Batman waited in the rafters of the old warehouse, moving cautiously among the beams, below him men in masks were carefully loading large boxes into a truck. The boxes were marked "Caution", and all the workers wore biohazard suits. "What's in the boxes?" Terry whispered the Bruce Wayne.

"A liquid concentration of one of the deadliest viruses known to man, if that hits the water supply, all of Gotham could be eliminated. Make sure that truck doesn't leave. And whatever you do, don't touch it or even smell it."

"Right," Terry sighed, and wished, not for the first time, that occasionally the Gotham police could handle some of these jobs. Then he sprung into action. Two carefully deployed batarangs knocked two men unconcoius, there were only a few men on the job, and only five remained. Three of the men went for their laser guns, one closed the truck gate and the fifth jumped into the driver's seat. Terry swept in, avoiding the laser blasts, and hit one of the men square in the chest, he staggered backwards and fell into one of the crates, the wood cracked under the blow. The man noticed a rent in his suit and quickly back away from the crate, as green smoke and started billowing forth. Terry cursed his luck. These crates were meant to break at any impact, which meant tipping the truck was not an option, and now the truck bay was being opened and the truck was rolling forward. He lept upward and severed the wires connecting the gate to the control panel, the gate ground to a halt, less than a third of the way open. Two men rushed forward to open in further. The one with the torn suit had jumped into the passenger seat of the truck. Terry easily knocked the men opening the door out of the way and went for the driver. The driver flew into reverse and the men who had been going for the door opened fire on Batman. The men inside the truck turned the van so the men could open fire on the door, and hopefully open fire. Batman however realized what they were doing and jumped towards the passenger side.

Still firing at Batman the other two men didn't react quickly enough and a laser pierced the side of the truck, instantly, green gas began to issue from the inside. The men seeing this panicked and raced towards the door. Batman was able to lay out two and drag them outside an tie them up, but two escaped into the night.

"Batman! You need to seal the warehouse! Use your suit's oxygen supply!" Bruce yelled, Terry went back into the warehouse. The thick green smoke was quickly filling the entire room. The main door was jam. He flew upwards and released the cables, and the door crashed into place. To late he noticed that not just green smoke was coming out of the truck, angry grey smoke was swirling upwards from the engine. The men who were shooting must also have hit the truck!

In a boom of fire and smoke the truck exploded, sending Terry hurtling into a wall. His head smashed against the cement and he crumpled to the floor. "Terry!" Bruce yelled, but there was no answer. A warning alarm went off in the Bat Cave, the one that went off when there were toxic levels of poison in the air around the suit; it was a newly installed feature. "Terry!" Bruce yelled again and Terry groaned. "Batman, get out of there!" Terry didn't need to be told twice, his boots fired and he drifted upwards. "Don't breath until you're out of there!" Terry fired harder and speeded towards the ceiling, but he knew he couldn't crash through the windows, the toxin might escape into the air. It took him nearly three minuets to get through the window.

"Hurry!" Bruce urged him, his grizzled voice taking on an edge of panic Terry hadn't heard before.

Terry didn't say anything, he was trying his hardest not to breath, but he was still dizzy from hitting the wall, combined with a lack of oxygen, his vision was spinning. Finally the window was opened. Terry slipped out and closed it behind him. He fell onto his knees on the roof, coughing.

"Terry! Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." He gasped for air and sat for a moment, resting as police helicopters and fire trucks roared into the ground and air above him. He got into his own plane and flew away.