10 Bad Things about Being a Hunter

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10 Bad Things about Being a Hunter

One: You are considered a criminal.

Two: Dean is technically dead.

Three: You'll need to find a job once hunting's through.

Four: You have no real friends. ("I've got friends," Dean says, "There's Sandy from the bar in Texas, Mandy from Kansas, and Jane from that strip club in Colorado." Sam rolls his eyes.)

Five: You risk your life on a daily basis.

Six: You're with your brother 24/7. ("That's not good," Sam says. "Don't lie, Sammy. You love your big brother," Dean remarks.)

Seven: You are considered a present day nomad.

Eight: Your Dad is missing and Mom dead.

Nine: You learn useless knowledge. ("Is not useless," Dean retorts.)

Ten: Injuries leave scars. ("That girls love," Dean adds.)