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"Looks like the Pharaoh did it…" Lynn watched as a blinding light was appearing over the dark, ugly clouds. The three had stayed inside the Kaiba Corp. helicopter seeing as being around Tristan, Mokuba, and – especially – Tea would be greatly annoying. Ever more so since Tea would – so they agreed – lecture Valon about how wrong it was to do what he did, Alister and even Lynn.

"Yeah, looks like you were right mate." She turned her head as she locked eyes with sapphire ones.

"I'm going to go take a closer look!"

Valon shook his head, watching as Lynn ran outside. "Oi, Lynn! It's not entirely safe, mate!"

He took off after her, stopping by her side and gazing up at the small specks of lights that were now floating in the air. The sky was starting to clear as the Leviathan crashed into the sea, finally put to rest once and for all. He swallowed, searching desperately in hopes to find Mai and Raphael up there, floating until returning back to their bodies.

Lynn glanced sideways at the brunette, watching as he squinted his eyes – thinking that would help trying to spot the woman whom he loved. "Valon, I'm sure Mai is fine… along with Raphael and the rest of the souls whom were captured…"

"Thanks to my big brother of course." Mokuba grinned, looking at them from behind and rubbing his nose.

"Are you kidding? It was all thanks to Yugi." Tea didn't even glance down at the kid, her cerulean eyes on the floating island. "With the help of Joey… and a little from your brother."

"Seems like Alistar isn't the only one who hates Kaiba." Valon muttered to Lynn, glancing back towards the metal contraption, raising an eyebrow. "Speaking of Alistar, I wonder why he hasn't come out and joined us yet."

Lynn shrugged her hazel eyes on the helicopter as well. She was half tempted to go back in and ask the red head if he was alright.

"I was just telling my big brother something is all, Lynn. Don't worry, he's safe."

She blinked. "Valon, did you hear something?"

The Australian turned back to her, his other eyebrow raised in question. "You mean the three blokes behind us, mate?" She shook her head, glancing around. "Then what, mate? I didn't hear a thing, except them," he pointed back at the others, "talking about how great Yugi, Joey, and Kaiba… well, his little brother is the only one who seems be so cheery for his brother."

"Never mind, it was nothing." The teenager said, catching a glimpse of ruffled red hair suddenly vanish behind the helicopter. "Everything's a-OK now—"

The ground began to shake suddenly underneath them, before stopping abruptly at it had come.

"Look!" Tea said, pointing at the floating island – watching as a beam of darkness seemed to suddenly shoot down from the sky and seeming to engulf something or perhaps someone. "Now what?"

"Everyone, inside now." A gruff voice announced. Everyone's head turned only to discover Raphael leaning against the frame of the opening, Alister behind him with a grim look on his face. "Hurry up."

"Raph, you're alright, mate!"

As the rest of the gang made their way in, the blond looked at the younger biker – giving him a small smile. "Don't worry about Mai, Valon. I made sure she was placed in a safe place."

"You didn't have to do that, mate…"

"If he hadn't, you'd be holding a grudge."

"I would not, Alistar!"

Lynn bit her lower lip as she tried to contain her laughter yet in the process of doing so she earned the threes' gazes. "I'm sorry, but… it's just so amusing watching you two," she gestured to the spiky haired teen and the red head, "argue about things." More laughter escaped her mouth as Valon seemed slightly flustered by this statement while Alister simply frowned in response.

"This isn't funny, Lynn! It's not even the slightest bit amusing either!" Valon fumed watching the girl – try to – pull herself together. "'Just so amusing', you say… hmph." He crossed his arms over his chest and gave her a menacing glare. "Well I suppose I should just stay angry with you for not telling us you were from another world, right mate?"

"I'm sorry, Valon…"

"Wait, you didn't know she was from another world?" Raphael spoke up, a look of surprise coming onto his facial features.

"Of course she's from another—" the Australian paused, blinking once… twice… "What do you mean, 'you didn't know she was from another world'? What type of reaction do you give when you find out someone is from another planet? You get either surprised, horrified, or—wait a minute, are you saying you knew, Raph!?"

He nearly fell over – anime style – when the blond had given a small nod of the head. "Then how come you didn't tell us! Or just me, that would've been fine too, mate."

"I figured she would have told you."

Valon's eye began to twitch.

"Mast—I mean, Dartz was the one who told me. And I figured since you three seemed to be getting closer, she would have told you on her own." Another twitch came from the brunette.

"Am I the only one who didn't know about her being from another world?"

"I didn't know either, Valon. Remember? We both found out at the same time."

"You don't count."

Raphael and Lynn watched as Valon started to get heated up into an argument with the red head – who seemed greatly annoyed by this and even tired.

"So you didn't tell them."

She glanced up at the muscular man and nodded.

Before either of the two was able to say something, or ask, Valon suddenly grabbed the front of the girl's jacket and brought her up to his side, slinging an arm around her shoulders. "Lynn and I are better mates, then you and her."

Alister seemed unfazed. "What are you talking about? If I remember correctly, Valon, she wanted to be around me not you. Or did you get brain damage sometime between now and when you got beaten by Wheeler?"

"We talk more."

"She talks more to me."

"At least I'm nice to her."

"How did we get into this pointless argument?"

"It's not pointless!"

"Actually, it is." Raphael intercepted, thankfully. "And how did this turn into 'who's the better friend with Lynn'?"

"Mokuba, start the engines!" A voice broke through, causing everyone to look out the window only to see Kaiba running out of the temple, with Joey following close behind – panting for breath and seeming to be getting tired.

"What's the matter, Wheeler? Out of shape?" Valon shouted, throwing his head back and letting out a laugh as Joey became furious and was starting to shout at the Australian about how much he was going to regret saying that. He even picked up speed and was now running side by side with Kaiba – who didn't look at all grateful.

"We can't leave without Yugi!" Tea wailed, as the two entered the helicopter – Joey being blocked by Raphael from clobbering the brunette, who seemed to be laughing even harder.

"Wait, Yugi's behind us though." Joey and Kaiba glanced back at the temple, only to be proven wrong.

"We're running out of time." Mokuba said, as his brother agreed with him.

"I'll go get him!"

"Joey, no!" Tristan lunged after him, holding Joey by the back of his collar and trying to keep him from escaping. "I'm sure Yugi found another way out."

"I'm not leaving without my little buddy!"

"A little help here, please!" Tristan shouted as Joey continued to struggle against his grip, almost knocking him over and succeeding in freeing himself from his grip – until Valon placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Look, Wheeler, he'll obviously be OK. After all," he turned his attention towards Lynn, "if there's one thing I learned from a certain girl, it's that the Pharaoh always makes it through in the end – no matter how tough the situation."

Joey clenched his fists, before being dragged into the helicopter by the Australian and his best friend.


"I told you didn't I, Wheeler?" Valon said, holding his head high and grinning madly at the blond, as the group had now landed safely on a helicopter pad atop of Kaiba Corp. "I told you that he would be fine and find a way out."

No answer was given by the blond.

"I'm just glad all of that is over." Tea smiled and glanced down at Yugi, who smiled back and nodded. "Now everything can go back to normal, or partly normal."

The shorter teen nodded once more, agreeing with her before turning his attention back to everyone else.

"At least no one will ever get their soul stolen ever again." Tristan exclaimed smiling and stretching his hands up towards the sky. "No creepy magic, no souls being used to revive some giant, evil creature, no freaky bikers after us… everything seems fine now."

"Um… the last part, you shouldn't have said…"

"What? The 'everything seems fine now'?"

Lynn shook her head and pointed over at the three bikers. "Nope, I mean the part about the so called 'freaky bikers'." At this his mouth formed a silent 'o' before smiling sheepishly at the three – mostly Valon who seemed to be the one over reacting.

"Hey, now that everything is over…" Tea mused, glancing at the young girl and gazing at her with a serious expression, "shouldn't you go back to wherever it is you came from?"

"I'm not really sure… I could just disappear at any moment and go back, but besides that I'm not sure how to get home." She glanced down at her feet, thinking everything over carefully about how she had suddenly been watching Yu-Gi-Oh! to being part of it.

She looked up, however, when she felt someone's arm around her shoulders.

"Does it really matter if she has to go back or not?" Valon raised an eyebrow yet his gaze seemed to make Tea shiver. "Besides," he grinned lightly as Tea seemed to be watching him – waiting to hear what it was he was going to say, "shouldn't you be more concerned about a certain someone who might not be with you anymore?"

This time Tea was the one who glanced down at the ground.

"So what are you four going to do now?" Mokuba asked, as Kaiba simply crossed his arms and seemed uninterested with the whole conversation.

"Lynn wants to explore here in Domino." Alister answered, gaining a few gazes from the group.

Mokuba only smiled. "Maybe I could be your guide!"

"Mokuba." Kaiba's tone was one of warning, causing Mokuba to slump and give a defeated sigh. "If you all excuse me, I have a company I need to run. Come on, Mokuba." He turned and began walking his way towards the elevator, as his younger brother gave a wave at the group before following after.

Yugi gave a small chuckle – although it sorta sounded like a giggle – and turned his attention back to the three bikers and the teenager who was with them. "You guys take care, alright?"

Raphael gave a small nod, smiling kindly at that King of Games, "You too."

"Hey Valon, where's Mai?" Joey seemed to lose most of his grudge against the Australian as he looked at him, wondering where the woman of his dreams was.

It was Raphael who had answered, seeing as he moved Mai to a different location and guessed that if she had woken up, she most likely was gone by now. Both Valon and Joey seemed slightly unsettled knowing this, but gradually calmed down and knew that she was alright.

After a few more of exchanging words and exiting the building was it then that they said farewell.

"I can't believe that it's really over…" Lynn stated, watching as Yugi and the gang turned a corner and went on their way. She turned to look at the three bikers, who simply stared at her in return. "Aren't you guys sort of disappointed that everything's over?" The girl asked, watching as Valon's mouth dropped open a bit and Raphael blinked once – Alister remained his aloof self, but with a hint of annoyance.

"Lynn, mate, would you prefer 'at Dartz was taking over the word right now?" Valon asked, while a small laugh came from her.

"No, no! I just meant that… never mind."

Valon didn't seem like he was about to let this drop. "What?"

"I said never mind, it's no big deal."

"I want ta know!"

"It's not important, Valon!"

Raphael intervened, seeing as this situation would never cease to exist until done so. "Now, then now that this is settled…" Valon crossed his arms and kept the pout from his face, having to be defeated and not knowing what it was that she was meaning – while Lynn gave a tiny smile. "We need to figure out what we're going to do."

"What do you mean, Raph?"

"I mean," the blond paused for a slight second, "we need to figure out what we're planning on doing."

"We promised Lynn 'at we'd take her sight seeing."

"Valon, that's not what he meant." Alister finally said.

"Wait, you mean—"

"We'll discuss this later tonight at a hotel, then." Raphael, again, intervened. "After all we should let Miss. River here have a bit of sight seeing of this place." He turned his gaze from his two, long-time friends and at the teenager. "Where would you like to go first?" He asked giving a kind smile.

"Well, visiting the museum would be fun… I want to see the tablet with the Pharaoh and Kaiba's lookalike." At this, Alister almost rolled his eyes, but quickly regained himself. "I also want to say 'hi' to Rex because he was actually nice to me during that very short time when he and Weevil were soon to become a… you know." She dared not say it; something in her gut told her it was wise not to say anything about Dartz or the Orichalcos. "And I did want to visit Kaiba Corp. and that game shop Yugi's grandfather owns."

"We just came out of Kaiba Corp." Alister pointed out, obviously disliking the idea of seeing or visiting anyplace that involved the snob CEO. Even though he knew it wasn't Kaiba's stepfather's fault for what happened to Miruko, he still held a great dislike towards the billionaire.

"I think she meant a tour of the place, Alistar."

"T-That's OK! We were in the building, so that's off the to do list!" Lynn assured, as the red head glared at the brunette in pure malice. "Umm, I think that's everything I want to do… oh! Maybe visit a few shops and get a few souvenirs?"

Raphael gave a nod and agreed that they would try to finish all of those, but had a feeling that they wouldn't get around to finishing all of them. He glanced at Valon and Alister, only to see the brunette making gestures that he wanted to fight the red head – whom was completely ignoring him now yet gave a few, 'You're so immature', or 'Knock if off'.


The Australian glanced at him, wondering what was up.

"Why don't you show us the way to the museum?"

He grinned and began acting like the leader, walking ahead of them to show them the way to their destination. A few times he had to stop them and say, 'Wait here' before going off and asking precise directions to where the exhibit was. After all, he hadn't been around long enough to knew where everything was and he needed a bit of help knowing where to go from here to there.

Raphael would chuckle and shake his head whenever he did this, as would Lynn – only she giggled and tried to hide it as soon as he came back. Their silent friend hung more in the back, finding this ridiculous and wishing with all his might that this little 'adventure' would come to a quick end.

"Alister, are you alright?"

The red head glanced down to his side, noticing that Lynn had lingered back bit by bit to walk beside him. Now he was wishing she would go back and talk with Valon.


"Are you positive about that? You seem more," Gray eyes narrowed down at her, "um, aloof then usual."

Waiting, she found that he wasn't going to answer that. Or commented about it either, which she figured was best. How strange, she thought to herself as she tried to keep up with him and watched his face remain impassive of all emotions, even though he hates Kaiba, he sure does act like him here and there. Yet… she watched as Alister opened his mouth and started saying something – most likely to Raphael. He seems so much more…

"Oi, Lynn! We're 'ere mate!" Valon shouted as he turned around, only to find the two way behind them. He snickered and decided that saying this statement would be worth it, "Were you two planning on making out?"

Lynn waited to feel extremely embarrassed, to feel the heat rise up to her face – only to find that none of that was happening. She heard a scowl from Alister as he started to open his mouth and say something cold to the Australian, but she wasn't paying attention. It was truly odd that she found herself pretty much calm, but confusion was greeting her. Why aren't I blubbering like some idiot? I don't understand, Valon's done this plenty of times before! So why now, why am I fine with that?

'… I like you too…'

She turned her hazel eyes up to Alister, who was glaring at the brunette. Is that it? Is it because I know that he likes me too? … oh wait, no, it isn't. He never told me what type of 'like' it was!

"That's because you never explained to him what you meant either." Miruko's voice sounded, but when she glanced around she couldn't find him.

"Both of you break it up. You're causing a scene." Raphael informed, noticing the questioning gazes they were receiving from a few pedestrians. A few had looks of disgust and seemed to be looking down at them, while others whispered to one another that it must be a love quarrel with that teen girl standing by the shading looking character.

Now heat rose to Lynn's face slowly.

"You are going to have to tell him soon, Lynn." Miruko's voice sounded again, "Because you will be sent back soon."

Lynn felt her heart fall down to her stomach.

How time flew by…


After visiting the exhibit, the game shop that belonged to Yugi's grandfather, and a few stores, Valon was musing over which place to visit next.

When Raphael was able to get the two to stop, so people stopped looking at them, they entered the gigantic building and took their time as they scanned over the old items within the glasses. Valon, at first, read aloud the description of how the item was found and how old it was until Alister told him he was doing a lousy job. It was then Lynn's duty to read them – though she was a poor choice since she wasn't able to safe half of the words that were Egyptian. Therefore the job finally went to Raphael – Alister commenting that there was no way he was going to do it – and did an excellent job too.

Lynn, however, wasn't paying too much attention to a few artifacts that they would be gazing at. Her mind was focusing on what she heard Miruko had told her, so she believed it was him. Then again if he had said something she would have seen him. Why would this time be any different? The hazel eyed girl had given a few sighs at times, but made sure that the three weren't paying attention to her, especially Valon. No matter what, he would have kept insisting on why she was sighing so much if he had caught her.

"I 'ave no clue where we should go next, mates." Valon's voice broke through the girl's train of thought – causing her to focus her attention on him. "We could get somethin' ta eat, but…"

"Let's go find a hotel and order something from there." Raphael spoke next. "After all we have a few topics that need to be discussed."

Lynn traveled her gaze to Valon, who seemed to agree – if only a little – at the idea before turning to glance at Alister, whom gave off the 'I don't care' aurora. She couldn't help except let a small smile creep up on her face as she followed after them, slowly letting it fall as Miruko's words came back to her.

"Cheer up, Lynn!"

She paused in step – scanning the area with her eyes, yet was unsuccessful in finding the child.

"I know it may be hard leaving, but…" the voice trailed off, most likely deciding what to say about the situation. "No matter what, we'll always be your friends!" A small laugh came after that, echoing off the buildings. "Who knows? You maybe you'll be able to come back one day and stay for good!"

I highly doubt that, Miruko.Lynn thought, not daring saying anything aloud incase Alister, Valon, or Raphael heard her. But I wish it was true…

"Yeah, I agree!" A girl's voice sounded next.

This was quickly followed by a, "Me too!" but this time it was another boy's voice.

If only it was true, guys.

"Oi, Lynn! What's the hold up, mate?"

She lifted her head to find Valon, along with Alister and Raphael, staring at her. It was then that she realized she had stopped following after them and stood there, a ways back, thinking over and hearing what Miruko, Sonia, and Julian talking to her. The Australian raised an eyebrow and tilted his head to the side, waiting for an answer. In the meantime, Raphael's eyebrows furrowed in confusion, while a bit of worry was etched into his eyes. Alister remained his usual self, simply watching her with those cool, gray eyes of his.

"Earth ta Lynn! Can you 'ear me or what?" He waited once again before saying, "Have you gone deaf?!"

"Sorry Valon," Lynn called as she quickly ran over towards the three. "I was too busy in my own little world!" She said slowly, stopping in front of the spiky haired brunette and giving him a reassuring smile. "I won't do it again, I promise."

"That's what you said last time." Alister pointed out.

"I did?"

"Yeah, 'at's right! You did say 'at last time!"

"Really, I don't remember saying anything like that before…"

Valon gave her a skeptical look. "Trust me, you did."

"I don't recall that."

"You did," the red head said through gritted teeth.

"Sorry, sorry…"

Raphael gave a sigh and shook his head. "Let's just get a room, alright? We can save this for later."

They agreed.


Lynn felt more then uncomfortable – she felt extremely uncomfortable. Instead of getting four rooms with single beds, they had tried about seeing getting one room with four beds. That hadn't worked to their dismay; therefore the clerk had offered to give them two rooms with two bedrooms.

And, oh, how she wanted to clobber Valon.

He had called dibs that he would be roommates with Raphael because of the fact that he couldn't get along with Alister and most likely one of the two would end up dead in the morning. The reason he gave for not wanting to be roommates with her was the fact that she was a girl. And since both of them were, so called, 'immature' he thought best that they shouldn't be left alone together.

She had pointed out that he was in love with Mai.

At this he gave a sheepish grin before saying that she and Alister would be buddies for the night. The 'joy' on Alister's face showed how much he 'liked' the idea of stuck with Lynn for a night.

Dinner, however, was completely lovely. Minus the part where Valon had accidently put ice cream, which he believed it to be sour cream, on his baked potato. He quickly spat the munched up food onto the floor and gurgled water in his mouth before spitting that out as well. He was then informed by the blond that he was going to be the one cleaning up the mess he caused.

It was still a mystery on why the white substance was ice cream and not sour cream.

Perhaps the boy who had delivered the food was new.

After that outburst, they – mostly the three bikers – talked over what they should and would do. Not before kicking Lynn out to return to the room she was given.

Now she found herself seated in front of the television set, waiting patiently for Alister to enter the small compartment.

This won't be awkward at all…? She blinked a few times before changing the channel to a different station. Who am I kidding? Of course this will be awkward! I told Alister that I liked him on that helicopter!! And Valon might say something to him that will make him feel even more awkward!!! … He does feel awkward about this stuff, right?

Alister never showed much emotion, besides his anger issue. But that was it; he was always calm half the time with a hint of annoyance within the depth of his eyes as well. And whenever someone got him angry, he'd snap at them – well, that was if it made him really, really, really angry. But that was it, except for a few rare times when he allowed a smile to appear on his face…

She didn't hear the door open and shut.

Nor did she hear the approaching footsteps.

"Stupid Valon, knowing this will be awkward." Lynn muttered under her breath, but knew she couldn't really hate the Australian. He was her closest friend, one of them anyway. And he was the first to actually be niceto her when they had decided on kidnapping her. Yet she wanted to ride with Alister that time… when they were going to fall out of the plane. Ever since then she had wanted to stick by the red head because he reminded her of Kaiba… her most favorite character. But as she slowly got closer to knowing him, her feelings went straight from Kaiba to him. And they grew more and more intense as she kept getting closer to him.

"I actually love him…" She breathed softly, a small blush creeping on her face.

"What are you muttering about?"

Lynn jumped and stumbled off the couch, shooting up and turning her body around to find Alister standing behind the spot where she had been seated just a second ago. He, in return, raised a perfect red eyebrow and waited for an answer.


"I-I was just saying how…"

He placed a hand on his hip and waited.


"Spit it out."

"How that guy on the TV looks funny!"

Alister's gray orbs moved from her to the TV then back to her. "It's a cartoon for kids, what did you expect?"

It was Lynn's turn to glance at the TV. "…" She turned back around to face him.

Everything seemed to grow still, the noise of the cartoon being blocked out even and everything else in the room seemed to vanish into thin air. Or it did for the teenage girl that is, who knew if the same went for Alister.

"Come on, Lynn, now's your chance!"

Good Miruko, no matter what I can at least hear him… Lynn smiled as everything came back to the room. Wait, did Miruko make that happen or was it my imagination?

"I'm going to—"

"Alister, I have a question for you."

He looked slightly annoyed, but remained still.

She took it as a sign to continue. "Back on the Kaiba Corp. helicopter… you said that… well, you know." She watched as he remained still, not saying a word. "That you liked me too. Did you mean as in… you know… a like friend type deal?"

"What else would you think I meant?"

"In a 'like you like you' way,"

"You're not my best friend."

Hazel eyes stared at the man in the trench coat in disbelief. "No… no, not like that,"

Alister, again, raised an eyebrow.

"I mean, like… you know… 'like like'." She tried a different strategy this time. Hoping, praying that he would get the hint instead of her having to say it aloud. And most likely regret it if Valon came rushing in through the door and saying, 'I knew it!'.

"Either say it or I'm going to bed."

"I mean as in love."

He stared at her, as if she must have been insane – heat rushing forth to her cheeks as she blushed hard. Thankfully Valon hasn't barged in yet, singing 'Kiss the Girl'. Oh gosh, he hasn't ever seen that movie has he? I don't want him getting any ideas…

"I meant as in friendship. How did, 'I like you too' be—" he stopped as if he was suddenly slapped in the face. "Wait, when you said you liked me, you meant it in… that way?"

No answer came from her.

"You don't even know me."

She finally found her voice, "Yes I do! In a way! Besides, we've hung out together for the most part… and you've made sure I've stayed safe… except during the time when you were in your second duel with Kaiba, you weren't really caring if the plane crashed and killed us all, but you know your head was being messed up with the stone and the card."

Gray eyes were narrowed dangerously at her.

"But you're a really good person. And even though you act cold and mean, you really aren't. Not if you let people in. Besides what's the harm in having a relationship?" Lynn asked, although she wasn't sure where this was coming from. "You…"

"What?" He growled, obviously wanting her to finish.

"You just deserve to be happy, OK? Miruko wants you to be happy, so do I and so does Raphael and Valon. Now I'm not saying you have to date me because I… I'm just saying you should let people in and have a good, nice life." She felt more heat rush to her face, knowing this was a very strange discussion and how it must be even more so for him.

Alister remained still, as did she. He barely even blinked – which she found herself doing a lot since their gazes where locked, but she couldn't find the will power to turn away.

"Miruko told me I better not hurt your feelings."

Again, she blinked. "What…?"

"I saw him back in the helicopter. When you and Valon were outside and the souls had all been freed, I saw him. He told me a few things and how he didn't want me to hurt your feelings."

Lynn swore she heard a small laugh from a child within the room, but it was faint and distant.

"Oh…" was the only thing she found herself able to say. What else could she possible say to that?

"I am older than you."

"…" Lynn raised an eyebrow this time, wondering what he was getting at.

"And I'm not the type to be romantic."

"You don't have to be." She finally understood where he was going with this. "I never said I wanted you to be. If I wanted that, do you think I would have fallen in love with you?"

"I'm not perfect."

"And you think I am? Like the saying goes, Alister, no one's perfect. Everyone in the world has their flaws."

They stared at each other and Lynn wondered he was going to go back on this and decide against the whole idea. It did seem impossible, especially if she was sent back tomorrow to her own home... then Alister really would have a reason to hate her guts if, when she got back.


Lynn's eyes widen as he said that one word to confirm it.

"We'll try." He glanced off towards the side, most likely regretting this decision – but other then that he remained still.

Outside the door came a muffled, "FINALLY!"

"So, we're…" Lynn began and watched as Alister gave a sharp nod. "I have to warn you, Alister… you're my first boyfriend."

"Oh goodie," it was sarcasm, but she was surprised to see a small genuine smile there on his face, showing that he really didn't mind the fact. Then again it might have just been her imagination since she was just so happy that she was actually his girlfriend.

"So is it alright if I say, 'I love you'?"

Instead of getting a reply he walked back towards the small hall and into a room.

"Hey!" She followed – quickly – after him, only to find him sitting against the board of the bed, feet stretched out with his shoes off and along with his trench coat, but other then that he was in his outfit – thank goodness. "How come you walked away and didn't answer?"

"Valon's still squatting by the door. Do you really want him to hear you say that to me and get interrupted by a 'Now have some fun'? I'd rather not." He closed his eyes.

"Oh, that makes perfect sense."

"It better,"

Silence, then a…

"So what's the answer?"

He was quiet at first, contemplating over what the answer should be.

"Doesn't matter," he finally answered, eyes still closed.

Lynn giggled and took a few steps forward until her knees hit the soft mattress and sheets of the bed. "Hey Alister I have something to tell you."

The red head knew he should have seen it coming – the launch and the cuddling she was doing to him, but he had a feeling she was just overwhelmed by the fact he was her first boyfriend. Even though he did snap his eyes open and told her, seriously, to stop it only to find her smiling up at him.

"Don't you want to know what I have to say?"

He waited for her to say it, just to get the hugging over with.

"I love you." Lynn blushed, smiling a tiny bit as he continued to look down at her.

Alister leaned his face close to hers and gave a quick, peck on the lips – where she suddenly turned even redder then he thought was possible.

"I love you too."

The End.

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Welcome Home! ... Maybe Not(Title May Change): Lynn is finally sent back to her home world where she truly belongs. One problem - Alister, Valon, and Raphael have been sent back with her. Now she must find a way to send the three back while teaching them the way her society works and doing her best to keep them out of trouble. However things are harder as they appear - what with dealing with high school, family, and even her friends who got her a date with the guy whom she's been crushing on for years. And how will Alister take that? Pairing: Alister/OC (Lynn)

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