Title: The Past Resurfaces

Summary: Recovering from their last job in Wenatchee, Dean gets a call from New Orleans, where he did a solo job helping a family and their voodoo practicing mother. Companion to The Bandage Cuts Me Deeper.


Sam looked over at Dean. His hands were cupped loosely around the wheel and his face was emotionless. Sam let out his breath.

"So…" Sam said tiredly and stretched. "Any other secret relationships in your past?" Sam asked. Dean looked at him, his mouth in a slight smirk, looked back at the road and shook his head. "That's good."

"What about you? Was it just Jess at school?" Dean asked. Sam nodded. "Sammy, my dear little virginal Sammy." Dean joked.

"Hey, for all I know you could be a virgin too. I think you're all talk." Sam said with a grin. Dean looked at him, his eyebrows raised, a sly smile on his face.

"Sam, if I told you all my sex stories your eyes would be rolling in their sockets." Dean said honestly. Sam breathed out in nose.

"You're the biggest jerk ever, how do you even get girls?" Sam asked, and immediately regretted that question. "Wait, don't answer that." Dean smiled. "So, you're okay?" Sam asked. Dean nodded.

"I'm always okay." Dean insisted. His phone rang. "Get that will you?" Dean asked as he took a sharp turn along the dark highway. Sam grabbed the phone and looked at the front screen, the call was restricted.

"Eve is a pushy girl, isn't she?" Sam asked and answered the phone laughing. "We're twenty miles away, Evie. What?" Sam asked.



The End.