"The city night seemed still and peaceful as a slight breeze went through the street, but indeed it wasn't. Something just happened in the city, and someone was just hurt because of it, because of me..." A slight beeping of a heart machine is heard, and a hospital bed lay in the middle of a badly lit room. The green changeling Beast boy lay amongst the teen titan's hospital bed sheets. To the side sits a sad figure, of a caped girl, in the dark. A hand reaches out into the light to grab Beast boy's motionless hand. "...I'm sorry." the figure says.


ok I know...it's already over! Yup but that's good cause waiting is healthy for u...lol. Ok so you can all probably tell who the dark figure is...but I'm not saying her name for a reason. And ill explain in the later chapters how bb got there...and if raven even really did hurt him or if it was someone else...you'll see.