Dead leg." He said with a proud smile. Sam rolled his eyes and looked back out the window. They were on a bridge, probably a hundred or plus feet over the forest. They passed a wreath hanging from the fence. It was obviously a grave marker, but they had passed so fast that Sam hadn't seen the face on the wind tattered picture.

"A few weeks ago a woman's car died along here. She was all alone and she didn't want to walk in traffic so she jumped over that little fence, thinking there was a sidewalk on the side. It was dark, so she didn't see that the sidewalk was a hundred feet down and covered in sharp rocks." Dean explained. Sam swallowed, feeling his stomach knot. He looked straight forward, avoiding looking down over the edge.

"It could have been suicide…" Sam whispered. Dean shook his head.

"Doubtful. She had just called her husband and said she was half an hour away. They were going out for their anniversary… she was three months pregnant. Doesn't sound like suicide to me."

"That's terrible."

"It's a terrible world, Sammy." Dean whispered. Sam looked at his older brother. As much as that statement had just surprised him, Sam decided not to bring it up. At least not now.


"Look at this." Sam yelled as he walked out of the mini-mart, waving a newspaper at his brother. Dean put the gas nozzle away and leaned against the car. Sam walked over and pointed to a small article in the corner of the local newspaper. "Front page, it's getting serious." Dean read the article quickly, his lips shaping each word. Sam smiled at this habit; Dean had never been good at reading in his head. Dean read the important parts, just incase his little brother had missed them.

"Last night, Gordon Gabriel found his horse lying down by the river, skinned with all of its organs mysteriously missing. There was not a drop of blood to be found in a two mile radius." Dean repeated. "His grand-daughter, fifteen year old Marie Carson is quoted as saying she heard "scratching noises outside her window and an hissing and then a screeching noise coming from the stables." She later explained to officials that when she went outside to investigate she saw the shadow of what she thought was a cougar in their barn. In a panic she ran back to the house to alert her grandfather. Soon after he found the body of Marie's beloved show horse brutally massacred. This is the twelve death of similar nature in the Wenatchee area. The local sheriffs department is issuing a statement to all residents to keep their animals inside at night." Dean looked at Sam. "Think this is our kind of problem?" Sam shrugged.

"Who knows, but that girl saw something. We have to talk to her." Sam explained. Dean sighed. "What?"

"Oh, it's just that little girls… they can't resist me, it's quite annoying." Dean explained. Sam shoved him playfully. "Oh, don't be jealous Sam, maybe she's into brains… which would shock me, but you never know."

"Just shut up and drive."


"Marie, honey, you have to eat." Ann Gabriel whispered to her granddaughter. Marie hadn't eaten since her horse died. She just sat there, staring at her plate. Ann looked at her husband. He set his fork down and wiped his mouth with his napkin. He sighed and put his hands on the table with a startling smack. Marie flinched, but her eyes never moved from the lump of potatoes she flooded with gravy.

"Marie, I've decided…" Ann glared at him. "We've decided…" Ann smiled and nodded. "That we are going to buy you a new horse. You were quite fond of the Nealson's little colt, remember? You named him… what was it?" Marie shrugged one shoulder.

"Tempest." She said in a small voice. Gordon rolled his eyes and looked at wife. For Christ's sake, Tempest? What the hell was wrong with Wind or Spot or something simple? Ann replied with a sidelong glance of warning. Gordon put on a smile for his granddaughter.

"Yes, Tempest. Well, they're willing to sell to us for you because you were such a help this summer. What do you say?"

"And let It eat him?" She said angrily, looked across the table at her grandfather. "I know neither of you believe me, but that was no cougar in the barn that night! It was on two legs, Grandpa. And what the hell type of cougar can skin a horse, huh? This is no fu-." Ann turned and grabbed Marie's wrist.

"None of that talk in this house! It was cougar! Go to your room if you're not going to be a polite young lady." Ann yelled. Marie yanked her wrist away, knocked her plate onto the floor and ran from the room. Ann and Gordon stared at each other. Ann shut her eyes when she heard the front door slam. "I swear to God, Gordon. If I hadn't promised her mother on her death bed that I'd take care of her… she'd be at a boarding school year round. I've gone and raised three children all ready! Is it too much to want to have some time to just you and me?" Ann yelled and burst into tears. Gordon got to his feet and walked to his wife, wrapping his long and strong arms around his petite wife. He kissed the top of her head.

"Marie is just like her mother. She'll get over this stage soon. Just be patient with her." Gordon whispered. "That horse was just about her only friend. It must be hard." Ann sighed and hugged her husband tightly.

"I just want to leave this God Forsaken hell hole… what if, what if she was right? What if it wasn't a cougar?" Ann asked. Gordon chuckled.

"Why Annie, you are sounding just like her now. What else could it have been?"


Marie stumbled through the dark of the surrounding woods. They lived in a small cabin on a hill that overlooked the river. If you felt like walking down a long hill to the river there was a nice swimming hole, of course it was much too cold to swim now, what with all the snow and ice, but it was a nice place to sit and think. A few nights ago she could have rode her horse down there…

She bent down and picked up a handful of rocks and began to throw them into the woods. "Why would you do something like that?" She screamed. "What kind of sick monster are you?" She heard a branch break behind her and she froze and turned.

"Yelling at the dark now, Marie?" It was Kyle Tanner, one of her classmates. Marie turned her face away and wiped her tears. She wasn't going to let Kyle Tanner of all people see that she had been crying.

"What do you want?" She asked and sniffled. Kyle shrugged and walked closer to her.

"I wanted to make sure you were okay, I heard about what happened… I'm real sorry." He said honestly. Marie turned to him, a suspicious smile on her face.

"No you're not." She said with an eye roll. He nodded.

"Yeah, I am."

"No, you're not! You hate me, just like everyone else." She turned away again, but Kyle caught her arm.

"Look, Marie, just because you didn't fit in right away, doesn't mean anyone hates you." He explained. "But I mean, you kind of keep to yourself, it's not that easy to get to know someone who lives inside themselves." Marie looked down. "Did you even know I live next door?" Marie nodded and Kyle's cheeks turned slightly pink. "Oh, so then you know that those cookies were from me then…" She laughed and nodded.

"Yeah, um, but I think you forgot to put in sugar." She said and bit her lower lip. Kyle laughed.

"Yeah, well I did fail Home Ec. for a reason." They both laughed. "So, you want to go down to the river with me?" Kyle asked and held out his hand. Marie nodded and slipped her small hand into his.


"How the hell is a person supposed to find anything in a town like this?" Dean asked, frustrated to new heights with the little store. They were parked in a small gravel parking lot. There were twelve parking spaces. Twelve. That had to be some kind of record for a town hardware store/grocery store/mall. Sam was looking at the large array of hunting and fishing supplies. Call him a boy, but something about a peaceful day of fishing on the beautiful river they had been driving along for the past hour was calling to him. "Sam, get your ass over here!" Dean barked. Sam walked over.

"You called?" He asked with a grin. Dean scowled at him. "What's the problem?"

"We need to get to Gabriel's house… look at this map." He pointed to a map hanging from the wall. "They have people's house mapped, with the resident's name, but I cannot find the Gabriel place." Sam searched the map, he saw Sunitch Canyon, the Nealson place, the Fish Hatchery, but no 'the Gabriel place'.

"Can I help you with something?" A delicate voice asked. Sam and Dean turned around and Sam saw a huge smile grow on Dean's face. The girl standing in front of them was about twenty with long, wavy brown hair. In true little town fashion she was wearing some Daisy Dukes and a short, white wife beater tank top.

"Howdy." Dean whispered just loud enough for Sam to hear. "Actually, you can. We're looking for the Gabriel's place. They're old friends." Dean explained. She looked at him skeptically.

"You know the Gabriels?" She asked. Dean and Sam both nodded. "You sure?"

"Yeah, why is there a problem?" Sam asked. She shrugged and walked towards the map, squeezing herself between the brothers. Her ass brushing past Dean's crotch and her chest rubbing against Sam's chest. The brothers looked at each other and Dean waggled his eyebrows. Sam looked at him disgustedly.

"No, it's just that… well, since their daughter's accident… they haven't exactly been very social… with anyone. They send their granddaughter to do all their errands. They never leave the house anymore. I mean, when the newspaper came, that was the most anyone had heard from Gordon in almost a year." She sighed. "I mean, but being friends of theirs, you must know how hard Mary Ellen's death was on them." Sam and Dean nodded.

"Oh yeah, they haven't been the same since." Dean said with fake sadness. "It was really terrible for them, poor little…" Great time to block out the granddaughter's name Dean, he scolded himself. "…dear, she really needed her mother." The store clerk nodded and looked back to the map. Sam glared at Dean and Dean shrugged. She pointed to an unnamed cabin near the Nealson's place. "That's their cabin." She explained. "It's about fifteen minutes from here…" She turned to look at them. "It must have been a while since you've seen them, they've lived there their whole lives." Sam shrugged.

"Well, most of the time we exchange letters. We were really good friends with their daughter. This is the first time we've seen them since her death." Sam explained. She nodded.

"Well, tell them Nicole says hey." She smiled. "I hope I see you two on your way out." She said cheerfully. Dean smiled.

"You definitely will." He assured her. Sam started to leave. "Um, can I get your number…? I mean, I'm sure old man Gabriel will be dying to see you again…" Sam grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him towards the exit.


"I love to come down here, and just think." Marie explained and looked out at the river. "Isn't beautiful?" She asked and looked at Kyle, who was staring at her with a smile on his face. He nodded, the silver hoop earring in his ear flashing in the moonlight. Marie was cool enough to know the whole one ear pierced went out when Justin Timberlake started to sport one, but somehow, Kyle could pull it off.

"Really beautiful." He breathed, but never took his eyes off her. Marie smiled and bit her lower lip. Her ears got hot and she looked down at the sand. "So, how come I didn't see you at the dance last night?" Kyle asked. Marie shrugged.

"I'm not big on dancing by myself." She explained. Kyle smiled.

"I would have danced with you." He explained. Marie smiled shyly and giggled. When she looked up Kyle had moved and was sitting next to her on her rock. She stiffened her back and looked directly out to the water. She knew he was looking at her, but she was too nervous to look at him. She felt his hand slide onto the top of her hand. She heard a rustle in the trees and turned around.

"Did you hear that?" She whispered. Kyle shook his head.

"I didn't hear anything." He whispered back. She looked at him.

"I think we should go up." She started to stand, but he pulled her back down. "Kyle, I'm getting scared." She explained. Kyle grinned.

"Hey, Kyle Tanner is here. I'll protect you." He promised. "Marie, have you ever been kissed before?" He asked. Marie blushed profusely and shook her head. "So, this is your first kiss?" He asked and leaned in and kissed her softly. Marie closed her eyes and nodded slowly. She heard Kyle laugh gently. He kissed her again.

Ever since she had come to Wenatchee she'd felt alone. Her father had just died in an accident at work. He'd been helping the store manager with the crate; they were putting a shipment of lead pipes in a truck. Whoever was in charge of securing them hadn't done a proper job and the ties came loose. He and four other people were basically squished by a thousand pounds of pipe that would eventually end up as someone's plumbing. Marie had cried for five days straight. Every time she thought she had the strength to leave the room she's hear a toilet flush or a sink and burst into tears again. She still had to plug her ears every time she flushed a toilet. She got a little teary-eyed when she brushed her teeth. She'd sob in the shower.

Not even a year after her father's death, her mother, Mary Ellen, started to get really sick. The doctors associated it with depression and suggested that Marie move into a more stable household. So she and her mother moved in with Mary Ellen's parents. A month after the move, Mary Ellen died in her sleep. The coroners labeled it as a suicide. She'd overdosed on her father's pain medication he had for his back. Ever since then Marie had felt painfully alone. Then her grandfather got her a horse. Of course, we all know how that had turned out.

Marie opened her eyes and saw a dark shadow move behind Kyle. She pulled away and screamed. Both teenagers got to their feet.

"What, what was it?" Kyle asked, panicked. Marie hugged her arms and looked around.

"I'm not sure. But it was behind you. It was small and it…" They heard branches break and Marie screamed again. "Oh my god…" She whimpered. Kyle grabbed her hand.

"Come on." He whispered. They started to run towards the hill. When they broke through the clearing they stopped dead in their tracks.

Halfway up the hill stood the supposed cougar. It stood upright on two legs. No cougar she had ever seen could stand like that with such ease. Kyle pushed her behind him and she held his arm tightly.

"Just stare it down…" He whispered. She squeezed his arm.

"Kyle, this isn't an animal." She sobbed. The thing turned to them and its red eyes glowed in the night. Kyle took a deep breath.

"Jesus Christ, it's the Lockness monster's baby." He whispered. And if Marie hadn't been so scared she might have laughed. Maybe it was Nessie's child, but it sure as hell wasn't the 80's campy, Lockness. This Lockness was a monster, from its lizard like feet with sharp claws to its dripping fangs. This was the monster you feared as a child. The one you insisted inhabited every dark corner of your room at night. Only, Marie highly doubted this one was as fake.

"Does it see us?" Marie asked. The monster's red eyes glowed and the prominent spine protruded even farther. Marie knew this was a defense mechanism, it was trying to make itself look bigger. This disgusting, ferocious looking lizard-dog was just as scared as they were. It hissed and then let out a screeching wail. Then it charged.

"Yeah, I think it does." Kyle yelled and then started running, holding Marie's hand tightly, but Marie's feet wouldn't move. "Marie! Come on!" Marie shook her head. "Come on!" He begged. She still couldn't move. Kyle looked at her. "Sorry." He whispered and then let go and took off running into the woods. Marie closed her eyes and waited. She waited for those teeth to slit her throat. She waited for the monster to take her skin and then take her organs. She waited, and waited. Still she waited.

When she opened her eyes she was alone. No monster. No Kyle. Alone. She was exactly where Kyle had left her. At the bottom of the hill, her hand out where it had once been holding Kyle's. She took a few deep shaking breaths and willed herself to turn around, perhaps the monster was heartless. Maybe he wanted to give her a sense of hope that he slimy lizard-dog behind her.

"H… he… hello?" She said quietly. "Ky… Kyle?" She called. No answer. She took a step and waited, waited for the monster to hear it and come after her. Why was she alive? She had just stood there, why the hell hadn't the monster come after her? After a few more seconds of sheer confusion Marie started to walk. She was halfway up the hill when she heard the screeching noise again. She started to walk faster and heard it again. She started to run. She looked back, no monster was chasing her, but she still didn't feel safe. Something crawled over her legs, something with scales. She froze and her blood ran cold.

"Please…" She begged. "Please don't kill me." She sobbed and closed her eyes. For such a long time she had wanted to die. She just wanted to be with her parents again. But now, now she knew that life could get better. She didn't want to die now. Irony. It's a bitch. She felt a cold nose press against her bare shin, the teeth slightly touching her skin because they were too large to stay within the small mouth.

"Marie! Run!" Gordon yelled and cocked his shotgun and shot the monster. With a howl of pain the lizard dog turned, its thick tail knocking her legs from under her, she landed painfully on her right arm. Ignoring the uncomfortable tingle running through her entire limb, she watched fearfully as the monster advanced on her grandfather. She scrambled to her feet and ran into the woods. She heard another gunshot. "Run!" She heard her grandfather yell again.

Marie ran until she tripped over a rock and fell. She fell into a pile of ashes. At first she panicked and then realized she was in their fire pit down by the river. She sat up and saw the monster had followed her, and now he was circling around the fire pit, hissing, but never getting closer than two feet from the circle. Marie curled into a little ball in the circle of the fire pit and closed her eyes. She never slept, instead forced herself to think of her fifth birthday, when everything was perfect.

The monster circled the pit all night. Right before dawn she got the courage to look up at it. It was bleeding and insanely confused. Obviously when he had eyed prey he wasn't used to not getting it. But for some reason, he couldn't get her if she was in the fire pit. Whatever the reason was, she was certainly thankful. She looked at her legs, the scratches were caked with soot and her clothes were ruined. She had ashes in very uncomfortable places and really wanted to take a hot bath… even if she did have to be reminded of her father's untimely death while doing so.

"You can't get me." She taunted weekly, still holding her hurt arm against her body. The monster looked directly at her, baring his teeth in anger. "You want me but you can't have me." She laughed at it and it took a step back. "You're just a stupid, blood thirsty animal. Stupid, stupid, stupid!" She started to cry again. "What did you go with my horse? And with Kyle?" She started to sob uncontrollably. "Where is Kyle?" She screamed. The sun started to come over the mountains. The monster looked at it, screeched and then ran off.

Marie sat in the fire pit for a moment, shaking, staring at the woods the monster had just disappeared into. She got to her feet and stumbled out of the fire pit. Her legs were extremely stiff and weak from a night without sleep, curled in a little ball. She walked towards the hill to her house, falling every once in a while. She got to the base of the hill and froze. Lying there, like a sick joke, was a skinless body. Except the monster had been kind enough to leave behind one ear. With an earring.