Falling Together

Chapter Twenty One - The Warmth I still Feel

NOTE: Last chapter…I'm quite disappointed that I won't make new chapters for this story. But, hey…all stories need to come to an end. I guess? Nah. But most stories come to an end. :P Please enjoy this last chapter of Falling Together.

EXTRA: Yes. I am planning of creating a sequel to it…the name will be called What Sets Us Apart.


Rukia sighed and stared at the heavens. "Are you staring down at your children, Ichigo?" She asked smiling sadly. She removed her hat and gazed at the small baby that was playing in her lap. He was so happy, it was a little depressing he had no idea where his father was. "No…don't play with that darling." She sweetly replied and took the small shovel away from her son's grasp. He was going to gnaw at it. She knew because Ichigo always complained to her how annoying it was that their son was chewing on anything colorful he saw.

"Kurosaki-sama," A woman replied with a depressed smile escaping her face. It was the family doctor, and she had brought her highnesses' medicine. As usual.

"U-Unohana-san…" Rukia replied and smiled. It was a real smile, but not as happy as it used to be. The doctor sighed and took out the medicine packet.

"Kurosaki-sama…you should not look back at the past like that." The doctor replied. "Enjoy your time…" She smiled and handed her the pills. Rukia nodded and chewed silently on the purple pills.

"Besides…" The woman whispered. "You know you won't live any longer." Rukia gazed at Unohana who seemed a little disturbed. "I promise. I will take care of your son when you leave, but just…don't sulk like that." Her voice wavered. Rukia nodded and smiled sadly.

"Thank you…Unohana-san." She whispered, wiping her tears. Her son stared at her with confusion. He tried cheering her up by getting off of her lap and bringing her some flowers he had found on the court yard. Sadly, it only made her cry more.


Hitsugaya stared at the graveyard and silently placed roses on it's step. He could feel his heart sinking as he remembered his last encounter with her. He closed his eyes and prayed to her. "…I'm sorry Hinamori." He replied. A hand grasped onto his shoulder tightly. He found Isshin who was walking towards his son's graveyard.

"Don't apologize." He retorted. "I'm sure she was proud that you did that." He gave a smile and walked towards a white shrine. Ichigo's ashes were underneath it all (everyone found it quite understandable to leave his ashes there).

Isshin sighed and gazed at the stupid grave. "You're an idiot. A REAL idiot." He sighed and dropped his flowers near the shrine. "You big idiot." He replied and tears flowed down his eyes. Hitsugaya clenched onto his shoulder as well.

"Hey at least they're happy." He whispered.


Soi Fong gazed at Yoruichi's wedding kimono. It was a strange color. Urahara had asked it to be that way, but it was such a bad taste she couldn't stand it.

"Don't be like that!" Yoruichi replied as she untied her ponytail. She began to take a dip in the bathtub. "Oh yeah…can you help Urahara take care of the baby?" She asked soaking herself happily while singing with relaxation.



Byakuya sighed staring at Matsumoto happily prancing around him. She had just received a job promotion, and was really bouncy. "Can you just stop that?" He asked rolling his eyes as she sat beside him humming such a familiar tune. It was Hisana's small lullaby to a crying Rukia. His eyes widened. "Where did you get that from?" He asked.

She rest her head against his shoulder. He felt strange and turned to such a feverous red. "A long time ago…" She giggled laughing. He coughed and excused himself.


Orihime smiled as she helped her husband make new laws for the peasants. They were trying to avoid war at all costs, so recently he had made new laws to please his people. "Don't you think this is wonderful?" She asked in delight as she stamped the laws with the family seals. Ishida smiled as he found it amusing to see his wife smile childishly.

"Yes. It is…" He whispered and continued to write more notes down on parchment. "Oh…yes…it's time for them to go to bed now." The man replied after hearing constant shouting and giggling from the other room. Orihime nodded and got up from her chair. She rubbed her belly. It was expected for her to give birth in five months or so.

"No I'll do it." Her husband replied kindly. She blushed and sat back down as she watched his figure walking out of the room.

"Thank you…Ichigo…" She smiled to herself. She was happy that she had a chance to be with Ishida. And she knew it was fate to stay with him. Forever.


Ganju shouted with pain as his sister repeatedly twisted his arms. "Ok, Ok! I give up!" He shouted with horror, beads of tears were coming from his tired eyes.

"DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!!" Kuukaku shouted angrily. He had accidentally done something he wasn't supposed to. And it could have risked him his life. "I could have lost you again…" She sniffed and pulled harder on his arms. He shouted with cries and screams, apologizing for his stupidity.


Ukitake and Kyouraku sighed. "You better repay for all those alcohol you jugged down!" Yamamato shouted as the two carried barrels of wine to the Kurosaki main kitchen.

"Good job, Shinsui!" Ukitake growled childishly as he carried a barrel and looked at his friend. The man rolled his eyes and followed alongside him to the room. "By the way…did you here…" The white-haired man asked.

"Yeah, I heard." Kyouraku replied quietly. "So…she won't live any longer…" Ukitake nodded. "Heh. Well…it's not her fault. It was that drug's side effect." The man responded and entered the kitchen dropping the barrel gently on the floor.

"And Ichigo's death?" Ukitake asked doing the same.

"His heart couldn't help him." Shinsui whispered. "Besides…how long could you expect to live after being stabbed in the heart and surviving?" He asked. Ukitake nodded.

"Yes. You're right." He whispered. "But…it would have been great if we had such technology to heal such a grievous wound." He replied. Kyouraku snorted.

"Well…it don't matter right now!" The tanned man grumbled. "Yama-jii is shouting like a monkey again." The two walked back out of the room and got more barrels.

"Oh yeah? Did you hear!?" Kyouraku asked fondly. Ukitake gazed at him with suspicion. "Little Karin-chan is going to take over the Kurosaki kingdom after Rukia dies!" He smiled, but was a little hurt that Rukia would pass away in a month. Ukitake smiled. "And Yuzu of course will help her…"

"What's going to become of Rukia's child though?" The white haired man asked. Kyouraku tilted his hat down.

"Unohana had just announced not too long ago that she would take him under her wing, once Rukia dies." He stated. "He will not be the heir of the Kurosaki family. Due to personal reasons." He replied sadly. Ukitake sighed.

"I guess that's for the best."


"Inori…don't play with that." Rukia whispered tiredly and closed her eyes. She pulled the small glove from his reach and breathed heavily. She could feel herself losing her consciousness. Oh not now. She grumbled to herself. Darkness reached her. And she didn't move.

"Mommy? Mommy?" The boy asked shaking her lightly. At first he thought it was some small game, but then he noticed her heart stopped beating. "…Mommy…?" He whispered and buried his head near her chest, crying silently. Unohana arrived at that time, and realized what had just happened. She let out a depressed sigh and introduced herself to Rukia's son.