It always haunts me.

I have trouble sleeping at night now, but I know I have to. I force down more food into me too, wondering how much of it he gets.

It haunts me knowing that I can't do anything to save him.

I can't. You're not my soul. I can't come with you.

He told me that... So I have to get Al there somehow...

But how?

That's what haunts me. How little I can do with everyone breathing down my neck.

The Fuhrer, Wrath, is now threatening to kill Winry. Scar's out after me again, along with Ling now being Greed... It's too much for me to handle. It seems people keep forgetting that I'm only human.

That too haunted me, my limitations as a human. I'm pathetic I kept telling myself.

It never helped to think too long on subjects like that. I always ended up kicking myself and forcing some more food down my throat. He was too skinny when I saw him, skin and bones basically.

Yes, I must eat more... Just another bite, and maybe he won't look so bad anymore

It seemed that was the most I could do anymore...