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Last Time On IGPX…
Team Satomi celebrated their 2nd Immortal Grand Prix championship at Satomi Headquarters and the crew kicks off their "relaxation" time in their own separate ways:
Mark and his mechanics start working on the 3 mechs, Miss Satomi is already meeting with another potential sponsor and Andrei spent the rest of the day, with his wife and daughter. Meanwhile, Takeshi and Liz finally go out on their very first date, too bad they weren't the only ones that were enjoying their little moment. Will their second date be any better? Plus, is High Wire onboard with the team or will they end up sinking them?


'Fantine's Shattered Heart,
Takeshi's Betrayal to the Blonde Beauty!'

Liz read and re-read the headline on the cover of the paper, while sitting on an exercise mat.

"Maybe we should've asked what paper they were from."

Amy was running on a nearby treadmill.

"Why didn't you?" she asked.

"I don't know…got caught up in the moment."

"I thought reporters were supposed to let people know what paper they work for."

"Doesn't matter now," Liz said, as she was getting up from off the mat, "what's done is done."

"I wonder if Takeshi saw it," Amy said.

Liz walked over to the center of gym and started doing her martial arts training, while Luca joined Amy on the treadmill.

"Don't know if he did, but like I said, what's done is done."

"So, Liz, how did it really go last night?"

Liz stopped what she was doing and blushed.

"It was…alright."

"Just alright?"

"Well, we had some good moments…and we had some bad moments. For the latter, it just didn't feel like we were alone throughout the evening; fans, reporters, Yuri, Johnny and then those damn reporters again. Takeshi and I are going out again tonight, hopefully without a hitch."

Smiling, Amy asked, "And the good moments?"

Embarrassed, Liz turned her back towards Amy.

"Well, the times we were alone…"

Liz stopped and grinned as she looked down at her left hand, remembering all the times that she and Takeshi held hands. Amy continued watching her.

"She looks happy," she thought to herself.

"…It was nice," Liz continued, "when we were back at the race track, before the reporters had shown up again, and Takeshi wrapped his hands around my wai…"

Liz trailed off after realizing that she was describing the date last night.

"How romantic!" Amy cheerfully said.

Liz went back to her training, pretending to not have heard Amy's comment. From the corner of her eye, she could still see Amy grinning at her; and if she wasn't mistaken, so was Luca.

"What are you doing here so early anyway, Amy?"

"My doctor said that I should continue my rehab."

Liz looked back at her.

"Rehab? I thought everything was OK now…you made your comeback with no problems and you continued racing after that."

After taking a sip out of her water bottle, Amy went back on the treadmill, but decided to keep it a low speed.

"I know, but even after the race, he still thought that it was still too early for me to have returned. He knew it was my choice, but in your words, 'what's done is done.' Right now, I'm following doctor's orders."

"You know, Amy, you're something else."

That was all she said to her, but it was enough to put a smile on Amy's face.

Luca went up to Liz and started rubbing against her leg.

"You're something else too, Luca."

He meowed back at her and then went to join Amy on the treadmill again.

Over at Satomi Headquarters, Miss Satomi was in her office, standing in front of her window, looking at the IGPX track in the distance. A copy of the tabloid paper with the headline,

'Fantine's Shattered Heart,
Takeshi's Betrayal to the Blonde Beauty!',

was lying on her desk. The article was the least of her worries.

"I think I'm gonna hit the showers, Amy," Liz said as she flung her towel over her shoulders.

"I think I'm going to go home; I have to feed Luca and then my parents are taking me out to lunch."

"Lunch, huh? I'm getting pretty hungry myself."

"You're welcome to come, Liz."

"Thanks, but unfortunately, it's pretty rare that your folks spend time with you."

Knowing Liz was right, Amy looked down as she held Luca in her arms.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean…"

"No, it's ok, Liz…you're right, but at least they're trying."

"I hope you have a good time."

"Thanks, Liz. Hope your date with Takeshi goes well."

The girls then waved good-bye to one another. As Liz was about to go to the locker room to take a quick shower, she heard Amy in the distance talking to someone. Thinking it was just her talking to Luca, she continued her way into the locker room, when a thought came to her.

"Tonight should be better…it will be better." The latter she said out loud.

"What should be better?"

She jumped up and turned around, only to see Takeshi.

Out of embarrassment, she yelled, "Don't you know better than to sneek up on someone like that!"

With a grin on his face, he said, "Hell yeah I do! Espescially when you go up against an opponent."

"You know what I…"

"Chill out, Liz, of course I know what you meant; I'm sorry…you know, it feels like I've been apologizing to you alot lately."

"I don't mind," Liz said, as she started walking towards him.

"I bet you don't," he replied, as he started walking up towards her, "You ready for tonight?"

"Are you?"


They were still walking towards one another; Liz threw her wet towel on the floor in the corner, while Takeshi did the same with his jacket.

"Depends on what?" Liz asked.

They were now ace to face.

"If you pick up the tab."

"Pick up the tab! You little piece of "

"Good morning, Miss Satomi," Johnny said as he entered her office.

"Hmmm…oh, morning, Johnny," Miss Satomi said, trying to sound enthusiastic.

Sensing something was wrong, Johnny asked, "Are you alright?"

She nodded, but continued looking out the window.

"If you don't want to do this today, I'll understand," he continued.

"I'm sorry, Johnny. Nothing is wrong. I'm just having one of those days, but don't worry, I did promise you a tour around Satomi Headquarters and that's exactly what I'm going to do."

Johnny smiled, but he knew something was still bothering her. He watched Miss Satomi walk over to her desk, pick something up from off of her desk and throw it away. He was able to see a picture of Fantine on the cover and he knew it was that tabloid paper.

"Is that what's bothering you, Miss Satomi?"

She grinned as she said, "I wish it was. Come on, today we're going to have fun! A pilot in-training should know all the steps in becoming an IGPX pilot."

"You have no idea how excited I am about this, Miss Satomi! I wanna be a great pilot, just like Takeshi and the others."

"That's the spirit, Johnny, and I'm sure you will be. Ready?"


"I want to make this tour enjoyable for Johnny; High Wire is not going to ruin my team's off-season," she thought to herself as she and Johnny left her office.

Back at the gym, Takeshi and Liz were standing in the center of the gym, at opposite ends; their eyes locked on one another.

"Last night, we didn't get a chance to go one-on-one out on the track, but today, I guarantee that I'm going to kick your ass, pretty boy."

"Don't think I'm going to be easy on you, Liz."

"Don't want you to be. You ready for me?"

"Are you ready for me?" Takeshi asked back.

"Just shut up and get over here already," Liz said, sighing.
With a look of determination, Takeshi charged towards Liz, who remained in her spot. When he was close enough to her, Liz quickly put her hands on his shoulders, put her leg on his chest and flung him over her. With a loud thump, Takeshi landed on his back, but quickly retaliated by knocking Liz off balance. They were both down on the mat, but in an instant, they both got up. Their eyes were still locked on each other; both moving very slowly from left to right, right to left, but never letting their guard down. It was Liz who charged towards him, but Takeshi put his arm under hers and tried knocking her down, but Liz managed to grab on to his left arm and tried to flip him over her again, but this time, Takeshi landed on his two feet. They were now back to back, trying to catch their breath. Liz was looking in the direction of the locker room.

"Dude, I just took a nice cool shower, and because of you, I'm sweaty again."

"Is Liz complaining how sweaty she is?"

"I didn't want to be like this tonight."

"We can always take a shower again…I-I mean separate showers," Takeshi quickly added.

They both blushed, but a big grin appeared on their faces. They were still back to back, when Takeshi unexpectedly wrapped his arms around hers and flipped her over him. Now, face to face, they again locked eyes on one another. Still breathing heavily, Liz threw out the first punch, but Takeshi blocked it with his hand. Back and forth, they continued doing every move they knew, only to be blocked by the other person. The next thing she knew, Liz was against a wall, while gripping Takeshi's right arm; he was holding on to her left wrist, while blocking her left leg with his his.

They didn't do anything to stop it, nor did they attempt to counterattack each other. They were there for what felt like forever, not saying a word. Their eyes were still locked on, but not for combat. They blushed as a smirk appeared on both their faces.

"This I can get used to," she said.

"I think I already have."

They both started moving towards one another when they heard someone clapping. They both looked in the direction of where it was coming from. From out of the shadows, a short black-haired man appeared, dressed in a business suit.

"Not again! Not another reporter!" Liz thought.

"Can we help you with something?" Takeshi asked the guy.

"As a matter of fact…no. I just came down to check you guys out. I can see I missed your other teammate. Not a big deal, I'll get another opportunity," the man answered with a sly smile on his face.

"An opportunity? Who are you?" Liz asked, sounding frustrated.

"In good time, Miss Ricarro. It's a pleasure meeting you both in person, especially you, Mr. Jin."

Takeshi eyed him suspiciously.

"What do you want?"

The man walked closer to the couple. Now in the dim light, they could see his facial features. He wore thin glasses, but his left eye was closed; a small scar was seen above the eye. His hair now appeared to be a shade of dark purple, with a white streak in the center. He looked shorter in person, but the suit made him look dignified.

"Didn't you hear me? I came to check you guys out. I'm impressed. My company will be delighted to hear my report."


"High Wire, of course," the man answered.

Takeshi was still eyeing him, but Liz's ears perked up.

"High Wire? You guys joining us?" she asked.

With a look of confusion, the man looked back at her. After a few seconds, he started laughing this hearty laugh.

"Join you? Sure, ok…yes, join you. I gather you haven't talked to the lovely, Miss Satomi yet?"

Takeshi and Liz shook their heads.

"I'm sure she'll contact you about the whole thing…no need to worry," he answered, turning his back towards them.

"Is there a problem?" Takeshi asked.

The man continued walking to the exit, not answering his question. Takeshi and Liz were left alone, with many unanswered questions. Pissed, Liz then went to look for the guy, with Takeshi following close behind, but when they got outside, there was no sign of him anywhere.
"What the hell?"

"I don't know. Should we contact Mis Satomi?" Takeshi asked her.

"You know how she works; if she needs us, she'll call. Give her time."

Takeshi nodded, but this encounter was very odd.

"Was he watching us the entire time? Is High Wire with us…or against us?" Takeshi thought.

"Does this mean tonight is ruined too?" Liz asked, looking down.

Takeshi took her hand and held it with his own.

"No. Tonight will be better than last night, I promise. Whatever is going on with this damn company would have to wait for another time. I'm going to take off though; I wanna get ready."

"OK, I'm going to get ready myself. Of course, this means that we will have to do this again…our little match."

"I'll be ready like always," Takeshi said with a grin.

They both said their good-byes and went their separate ways.

"Miss Satomi," Liz was thinking, "hope everything is alright"

That's it for chapter 1; keep in mind, this is a continuation of my first fanfic story/episode, Later That Day. Chapter 2 will be posted soon. : )