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hindsight - n. recognition of the realities, possibilities, or requirements of a situation, event, desicion, etc. after its occurance.

Chapter 1: Death

He had died the way of the honorable shinobi – a battle to protect the ones he loved. By defeating his enemies, defending the ones he loved, defending Konoha, he sacrificed himself in a fight to save his precious village.

He did not feel pain, his body already numb from the blood already shed. He lay in a clearing, his blood and the blood of his enemies mixed in puddles of crimson. He had lost all chakra in his body, two kunai stabbed in his leg, another in his stomach.

He had heard faint sobbing, he had felt dampness on his chest, and he had seen wide brown orbs, shining cheeks, and chocolate brown strands tickling his face. It was dark, the moon already high in the sky.

"You can't die Neji! You can't..." she sobbed, tears streaming down her cheeks. He could taste the salty tears in his mouth as they landed softly on his face.

Using the last of his energy, he reached a trembling hand to stroke her hair. It was matted with blood... was it his own?

"You... tried to protect me, Neji... please... hold on... Lee's getting help..." Tenten sobbed, pulling out the knives and trying to stop the blood with her hands.

"Tenten..." he had murmured weakly. "The mission..."

"Neji... please stay alive..."

"I love you, Tenten..." he whispered so quietly, Tenten could not hear him.

"Neji... please, you can't die... it's not possible..."

Gently, Neji pushed Tenten closer to him, as his lips brushed hers, before his hold loosened and his arm dropped to the dirt.

He had died at the age of twenty, smiling.

The battle was long, excruciating, and dangerous. Five S-ranked missing-nins of the Hidden Mist had stolen a forbidden scroll that belonged to Konoha, and Team Gai was assigned to track him down. As an hour passed, and four of the five missing-ninja dead, Lee was thrown into a short concussion, leaving only Neji and Tenten. Both were close to their end, Neji breathing hard and already wounded deeply and Tenten's stores of supplies already vastly depleted.

Neji had refused to allow Tenten get hurt, already angered when a enemy had stabbed Tenten rather roughly in the leg, forever scarring her.

Tenten had watched as Neji fought gracefully, his hands glowing faintly. His stance and his movements were impeccable, as he used every ultimate technique the Hyuuga clan had.

Until the Hidden Mist criminal pulled out his trump card.

In a flash, he had committed suicide, but tried to pull Neji and Tenten in with him. Neji had thrown Tenten out before the summoned demon could reach her, but putting himself in the direct way. Hyuuga Neji, stronger than the missing ninja, did not die instantly. But he was dying.

Neji was leaving, and they were five days away from any hospital.

He was head Branch Leader, no longer a caged bird with clipped wings, but a majestic flyer. He had seen the deaths of comrades, he had killed many, and he was an ANBU captain in all and every right. Hyuuga Neji was the best of the best, only under the command of the Hokage. He was happy with his life, although it was not as good as others, having lost his father and living as an inferior, he was happy for his friends, for his one love.

As least, as least she could live on.

Neji panted, his eyes staring into the ground beneath him. It was pitch black, and his Byakagun was not activating. There was a sharp pain in his side.

Damn bastard...

Neji clutched it tightly, standing up although he could see nothing.

Where am I?

Do you want to see them again?

"Who... are you..." the Hyuuga murmured. The words echoed in his mind, but were also silent at the same time.

None of your concern. Do you want to see them again?


Then it will be so.

"What... how..." Neji blinked. Was that light over there?

Neji walked warily towards it, and then started in a run. He would see them again; he would see his friends, his family, and his love! He reached the faint light, and the darkness disappeared.

He was back in Konoha.

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