10 Good Things about Being a Hunter

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10 Good Things about Being a Hunter

Number One: If you decide to be a robber, you already have the knowledge.

Number Two: You don't need a job. (Dean comments, "Credit card scams are wonders.")

Number Three: Three words – one night stands. (Dean gives a cocky smile and wins himself a whack over the head from Sam. "Ouch," the eldest complains.)

Number Four: Life is never boring.

Number Five: You always meet new people. (Dean puts on a sly smile and Sam rolls his eyes.)

Number Six: You acquire unique information. ("That's an understatement," Sam says to which Dean replies, "Saved your ass.")

Number Seven: You're always with family. ("Great, isn't it Sammy," Dean says and gives Sam a freaky smiled. Sam nods in fear.)

Number Eight: Fake IDs. ("I'm Tom Jones today," Dean says with a smile. "And I'm Sam Winchester," Sam says.)

Number Nine: You save the world daily.

Number Ten: You never have to deal with ex-girlfriends. ("Great thing, huh, Sammy," Dean asks, smiling a mile wide.)