Drucker's General Store, present day

"And so we dated for a while and then got married," Oliver concluded. "And that's the story." A loud honk of a nose sounded and he was incredibly surprised to find a crying Mr. Haney behind him.

"Mr. Haney, when did you get here," he asked incredulously.

"About the same time they did," he replied with a wave of his hand. Oliver, Lisa and Eb turned their attention from Mr. Drucker to the door, where they found about half the down gathered on the porch, all busy wiping tears away from their eyes.

"Olivah," Lisa whispered to her husband, "I thought you said the next time ve told a story, ve vere going to charge admissions."

The Douglas Farm, later that night

Lisa sat by her vanity applying various nightly creams to her arms as Oliver stood by the bed doing a couple of squats behind her.

"Olivah, vot do you suppose vas in that letter," she suddenly asked. Earlier they had both agreed it would be best not to open it, seeing as how that part of their lives was behind them, but Oliver knew sooner or later curiosity would get the best of his wife.

"Do you really wanna know, Lisa," he asked.

"Vell…." She thought about it for a second. "It certainly vould be interesting to know." Oliver laughed.

"Alright fine, but only if you're sure."

"I'm sure," she replied quickly, grabbing the letter from her vanity and walking over to her husband's side. He gently took it from her and opened it up quickly.

"It's an invitation," he told her incredulously.

"To vot," Lisa asked.

"To her marriage to the Duke something or other, I can't quite pronounce his name…" Lisa took the letter from him and scanned it quickly.

"Hey, I vas engaged to him before I met you," she cried out, sounded a bit offended. Oliver laughed at the incredible irony.

"So I ended up marrying his fiancée and you ended marrying hers," he asked with a laugh.

"I guess so," she said with a shrug, not able to help but chuckle a bit herself. Oliver took the invitation from her place it back into the envelope and put it aside.

"I wonder why on earth she would invite us. I can imagine she still hates us," he pondered.

"Maybe she's trying to make expends," Lisa offered.

"I think you mean amends, dear," he corrected with a laugh. She rolled her eyes.

"Same thing," she replied dismissively. They proceeded to help each other ready their sheets for bed when Lisa suddenly piped up again.

"Olivah, do you ever wonder vot vould have happened if I had gotten on that train?"

"Yes, I do," he replied quietly, not really liking to think about the scary possibility.

"Vhere do you think ve vould be today," she asked.

"Well, I would probably be living in some big chateau in Paris, and you would probably be married to some duke or king and living in Hungary," he guessed. Lisa nodded in agreement as they hopped into bed together.

"Do you ever regret the vay things turned out," she asked.

"Of course not," Oliver replied quickly. "Do you?"

"Not for a second," she answered sincerely. "Even if ve are living in a hovel in the middle of novhere." Oliver couldn't help but chuckle quietly.

"You made all my dreams come true, Lisa," he told her, "I don't think that would have happened if I had chosen anyone else."

"I feel the same," she replied with a loving smile. Oliver leaned in and gave her a tender kiss on the lips.

"Then I guess we were just meant to be," he told her before giving her one last kiss. Lisa smiled and nodded in agreement. Then the pair flicked off their lights on either side of their beds and settled down for the night, scooting in close to each other and taking the each other's hand.

"I love you Lisa," he said in the darkness, "and nothing will ever change that."

"I love you too, Olivah," he heard her reply. "I always will." He pulled her hand close to his lips and gave it a tender kiss before wishing her good night and closing his eyes. Lisa fell asleep right away, he realized as he heard her breathing even out. Oliver, however, stayed up for a bit longer, soaking in the peace of the moment and listening to the soft sounds of his farm outside. Oliver then sighed happily before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep, knowing perfectly well that that was where he truly was meant to be.


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