Falling Together

Chapter One - Blessed


She found herself wearing a sapphire kimono with silver butterflies imprinted on it, soft blue slippers delicately embracing her small feet, and expensive perfume surrounding her. Her hair neatly combed with a silver butterfly hugging the side of her head. She continued to ask herself, why was she always the one to face such conflicts? Why was she always the sacrifice? "You look so lovely!" Exclaimed a woman who popped her orange-head from outside her bedroom. The girl blushed slightly and had a rather dull look across her face. "Aw. Don't be sad! He's pretty good looking!" Rangiku tried cheering her up by giving rather bad details of her husband-to-be.

"…Stop it, Matsumoto-san." Rukia whispered, she let out a heavy sigh and passed the silent woman. Rangiku closed her eyes while leaning against the marble wall.

"Rukia-sama…please don't act like this is the end of the world, for you." The elder lady spoke softly, her eyes shimmered with such innocence and knowledge. "Love is a thing that you will find, it just needs time." She let out a wide smile, and passed her master. "And…don't forget. Love just takes time…it won't come at you at the beginning. But you will realize." She murmured under her breath and took the staircase down to the main banquet room. Rukia stared at the floor, as if it was such an amazing thing, and bit her lower lip.

"Feh! I don't need such a useless emotion!" She grumbled and headed towards the banquet, practically marching which caused great commotion since it wasn't a lady-like way at all.


This was really bugging him. The fact he had to wear such overly fancy garments at a dumbass wedding angered him. Well…it was his dumbass wedding.

Kurosaki Ichigo found himself dressed with a garnet hamaka and a pure black gi. He also wore such leather black sandals that encased his sore feet. His orange-hair was still unruly, which he was glad about. At least they didn't ask him to comb his hair. He would surely bail out if they did.

"Ichi-nii-san!" Entered a childish girl. She seemed rather excited that her brother was getting wed. "Kuchiki-san is already at the banquet! You should hurry!" Yuzu smiled innocently and closed his door. The teenager let out a grunt and rolled his eyes.

"Why does this fucking thing always happen to me?" He grumbled irritably and stepped out of his room. There he found many servants in a straight line, bowing directly at him. Fuck. He thought to himself. Such formality. He hated being treated like nobility. But he knew he was, yet he hated it.

"…The banquet is here, Kurosaki-sama." Replied Sado, whom opened the large doors to the room. There he found many awaiting him, bowing and greeting him. He sighed and passed the giant man. "Onegai. Try not acting too brash." Whispered his best-friend. Ichigo nodded, ignorantly, and the door behind him shut softly.

"NOW! SINCE the TWO have finally appeared!" The annoying head-priest stated with pleasure. "WE SHALL BEGIN the BONDING CEREMONY!" The old geezer shouted at the top of his lungs. A few people sat down while others stood up gazing at the two nervous beings standing on the holy alter.

"You think Yama-jii is doing it a little…too dramatic?" Kyouraku whispered to a white-headed man.

"Hmm? I suppose so." Ukitate murmured childishly. "But…it is a serious event. Not for the Kuchiki and Kurosaki family, but for all of us." He replied wisely. At that time he found the priest staring at him hard. He swallowed a bit, and bowed apologetically while Kyouraku let out a heavy but quiet chuckle. "G-Gomen nasai…"


When the hell is this thing going to be done! Ichigo asked himself. He was in a need to blame someone, and the first person he found was her. "…After all these fucking years of hell, I've been paired up with you…" He grumbled under his breath, knowing that she could hear him. Rukia tensed up a little and let out a sneer.

"…Heh. Matsumoto-san told me that my husband was handsome!" She hissed, her eyes narrowing. "But all I see is a dumbass son of a bitch." She replied to him, finding his expression…quite priceless.

"Bitch." He flung back at her, but she just let out a small smirk which angered him more. It was until then they found the priest ending his short bellowing at two nobles that they decided to quit there stupid actions.

"NOW! As I continue." The old man grumbled from under his heavy white beard, " Kuchiki Rukia. Kurosaki Ichigo. Hold hands, if you will." He became soft as the two unwillingly held each other's palms. His usually demonic eyes became gentle as he found the two facing each other with such unknown feelings.

"When this is over, I'm gonna kill you and run away." Ichigo smiled gently at her, she snorted quietly and squeezed his palm tightly.

"I'll kill you before you kill me." She responded in such a fake tone.

To everyone, it seemed that they were enjoying a pleasurable conversation. Most of the attendees thought that most of the benefits from the conversation would go to Ichigo. That he was talking about the room. But they were too far away to understand any of their heartfelt discussions.

"…The children of Kami-sama, please, I pray for you to find a happy life. A most enjoying ending, and a fruitful future." The old man grumbled so softly, that no one can hardly hear his words of praise, not even the couple themselves. "Kami-sama bestows his love and showers it upon you. May you be blessed with many gifts!" He roared with such power. That was about the only thing the audience could here correctly.

"Now. In order for the ceremony to end, we, all of us, ask you two to announce your vows for each other." He exclaimed, ready to hear each other's hollow promises.

"Yosh! I'll go first!" Ichigo stated rather rudely. Rukia turned red of embarrassment as he continued to act like an idiot in front of everyone. "Kuchiki Rukia, my beloved-" He said that part with such care in his tone. "I, am here, to uh…eto, let's see…" He placed a finger on his lower lip with thought. "Yeah. I'm here to take you as my bride, give you that…life of yours, and other things." He announced idiotically with pride.

Isshin swore, after seeing his sun act like a fool, that he would clobber him after the wedding. But not to the point of death, as he needed his grandchildren. Yuzu let out a heavy sigh while Karin stared at a different direction, pretending that she was not a Kurosaki at all.

Everyone stared at him with shock, but they had to respect him. After all he was the heir of the powerful Kurosaki clan and he was also creating a new powerful kingdom.

Rukia's hands clenched, her palms turning pale white as she tried to calm herself down. Don't let him bug you. She tried clearing her mind. If she messed her vow up due to his stupidity, her brother would surely not face her or aid her in anything. As matter of fact, the only reason she was given to Ichigo was the fact that Byakuya found it beneficial for him to relax and not think about her.

"…And, I-I…" She was heated up. Her brother's cold gaze was piercing directly through her. "And I-I, Kurosaki-sama, promise to be by your side until time ends and bestow you my everything." She whispered under her breath rather defeated. Her brother's stare left her, and she found it easy to breathe. Ichigo noticed her sudden change of attitude, and smiled widely.

"So…we're done! Is that all? Jeez, that wasn't hard at all." He let out a small yawn and found his family shaking their head with disapproval. Jeez. They told me that this would be TOO complicated for me. He rolled his eyes. Nothing could tangle him up in a knot. NOTHING.

"H-Hold on!" The priest shouted as he was about to leave the alter, not even bothering to take Rukia's hand at all. "Don't forget the kiss!" He exclaimed. Ichigo found himself in a world of chaos.

It was like time stopped for him. People standing up staring at him with the same shocked expressions, while Rukia looked disgusted frowning widely. He closed his eyes, rubbing his temples, opened them again and found time continuing. "Don't forget the kiss!" The old man's voice echoed through his simple mind.

Ichigo turned around facing Rukia who seemed quite disappointed that he was willing to do such a thing. Her face turned bright pink as his came closer to hers. "Dammit. You're so short, I have to bend ALL the way to freaking kiss you." He grumbled to her with dissatisfactory. Rukia's eyes darted away from his, yet she could easily see his pleased expression.

"Well…you're a f-" Her mouth was gently caught into his for at least five seconds. He had purposely cut off her insult and he stood tall with boredom after those seconds of…love.

After those seconds passed by, people began to praise them. Annoying claps from every attendee echoed throughout the room. She turned crimson while he ignorantly nodded his head pretending like nothing happened at all.

"You bastard…" She whispered, closing her eyes. Glad that the ceremony was finally over.

"You did well." Her brother appeared behind her. For once he had a small smile plastered onto his usual stoic face. His eyes seemed to soften up, which made her a little happy.


"So what are you going to do, the first thing you go to your new castle?" Keigo asked in desperation. He had to know EVERYTHING. Even the slightest detail of something so unimportant! Ichigo looked quite irritated. What a perverted loser. He thought to himself. "OH! KUCHIKI-SAN!" Mezuiro shouted, finding the young woman walking towards them.

"Oh! Hello there, Keigo-san." She smiled properly and bowed like a woman would. Ichigo let out a small laugh and licked his lips.

"When are you going to stop acting like a bitch?" He asked her as his friends caught their attention with many other women passing by. Her eyes widened with small surprise.

"Excuse ME?" She whispered kindly but held a very disturbed tone. "Why would I ever act so bitchy towards my loving husband?" Rukia had fake tears popping out from the corner of her violet eyes. Ichigo grabbed her gently by the arm, so no one can notice his gruff attitude towards her, but after that he held on it tightly. She winced at his power, and found a cocky grin on his face.

"Don't lie to me, honey." He coaxed her with such kind words. She glared at him. "…By the way…since we won't be arriving at our new castle. Is it alright if you stay at my place for a week, due to preparation?" He asked. She turned bright red. "It's alright, I won't harm you in your sleep." She tightened her fist.