Chapter 2: Miroku POV

Author: Ject

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, I am only writing a fan fiction!

Miroku stared at the fire. It wasn't dark enough for it, so it wasn't crackling merrily quite yet. He scoffed. There would be nothing merry about this evening. He would be alone with InuYasha, which was the last thing he wanted.

He was dying, he had decided, dying inside because of InuYasha. Because of InuYasha's feelings toward Kagome, and hers toward InuYasha. Because of Sango's feelings toward him, and his new lack of feelings toward her. How they had come very close to being open about those feelings.

But now, Miroku didn't want to confess love for Sango, since he realized that he no longer did. He loved InuYasha, and it would break her heart.

FlashbackThree Weeks Before

Miroku walked through the forest. He was tired and sweaty and wanted to bathe before going to sleep. He had left the others at the fire, and had gone off to his own private bit of beach, a small alcove on the lake that he had found. When he got t the lake, to his beach, he paused. His jaw dropped. What was InuYasha doing here? By this part of the lake? And Miroku had thought that he had left InuYasha at the fire with the others. How had the hanyou gotten there before him? 'Never mind all that,' Miroku thought, 'he's still at the lake! Miroku had discovered this area. It was quiet and secluded. And above all, private. Or, he had thought it was. He wondered why the hanyou was here, and stepped closer to question him. But he stopped. Miroku rubbed his eyes. Was he seeing things?

InuYasha had taken off his robes and tossed them casually aside, along with the Tetsaiga. He strode into the water, a vision of perfection in Miroku's eyes. He was seeing all of the gorgeous hanyou, waist deep in water, his long hair flowing around his tightly muscled body.

Miroku had already had feelings of lust toward InuYasha, for months now, but he had never had feelings like this. Miroku stared at the hanyou, feeling his face turn crimson and feeling a shudder of need coarse through his body. The sight of InuYasha, gorgeous, and even more so under the moonlight, sent shivers down Miroku's spine. He stood silently, absorbed in watching the hanyou.

He was amazed at the grace and beauty InuYasha possessed, the utter confidence that he seemed to have about himself. He watched as InuYasha filled cupped hands with water to pour over himself. Miroku stared as the hanyou put his head back to soak his hair. Miroku, at this point, had been watching his friend for over ten minutes. He decided he couldn't take anymore, or he would make a fool of himself by making his presence known. He fled.

End Flashback

Miroku sighed. He was killing himself over the hanyou. His heart gave a lurch whenever he thought of him. For a week after their encounter, he avoided everyone. Finally, he had needed to escape, to be alone.

FlashbackTwo Weeks Before

He went to "his" beach by the lake. He stripped down, pulled his hair out of its customary ponytail, and knelt in the water, precicely where he had seen the object of his desire but a week before.

He wrapped his arms around himself, and began to silently weep. What was he going to do?

Inside, he felt broken and lost. Everything he had been feeling for Sango had been fading as his feelings for the hanyou had grown. And after he had seen InuYasha a week ago, naked, beautiful, the moonlight glistening in his hair, all of Miroku's feelings for Sango had floated away.

The water was cold. Miroku stood, and gazed at the stars. 'How infinite,' he thought, 'the stars are so lucky to be as infinite as they are. And they don't have these feelings and problems…' A sudden laugh and rustle of leaves made Miroku whip his head around. Someone had been there. But who? He quickly left the water and dressed. He waited a few minutes, and followed whoever had been there to the village.

End Flashback