Mahoromatic – Seasons of Change

By Dr. Memory

(AKA Carl A. Potaczala)


Mahoromatic and all associated characters are the property of Gainax, TBS, Pioneer LDC and the character creators, Ditama and Nakayama. This story is not written for personal profit, but as a tribute to a wonderful story that I think ended poorly and knowing that as long as I write, Mahoro lives. Any other characters are property of their respective copyright holders, not me.

Episode 55: Endings and Beginnings

Show opens with the regular opening theme.

Scene opens with Mahoro (wearing her maid's uniform) and Nekoto (wearing a blouse and skirt) in the kitchen at the lodge. Mahoro is busy at the stove. She stirs the contents of a pot and then turns her attention back to the vegetables she is cutting on the counter next to the stove. Nekoto is standing at a counter nearby measuring rice into the rice steamer.

Mahoro is singing quietly to herself.

Nekoto: Mahoro-chan, how much rice should I make?

Mahoro: I'm not expecting anyone other than Suguru, Saori, Ryuga-san, Akiko-chan and us. I'm sure that Professor Hokato and Doctor Mihoshi will be busy getting ready for the afternoon testing and Eimi-san said she needed to go to talk with Ambassador Hoshi And Leesha-san. They may dine with us for dinner, but I don't expect to see them for lunch.

Nekoto: Do you know where Suguru-kun and Akiko-chan are?

Mahoro: I'm not sure. They went with Saori and Ryuga-san to the ship after the meeting to observe the testing… But Sera-san was supposed to leave more than an hour ago, so I don't know where everyone is.

Nekoto: Did you try calling him?

Mahoro: Not yet… lunch isn't quite ready yet… and I don't want Suguru to think that I don't trust him and that I'm checking up on him.

Nekoto: (After a long contemplative silence) I'm really sorry about what happened last night.

Mahoro: You have nothing to apologize for. Everyone was more than a little intoxicated last night… including me… and it was Chiako-chan that started it. She has more of a reason to apologize to Kanoko-chan than you have to apologize to me.

Nekoto: (Head bowed) Still… what I did was very rude.

Mahoro: All you did was give Suguru a hug and a kiss.

Nekoto: But we were naked and Suguru-san…

Mahoro: And Suguru reacted like any healthy male would react if he were hugged and kissed by a beautiful, naked woman. I think he really enjoyed it. He was dreaming about it last night.

Nekoto: Suguru-san told you that he was dreaming about him and me hugging and kissing.

Mahoro: Actually you were doing a little more than hugging and kissing in his dream, but… (pause) but there are many times when Suguru and I have the same dream.

Nekoto: And it doesn't bother you that your fiancé was dreaming about doing things like that with another woman.

Mahoro: Not really… (pause) well… maybe just a little. But it's only a dream… and it was kind of cute the way it turned out.

Nekoto: (After a long pause) Do you and Suguru-san have the same dreams often?

Mahoro: At first, when I first came back, it would only happen occasionally, but it's been happening more often recently. That's the test that Suguru and I are going to do this afternoon. . I told the Professor about it and Doctor Mihoshi would like to run a detailed brain function test because it's a condition that is very common among Saint couples. What tests are you doing this afternoon?

Nekoto: Professor Hokato said that he noted that the levels of some chemicals in my blood were extremely elevated. He said that he needed to run a level five diagnostic to make sure that it wasn't because of a gross malfunction of my internal systems.

Mahoro: How long is he expecting for you to be off line?

Nekoto: Only two or three hours… He's only running a subset. (Pause) Do the results of the other tests concern you?

Mahoro: Only a little. I don't understand why our offensive and defensive systems power level are increasing… although… since it doesn't seem to be affecting our power usage; I don't think it's really much of a concern.

Nekoto: My power usage as been reduced by more than twenty percent even though my offensive systems are running thirty percent higher than the parameters that were set when my systems were supposedly taken off line. What concerns me the most are the anomalies in my combat processor programming.

Mahoro: I don't think it's anything you need to worry about. The Professor told me that it was something he expected to see. When he developed our basic programs, he included the ability for us to learn and modify our programming based on what we learned. I was supposed to help us adapt to changing battle field conditions, but it seems to have even more of an effect in our day to day life programming. The Professor has said on a number of occasions that I'm a very human android, and it looks like the same thing applies to all of us.

Voice of Suguru: Mahoro!

Mahoro: (Calling out) Suguru… I'm in the kitchen… with Nekoto-chan…

After several seconds Suguru enters the kitchen, walks up to Mahoro and gives her a kiss.

Suguru: Of course this is the last place I'd expect to find you… especially around mealtime. I see you're giving Nekoto another cooking lesson.

Nekoto: N… No… Mahoro-chan and I were just talking.

Suguru: I'm sorry we're so late, but I got to ride in one of the trainer ships with Sera-san and Akiko-chan got to ride with Kira-chan.

Mahoro: Who did Sera-san get to fly down the fourth trainer?

Suguru: Ryuga-sensei did some of his training with this type of ship… although Saori-sensei looked a little green after they landed.

Mahoro: So will Sera-san, Kenta-kun and Kira-chan be here for lunch?

Suguru: No, they took three of the trainers back to school. They left the extra trainer here. Sera-san said that they don't need it, but they could always come here and get it if they do.

Mahoro: So… we don't have any extra guests for lunch?

Suguru: Actually we do… if it isn't going to be a problem. Nurse Hanaki is here. She's going to the Command Ship for some training and to help take care of Hana-chan. She's here to get briefed by Doctor Mihoshi before she leaves this afternoon.

Mahoro: It won't be a problem at all. Where are Akiko-chan, Saori and Ryuga-san?

Suguru: They'll be up in a few minutes. Doctor Mihoshi was going over this morning's test result with Ryuga-sensei, Akiko-chan was changing into her battle armor so she can be ready to start her testing right after lunch and Nurse Hanaki was talking with Commander Hayato.

Mahoro: Well lunch is almost ready. You and Nekoto-chan can set the table while I finish.

Scene fades to show Yaeko, Shiori, Usagi and Mai outside the train station. Mai and Usagi are each carrying a small travel bag and each is wearing a backpack.

Shiori: Talk to your parents about going to the Command Ship during summer break and we'll talk to Commander Leesha.

Yaeko: I was planning to be on the Command ship for as long as four weeks, but you don't have to stay that long.

Usagi: My parents won't care if I'm gone all summer. They usually go on vacation somewhere and dump my sister and me with my aunt.

Shiori: Maybe your sister could come with us.

Usagi: (Rolling her eyes) I don't think so. (Pause) How about you Mai-chan? Do you think your parents would mind if you gone that long?

Mai: It may take a little convincing, but I don't think my mom will object… and my dad will agree with anything my mom says. (Pause) It was a fun week… although waking up with a hangover isn't fun at all.

Shiori: It never is.

Mai: Thank you so very much for having us. (Long pause; bows head and closes eyes) And… And thank you both for being so understanding.

Yaeko: And thank you for understanding the way I feel.

Shiori: I'm glad you came out and said it. It's really important to let people know how you feel… Right, Usagi-chan?

Usagi: (Smiling) Right.

Yaeko: Are you sure you have everything?

Usagi: Unless it wandered into one of the other rooms on its own… I think so.

Mai: I'm glad we got the chance to use the library while we were here. It was a lot easier finding the information here than at our library at our school.

Shiori: That's because your school still doesn't have the catalog on computer.

Mai: I really wish we could go to school here. (Pause) Well… Say hello to Toshi-chan and Kumiko-chan when you see them.

Yaeko: We'll do that… and you say hello to Hotaru-chan and Mariko-chan.

Mai: We will.

There is a long period of silence.

Mai: (Timidly) I guess we should really be going…

Yaeko smiles broadly.

Yaeko: Mai… come here.

Yaeko extends her arms as Mai steps up to her and embraces her. Yaeko whispers in Mai's ear. Mai's head jolts up and a look of shock and disbelief appears on her face.

Mai: How… How did you know?

Yaeko smiles, but says nothing. After several seconds, Yaeko tightens her embrace of Mai and kisses her on the cheek.

Mai: But… how did you know?

Yaeko: I just know… (Pause) So why don't you do something about it.

Yaeko releases Mai from her embrace.

Yaeko: We'll call you after we talk to Commander Leesha. And you should talk to your parents about it.

Usagi: Don't worry, we will. See ya.

Shiori: See ya.

Mai and Usagi turn and begin walking to the entrance of the train station. After several steps, Mai extends her hand to Usagi and takes hold of her hand and they enter the train station.

Scene fades to show Asaoka Riho sitting at the dining room table at the Misato residence. There are various packages and papers scattered on the table. Point of view changes to over Asaoka's shoulder showing a banner lying across the table that has "Happy Birthday Mahoro!" printed on the left hand side of the poster and a pencil sketch of Mahoro on the right side. There are random drawings of stars and balloons around the outer edge of the poster.

The point of view changes to show Asaoka with the door to the kitchen in the background. After several seconds Hamaji enters the dining room from the kitchen. He is carrying a tray with a steaming pot of tea, two teacups and a plate with some pastry on it.

Hamaji: The tea won't be as good as when Mahoro-san or Mi-chan make it…

Asaoka: I'm sure it will be fine… but you didn't have to go through all this trouble.

Hamaji: (Setting the tray on the edge of the table) It wasn't any trouble… and it gives me an excuse to try some of the pastry that the girls made this morning.

Asaoka: You won't get into any trouble of taking the pastry…

Hamaji: No more trouble than I normally would.

Hamaji begins to roll up the poster.

Asaoka: Did you draw this?

Hamaji: Yeah… I did it from memory. It would have been better if I had a picture to work from… or have Mahoro-san here… but all of the pictures I could find of Mahoro-san were with a serious look on her face… not any pictures of her really happy.

Asaoka: It's really a very good drawing. Maybe I should have you do a sketch of me someday.

Hamaji blushes brightly. Asaoka smiles and chuckles quietly to herself.

Hamaji: Let me pour your tea.

Asaoka picks up one of the teacups and holds it in both hands as Hamaji carefully pours tea into it, stopping when the cup is about three quarters full. Asaoka sets her teacup on the table and Hamaji sets the teapot on the tray. Hamaji picks up the second teacup and Asaoka pours tea for him.

Hamaji: (As he sets his teacup on the table) Thank you.

Asaoka: (As she sets the teapot on the tray) You're very welcome.

Hamaji: Thank you for helping me get all of the stuff I bought home. I'm not sure where Chizu-chan, Kaito-kun and Mi-chan disappeared, but I don't think I would have made it home without your help.

Asaoka: (Lifts her tea and takes a sip) It's not a problem. I just happened to be in the area when I spotted you. You were so stacked up with stuff, you almost walked in front of a car.

Hamaji: Thanks (Pause) I guess you're the last person I expected to see today.

Asaoka: I'm in the area for a photo shoot and I've been staying with Chizu while I'm in the area. So is all of the stuff you were carrying for Mahoro-san's party?

Hamaji: Pretty much so. The only decorations we had, other than my banner, were balloons.

Asaoka: What's wrong with balloons? Some of my favorite photo shoots had balloons for a prop.

Hamaji: I know. Those are some of my favorites too… But with the balloons we already have, we could probably fill the house up over the tops of everybody's heads.

Asaoka: Where did you get so many balloons?

Hamaji: (Picks up his teacup and takes a sip) Apparently Ryuga-sensei has turned into a balloon fanatic. There had to have been at twenty cases, if not more, of balloons in his apartment.

Asaoka: Ryuga-sensei?

Hamaji: He's one of the people from Saint… He's a teacher at my school. You met him at Chizu-chan's parent's holiday party… when we were using the hot tubs.

Asaoka: Tall… Blond hair… Built like he could be a major porn star?

Hamaji: (Blushing) Ahhh… Yeah… I guess you could describe Ryuga-sensei that way…

Asaoka: (Quiet chuckle) You know… you're really cute when you're embarrassed.

Hamaji: (Blushing brighter) That's what Mi-chan says.

Asaoka: You're really nervous around girls, aren't you?

Hamaji: (Quietly) I guess I've always been that way… When I was in first and second grade I had long hair and I looked more like a girl than a boy… And my name didn't help. My mom was really expecting a girl… and they only had a girl's name picked out… Toshi. All my mom did was change my name to Toshiya… but she still always called me Toshi… and so did my classmates. The boys wouldn't play with me because I looked like a girl… and the girls wouldn't play with me because I was a boy… My only friends where Suguru-kun, Kiyomi-kun Rin-chan, Miyuki-chan and Chizu-chan… But Chizu-chan and Miyuki-chan always liked playing practical jokes on me. And so did the other girls in my class. If a girl was being nice to me… it usually meant that something bad was going to happen… that usually meant that I was going to be embarrassed in front of the whole class.

Asaoka: I can't believe that Chizu would do something like that to you.

Hamaji: Chizu-chan's pranks weren't really as bad. She usually convinced me that some girl really liked me and wanted to confess to me… and as many times as she did that… I always ended up believing her… and the girl usually didn't have any feeling for me at all… except maybe contempt. Miyuki-chan's practical jokes usually involved me losing my pants around a bunch of girls or me seeing a girl mostly naked. In either case they screamed that I was some kind of pervert.

Asaoka: Well I definitely don't think you're a pervert.

Hamaji: (Smiling) Thanks…

Asaoka: You don't seem to be shy around Minawa-chan.

Hamaji: It wasn't always that way. I didn't tell her how I felt until she came back from the medical treatment that saved her life… But Mi-chan is different. It's hard to describe how… but I feel a special kind of confidence when Minawa is around… and I know that there isn't anyone in the world… or in outer space… that I love more.

Asaoka: You really are something special. I wish I could find a boyfriend like you. You're handsome and you're intelligent and you're thoughtful and you're loving. Most of the guys that I know think that all they have to do is drop their pants and I'll have sex with them.

A new wave of blushing spreads across Hamaji's face.

Asaoka: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you again.

Hamaji: That's OK. I really have to learn to get over that.

Asaoka: Is there anything I can do to help?

Hamaji: Wha… What do you mean?

Asaoka: I mean, is there anything I can do to help you get over your shyness around girls.

Asaoka sets her teacup down on the table.

Hamaji: I… I… don't think there's much you can do about it.

Asaoka: Let me ask you something. You didn't seem the least bit shy with me until I mentioned sex. (Pause) Hamaji-kun… what would you do is I took off my clothes right now?

Asaoka unbuttons the top button of her blouse.

Hamaji: (Turning bright red) I… I… don't think that would be a good idea.

Asaoka: (Unbuttoning the next button on her blouse; voice is seductive) Why not? Wouldn't you like to see me naked? You like looking at pictures of me naked in magazines… and you like seeing me naked in my videos. Wouldn't you like to see me naked right now? (Unbuttons the third button) And touch me the way you fanaticize about touching me when you look at me in the magazines?

The blush in Hamaji's face quickly fades and turns ashen white.

Asaoka: (Voice returns to normal) Hamaji-kun… Hamaji-kun… Are you all right?

Asaoka quickly rebuttons her blouse, leaving the top button unfastened.

Asaoka: Are you going to be all right?

Color begins to return to Hamaji's face.

Hamaji: I'll… I'll be fine.

Asaoka: (After a long pause) I'm sorry, but I have a confession to make. I didn't just happen to be by the store when you came out with all of those packages. (Bows head and sighs) It was all a setup. Chizu and Miyuki-chan said that it would be a good joke to play on you. When they first talked to me about it, I thought it would be funny too, but… Hamaji-kun, you're just too nice of a person to play that kind of a prank on. I'm sorry.

Hamaji: Chizu-chan and Miyuki-chan set this up? (Asaoka nods yes) Did Mi-chan know about it?

Asaoka: She did, after the plan went into effect… I expected that she'd tell Chizu and Miyuki-chan not to do it, but she said that she had enough confidence in you to be sure that you wouldn't do anything… perverted.

Hamaji: (Chuckles to himself) Mi-chan sometimes likes to play little practical jokes on me too. (Pause) Asaoka-san… would you really have taken off all of your clothes?

Asaoka: It's what I do for a living. Being naked in front of people doesn't embarrass me… although maybe it should. Honestly I feel just as comfortable with my clothes off as with them on. Is it me being naked that makes you feel uncomfortable?

Hamaji: Not really. It's more my reaction to you or any girl being naked.

Asaoka: (Broad smile) If that's what's bothering you, it shouldn't. Just because you get aroused when you see a girl naked doesn't mean you're a pervert… it means you're normal. I think I would be more worried if you didn't react like that. I think Minawa-chan would be too. (Pause) You know… I still would like you to do a sketch of me. Maybe when Minawa-chan gets here, I'll ask her permission for you to do it. Do you think she'll have a problem with that?

Hamaji: I don't think she'll have a problem with it… but she'll want me to do a sketch of her too.

Asaoka: That's fine. I can teach her how to pose. Now let's try some of these pastries before everyone gets back and we get in trouble for eating then.

Zoom in to Asaoka taking one of the pastries from the tray and cut to mid show break.

Scene opens showing a moderately large room. The walls are line with bookshelves that filled with books. There is a door at the center of wall. In the foreground is a desk with a man sitting (back view of the man's head). He is reading a document that is on the desk in front of him. After several second, the man takes a seal from a holder on the desk, applies ink to it from a stamp pad, and places the seal at the bottom of the document. He sets the seal back into its holder on the desk and then the man lifts up the document from the desk and blows on the seal imprint on the document.

As the man is setting the document back on the desk, the door in the wall directly in front of him slams open and Doctor Canon (wearing his white lab coat) enters, closely followed by Yume (wearing a sailor style school uniform) and two men in military uniforms with hand weapons drawn.

Doctor Canon: I would suggest that you advise your men to put their weapons away. They would be dead before they could even think about pulling the triggers. And don't bother with the weapon's system that switch under your desk activates. It was been temporarily deactivated.

The man at the desk nods his head and the men holster their weapons.

Man at desk: (Condescending) Doctor Canon… what an unexpected surprise. We've been trying to contact you but apparently your phone is out of order.

Doctor Canon: (Loudly) Cut the crap! What exactly do you think you're doing?

Man at desk: I'm not quite sure I understand what you're talking about.

Doctor Canon: The thirty-seven units that were mobilized in the last seventy-two hours is what I'm talking about.

Man at desk: We're just doing what we feel is necessary for us to complete our mission.

Doctor Canon: (Shouting) Complete your mission! Why not use a tactical nuclear weapon?

Man at desk: We had considered that but decided that the collateral damage would provide us little or no advantage.

Doctor Canon: (Grumbling to self) Little or no advantage. (Normal voice) Do you understand the implications of your plan?

Man at desk (Intensely) We saw this not only as an opportunity to regain control of the situation by eliminating the unknown factor, but as an opportunity to eliminate other undesirables as well.

Doctor Canon: Don't you realize that by "eliminating the unknown factor" you will only force the decision to be made by someone else… someone we have far less control of.

Man at desk: As if we have any control of the situation right now.

Doctor Canon: We have far more control than if you send in forces to wipe out a major residential block. You forget, we are up against a power far greater that just the combined forces of Vesper and Saint. We are up against the flow of time. Only the subtlest of adjustments have brought us to this point. Your plan would destroy all of the effort that has been put forth already.

Man at desk: Then what do you suggest we do? Sit back and do nothing?

Doctor Canon: Of course not. The moment is very quickly approaching. We need only to be in control for that one moment.

Man at desk: And how to you plan to do that?

Doctor Canon: The plan is almost in place. I will need a few more weeks to complete the effort and put it into effect.

Man at desk: And as I said, you expect us to sit back and do nothing in the meantime?

Doctor Canon: No, but I have already put a great deal of preparation into this plan… and I don't need a misplaced show of force to render everything I've done useless.

Man at desk: So… I'm assuming you want me to order the units to stand down.

Doctor Canon: (After a moment of reflection) Not exactly. I will need a diversion when my plan goes into action. Nothing major… No need for loss of life on either side. If we could arrange some kind of natural disaster, that would be perfect.

Man at desk: Orchestrating natural disasters is more in your line of work than mine.

Doctor Canon: (Raising his eyebrows) If it looked like a terrorist attack that could not be tied back to Kaemisa, that would be good.

Man at desk: At the moment almost every terrorist attack is attributed to Kaemisa, whether we are responsible or not.

Doctor Canon: You'll have at least four weeks to work out the details, and I will transmit my specific needs to you within a week. (Pause) But this is all pointless if you go ahead with your current plans.

Man at desk: I'm assuming you're willing to offer assurance of the success of this plan?

Doctor Canon: I can offer you as much assurance as I can of anything having to do with these matters… but I can assure better results than your inane plan.

Scene fades to show Hamaji's hand pencil sketching a picture of Asaoka, Minawa, Rin, Miyuki and Chizu sitting as a group. They are all naked but posed tastefully. Random balloons surround the girls and Asaoka and Rin each have one on their lap. Zoom out and refocus to show the same scene of the girls sitting on the floor in the living room of Suguru's house. There are balloons scattered all over the living room. Kiyomi, Riku and Kaito are looking on from the left of the group.

Miyuki: How much longer is this going to take?

Hamaji: Almost done… Don't move.

Miyuki: I'm surprised that he hasn't hemorrhaged to death yet.

Hamaji: (Continuing to sketch) Quiet! If you move I'll have to start all over.

Miyuki: Hamaji-kun, you're enjoying this way too much.

Rin: You think…

Minawa: Take your time and do a good job. I still want you to do a sketch of me.

Chizu: And I still want you to do a sketch of Asaoka and me.

Rin: Can that wait until after we're finished decorating. I'm starting to get cold.

Chizu: I'm sure Kiyomi-kun will be willing to warm you up.

Miyuki: I still think the guys should have to take off their clothes too.

Kiyomi: I don't think that would be a very good idea at the moment.

Miyuki: Why? Are you having a little problem at the moment?

Rin: Kiyomi never has a little problem.

Kiyomi: (Blushing) Rin!

Hamaji: Don't move!

Miyuki: How much longer are we going to have to stay like this?

Hamaji: (Continues to sketch) I just have a little more shading to do.

Asaoka: If I had my way, I'd have you stay undressed until all of the decorating is done… (With emphasis) I don't like being used to play pranks on people like that… But Hamaji-kun is too nice of a guy to make you do that… even after all of the rotten tricks you've played on him.

Miyuki: We were just trying to provide Hamaji-kun some therapy so he wouldn't be so shy around girls.

Asaoka: Well… consider this part of therapy.

Hamaji: (After several more strokes with his pencil) There… Done! You can put your clothes back on again.

Miyuki: (Brushes the balloons around her aside and stands up) Thanks…

The remainder of the girls stand up. Asaoka walks over to Hamaji and looks at the sketch. Rin walks over to Kiyomi and hugs him. Rin, Miyuki and Chizu begin to dress.

Asaoka: (Looking at the sketch) This looks better than some of the professional artists that have done some of my artwork.

Hamaji: I'm not really that good.

Minawa walks over to look at the sketch.

Asaoka: Yes you are. I was serious about using that sketch you did of me for the cover of my next video… And maybe over the summer you could do some sketches that the one magazine I pose for will publish.

Minawa: (After looking at the sketch) This is really nice. Onee-chan will really like it.

Hamaji: I figured that this would be a better gift for Suguru-kun.

Minawa: I think Onee-chan will be very happy to receive this as a gift… (Puts her arm around Hamaji) and maybe sometime you could do a sketch of Onee-chan and me together.

Miyuki (buttoning her blouse) enters scene to look at the sketch.

Miyuki: Not bad at all. Maybe you could do a drawing of Riku and me… with our clothes on.

Riku: (Entering scene) I'd be willing to pose without my clothes.

Miyuki: I was thinking of using it as a birthday gift for my mom.

Riku: You mean that your mother might object to receiving a drawing of the two of us not wearing clothes?

Hamaji: She might… just a bit.

Miyuki: She would… a lot.

Chizu: My parents wouldn't mind a drawing of Kaito and me in the nude.

Asaoka: Your dad would use it for the cover of one of his movies.

Chizu: You're right… He would… if my mom let him.

Hamaji: Could we talk about this later? We stall have a lot of decorating to do… (Looking at his wrist band) and it's already nine o'clock.

Miyuki: What's the problem? Is it getting past your bedtime?

Hamaji: Very funny. No, it's not getting past my bedtime, but I expected that we'd have all of the decorating done by now.

Miyuki: Well… If you hadn't taken so long to do that drawing of Asaoka and of us, we would have been done by now.

Asaoka: Children! If you keep arguing, we'll never get the decorating done. What else needs to be done?

Rin: We need more balloons!

Hamaji: Don't you think we already have enough balloons already?

Rin: You can never have too many balloons.

Hamaji: Fine… you can blow up more balloons… But we need the streamers hung inside… and we still need to do decorating in the tents outside.

Kiyomi: If we get the decorating done inside here tonight, we can finish the decorating outside in the morning. It's too dark to do anything now.

Hamaji: I guess so. Ok then… The streamers are in the bag on the dining room table… and there are other decorations that will hang down for the ceiling.

Rin: We could tie ribbons to the balloons and hand them down from the ceiling too.

Hamaji: Fine… Just don't overdo it. I want Mahoro-san to be able to see the banner when she comes in the door.

Kaito: Where would you like the banner?

Hamaji: I think on the wall across from the entryway.

Kaito: Chizu and I will take care of that.

Asaoka: I'll help Rin-chan with the balloons… if there's something available to drink.

Minawa: There's cans of iced coffee in the refrigerator.

Chizu: I think Asaoka was looking for something a little stronger than iced coffee.

Asaoka: Iced coffee will be fine. My throat gets real dry when I blow up balloons, so I'll need something to drink.

Miyuki: Asaoka-san, aren't you going to get dressed?

Asaoka: I hadn't planned on it… at least not for a little while. Minawa-chan and I decided that it would be good therapy for Hamaji-kun if we didn't hurry to get dressed.

Miyuki: Heck… If it's therapy for Hamaji-kun, I'll take my clothes back off… but I wouldn't mind if the guys took off their clothes too.

Rin: I wouldn't mind that either.

Hamaji: I don't think that would be a very good idea.

Rin: Why not! It's not as if we haven't seen each other naked before at the baths or at the hot springs.

Hamaji: I know… but it's different here.

Miyuki: Yeah… In the baths or in the hot springs it's easier for him to hide his enthusiasm for the pretty girls around him.

In background Asaoka begins to laugh.

Hamaji: Because… if we don't hide our enthusiasm, you girls call us perverts. (Turning to Asaoka) What's so funny?

Asaoka: That's the first time I've ever heard an erection referred to as a guy's enthusiasm. That's pretty good. I'll have to remember that for my next video.

Hamaji blushes brightly.

Asaoka: Just because you have an erection around a pretty girl like Minawa-chan or Miyuki-chan or Rin-chan or Chizu or me is nothing to be embarrassed about (Turning to Miyuki) and it's nothing to call a guy a pervert about. (Turning back to Hamaji) Why don't you take your clothes off and let the girls see your enthusiasm.

Hamaji: (Still blushing) Ma… Maybe later. I… I was thinking about ordering pizza after we were done with decorating and having it delivered.

Asaoka: Don't worry. You can take off your clothes. When the pizza comes, I'll go to the door and get it.

Rin: You'll go to the door naked?

Chizu: Sure she will. She did it all the time when I stayed at her apartment.

Asaoka: Yeah… A couple of times the delivery guy almost forgot to ask for the money to pay for the order.

General laughter as the scene fades to Mahoro, Suguru, Saori, Ryuga, Nekoto and Akiko sitting in the hot spring.

Saori: (Sigh) This is so nice. I wouldn't mind staying up here another week.

Ryuga: Yeah… Another week here would be absolutely perfect.

Mahoro: And at the end of that week you'd want to stay here another week.

Saori: Probably… but wouldn't you like to spend another week here with Suguru-kun?

Mahoro: Of course I would, but we need to get back to our jobs.

Saori: Don't remind me. I am not looking forward to facing students again… No offence Suguru-kun. I wish all of my classes were as well behaved as your class.

Suguru: No offence taken. Most of us know better than to mess around in class.

Saori: Well, if the rest of my classes don't start behaving better, they're going to learn their lesson the hard way. The third year classes are the worst.

Ryuga: I guess I'm lucky. I only have first and second year classes. Has the situation with your homeroom improved any, Mahoro-san? You haven't really talked about that at all.

Mahoro: I guess the best way you could describe the situation is as an uneasy truce. Most of the students in my homeroom aren't a problem… but Nakaimuki-san still insists on challenging my authority. I try to not let it bother me… but it still disrupts the class. (Sigh) But you're right. I wouldn't mind spending another week here.

Suguru: (After a long pause) Maybe we should think about getting out and getting inside. It's starting to get a little cool.

Saori: Anyone have any idea what time it is? (Mahoro opens her mouth to say something but Saori interrupts her) Approximately.

Mahoro: It's just a little after ten.

Saori: It's still early. What else to you want to do?

Mahoro: We could watch a video.

Saori: You've got to be kidding. I looked at the videos in the library upstairs. I can't think of one of them I would ever consider watching… even if I was completely drunk.

Suguru: According to my grandmother, my grandfather didn't have very good taste in movies. He liked bad science fiction monster movies.

Mahoro: And really bad porn movies.

Suguru: Yeah… and really bad porn movies.

Akiko: Porn movies?

Mahoro: Ecchi videos…

Saori: Movies with people having sex…

Akiko turns to look at Nekoto.

Akiko: Nekoto-chan and I were looking at the videos in the video library… and we found some videos that were on the shelf behind the other videos… and they were videos of people ahhh… men and women… doing… doing… perverted things with each other. We didn't understand a lot of what we saw… but we were too embarrassed to say anything about it.

Ryuga: Suguru-kun, it looks like Akiko-chan and Nekoto-chan found your grandfather's stash of porn movies.

Scene fades to show Hamaji, Minawa, Miyuki, Riku, Chizu, Kaito, Rin, Kiyomi and Asaoka sitting in a circle on the floor in the living room with two large pizzas on the floor in the center of the circle. There are balloons piled up to their shoulders behind them outside of the circle. Rin, Asaoka, Minawa and Chizu are naked and blowing up balloons in between taking bites from their slices of pizza.

Miyuki: The look on the deliveryman's face was absolutely priceless.

Riku: I thought he was going to have an attack of some kind.

Hamaji: You're lucky he didn't attack you.

Asaoka: (As she ties a knot in the stem of the balloon she has just inflated) Not a chance. I was more worried that he was going to pass out.

Asaoka takes another balloon from a bag of balloons next to her leg.

Hamaji: Don't we have enough balloons yet?

Asaoka: You know the deal… we'll stop blowing up balloons when you take off your clothes… (picking up the bag of balloons which only has a few balloons left in it) and you might consider hurrying. Once I finish this bag off, I'm going to open a fresh one and I don't plan on stopping until I empty that bag… or the next if necessary.

Miyuki: Same here Hamaji-kun. That's the deal. If you don't hurry up we could end up blowing up another five hundred balloons… or more.

Kiyomi: I don't think there's enough room in the living room for another five hundred balloons.

Chizu: (After she ties off the balloon she is blowing up) There's always the dining room and the kitchen and the rooms upstairs. (Takes another balloon from the bag and begins to blow it up)

Rin: (After finishing blowing up a balloon and tying it) Too late. This is the last balloon from my bag. I'm starting another one.

Rin reaches under the balloons that are piled up behind her and pulls out a full, unopened bag of balloons.

Hamaji: This isn't fair. Come on Mi-chan; tell them that you don't think it's fair that I have to take off my clothes.

Minawa: (Tying a balloon) Your right. I don't think it's fair.

Hamaji: See…

Minawa: I think all the guys should take off their clothes.

Rin: (Rips open a fresh bag of balloons and removes one from the bag) I wouldn't mind that at all.

Kiyomi: I'll take off my clothes as soon and Hamaji-kun takes of his clothes.

Miyuki: Rin-chan, could you give me another bag of balloons. I'm out.

Chizu: So am I.

Rin reaches behind her and pulls out two more bags. She leans forward and hand a bag to Chizu and Miyuki.

Rin: Anyone else need more?

Asaoka: Might as well give me another bag. I think I'll be out before he makes up his mind.

Minawa: Give me another bag too. I only have one left in my bag.

Hamaji: Mi-chan!

Riku: I'll blow up some too… if you don't mind.

Hamaji: I mind… I mind.

Kaito: Rin-chan, give me a bag too.

Kiyomi: I might as well blow some up too.

Hamaji: Kiyomi-kun… Mi-chan… Can't you understand? I don't want to take my clothes off. I'm embarrassed to take my clothes off… Please stop… Please!

Cut to Hamaji sitting up in the darkened living room at Suguru's house. There are a few balloons scattered around on the futons that are laid out on the floor. Rin (dressed in a night shirt is cuddled close to Kiyomi. Miyuki (wearing pajamas) is lying next to Riku. Chizu (wearing pajamas) is sleeping on Kaito's shoulder. Minawa (wearing pajamas) is to Hamaji's right. Asaoka is sleeping (wearing a nightshirt) to Minawa's right.

Minawa: (Sleepily) Hamaji… are you all right?

Hamaji: (Lying back down next to Minawa) I'm OK. It was just a very strange dream.

Minawa turns and rests her head on Hamaji's shoulder. She reaches out with her hand to embrace Hamaji. She kisses Hamaji on the cheek as the scene fades to black.

Cut to closing theme


Preview opens with Mahoro, Suguru and Nekoto sitting in the back row of a van. There is a pile of luggage and boxes behind them. Cut to show Saori and Ryuga in the seat ahead of Mahoro, Suguru and Nekoto then cut again to show Akiko and the drive in the seats ahead of them. Scene cuts to Mahoro, Suguru, Saori, Ryuga, Nekoto and Akiko exiting the van and begin to walk toward the front door of the house. Mahoro looks irritated. Cut to a very stunned looking Mahoro is buried in an avalanche of balloons.

[Voice Over]

Voice of Miyuki: I can't believe we actually got everything done in time.

Voice of Chizu: I knew we could do it. (Pause) Hey… there they are.

Voice of Rin: Mahoro-san doesn't look very happy..

Voice of Miyuki: No she doesn't. Why are they riding in a van? Weren't they supposed to ride home in a limo?

Voice of Rin: That's what I thought. Look at all that stuff in the back of the van.

Voice of Chizu: I think most of that is Sensei's liquor. That's probably why they're coming home in the van. It probably wouldn't fit in the limo

Voice of Rin: Look! They're here.

Voice of Chizu: Mahoro-san still looks really irritated.

Voice of Miyuki: Rin-chan, I think you over did it with the balloons.

Voice of Rin: You're probably right. I should have listened to Hamaji-kun.

Voice of Miyuki: Speaking of Hamaji-kun… Where is he?

Voice of Chizu He said that he had to run an errand. I haven't seen him since then.

Voice of Rin: He better hurry up or he's going to miss all of the excitement

Episode 56: An Unexpected Birthday Party