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Chapter 5: Epilogue

He was back at the Hyuuga mansion, the smell of wind and waters filling him. He gazed around him, there was no Hanabi, or Hinata, or anyone. He was alone.

His feet landed solid against the ground, and he looked down at flesh, real hands. He turned, a dash of noise behind him. Memories flooded him, making him relive moments in his life, his birth, the first time his Byakagun activated, his father.

Where am I?

No one responded, and he walks slowly. There was the creak of the wood floor under him and he turned the corner. Hyuuga Neji fell to his knees.

He was surrounded by other Hyuugas, other white-eyed dark-haired relatives that gazed down at him, a small smile on their lips.

"Neji..." a deep voice murmured, and Neji's blood ran cold. He looked up, big silver eyes disbelieving. The man was tall, ebony black curtains of hair falling across his shoulders, stern silver eyes and traditional Hyuuga robes. There was no seal across his forehead.

The man smiled, a hand out to lift Neji back to his feet.

"Hizashi-sama..." Neji breathed, before he bowed deep before him, nose touching the ground as his eyes glued to the floor by the older man's feet.

The man smiled softly, eyes crinkling.

"My son."

Carefully, Neji lifted himself off the floor, eyes still downcast. His heart pumped frantically in his chest –he wondered if he still had one, but he still does- as the other Hyuugas drift away, leaving Neji alone with his father.

Strong arms rest on Neji's shoulders, as the man gazes at his son. They are of the same height... or maybe Neji is taller, he doesn't know. For the first time in a while, Neji is speechless, too embarrassed and shocked to do anything but stare at the hard wooden floor below them.

"Welcome..." his father finally said. "To my heaven."


His father nods, sweeping his arms around at the estate he showed. It was the old Hyuuga estate, Neji knew that, but...

"Didn't... didn't you want to escape this?"

Hizashi nodded, "I did. Then I merely understood I wanted to escape the discrimination."

Neji's eyes wandered up to the blank forehead, no seal present on his father's face. Hizashi turned, walking to the garden, and Neji followed.

"Were you the voice inside my mind?" he asked quietly.

Hizashi shook his head, eyes upwards towards the skies. "That... was the gods above. They send you to heaven."

"I-Is this also my heaven?" Neji asked quietly, indicating the soft peaceful Hyuuga estate.

"If it was, would you be asking?" his father replied. They stopped by the pool of water, where Neji spent much of his childhood with his father at.

Neji remembered those days, when his father would teach him to use the Byakagun by staring at the water, by making him see under it, see with his eyes, not his hands.

"You live in heaven the way you were the most happiest in life," Hizashi murmured. Neji gazed at his father. Hizashi was in his middle ages, the years that Neji remembered him as. And Neji knew, belatedly by the clan leader when he was still a Genin, that Hizashi's happiest moment was to pick his choice in his caged life.

Neji gazed down at the pool. His reflection showed himself, just how he died – or maybe a bit younger. He was strong and well built, wearing a variation of the Hyuuga robes. Onyx black hair contrasted with his pale skin, his cheekbones still refined and his face still handsome. The hiate-ate still rested across his forehead, and Neji's hands instinctively lifted to untie it.

The hiate-ate dropped down, falling into the pool, and making ripples in the water. It was a moment before Neji could see himself... and upon his forehead was still the seal cursed upon him.

"Your heaven does not care about the presence of the seal," his father whispered. "Your heaven is not here."

Neji turned to stare at his father. Hizashi's face was impassive, almost disappointed.

Slowly, his meaning of life reached Neji, and he nodded. He bent down, trying to reach for the hiate-ate under water.

It was no longer there. Neji searched for another moment, before standing.

"My heaven escapes the weight of a genius," he replied smoothly to his father. "My heaven escapes the burden of the ninja, and the burden of being a Hyuuga."

Hizashi's eyebrow lifted, and Neji took a deep breath. He closed his eyes, not wanting to see his father's dissatisfaction. He realized he cannot activate his Byakagun, but it does not seem to bother him.

"Very well," Hizashi murmured, and Neji exhaled. He looked back up, and the older Hyuuga gazed back.

"My heaven... my heaven also lives for... for one woman..."

Hizashi nodded, eyes almost softening although his lips still curled thin.

"When her time has come, she will come for you if you are her heaven."

Neji gazed at his father, before bowing again.


The note of approval lifts Neji's heart. "You have done well... my son."

Neji waited, he does not remember how long and he was not counting, for Tenten to come. He waited at Training Arena 13, meditating under the large oak tree. It seemed like a dream, his eyes closed and his mind at peace. He knew his happiest moments was here, spending short-lived days in her arms, training when they felt it was necessary to stretch their muscles, before returning under the large oak tree to rest with her. He remembered her smile, her laugh, her skin. When his eyes finally opened, Tenten was running towards him, still bright and still as beautiful as he had always remembered her.

"Neji!" she cried, and leaped into his arms, pushing him to the ground.

"Tenten..." he breathed, gazing up at her. She was crying, tears streaming down her face as she hugged him.

"I..." she looked up, and Neji wiped the tears from her cheeks. She smiled leaning in to kiss him.

"Welcome," he whispered into her lips. "Welcome to my heaven."

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