Day 8

Raven only got about 3 hours of sleep the night before. She was always two afraid that if she did fall asleep, Beastboy wouldn't be there alive in the morning. Beastboy's heart had gone from normal to almost not all a couple of times that night, and when ever it was to slow Raven got really scared. She would hold on to his hand and squeeze it. She would tell him he couldn't die because she didn't get to say sorry yet, and that she didn't know what the team could do with out him. She had been very concerned for Beastboy, and that is why she didn't really act like her normal self. Her best friend life was on the line. At one point that night the heart monitor did get very slow and stop for a couple of seconds. Raven about died. At that moment she didn't care how she acted or even if any one saw her. She thought Beastboy was dead! Raven stood up from her chair and placed one hand on his chest and the other held his hand titer.

"NO!...Beastboy don't…this isn't the time to mess around with me! …You can't die. I can't let you die…not now. Not after everything you have done for me… You're my best Friend Beastboy!" she had said with tears in her eyes. The heart monitor started beeping slowly again and Raven stared at it, tears coming down her face, relived that he came back. She sighed and placed her head on his chest and sat back down. She listened to the faint heart beat and tried to heal him, but something was still blocking her powers form doing so. She had fallen asleep, with her head on his chest and was startled awake when Cyborg came in at 9:00. Raven lifted her head off BB, but still held his hand, and looked at Cyborg.

"Was he ok during the night?" Cyborg asked Raven.

"No. his heart was very slow and even stopped once." Raven said as monotone as she could sound.

"IT STOPPED!" Cyborg said surprised. Raven nodded as tears started to well up in her eyes. She put on her hood to block her tears from Cyborg. Cyborg went over to the monitors by BB and started to look at how he could try to help BB. Raven watched him, hopeful he could find out what was wrong soon. She didn't know what she would do if the monitor stopped again. Raven then looked back down at BB. He was very pale and his hand that she held was hot to the touch, even threw his glove! She closed her eyes.

"All of this is my fault…if I would have paid more attention…none of this would have ever happened." Raven said disappointed in herself. Cyborg stopped looking at the monitors and turned and looked at her.

"What!?! You think this is all your fault?...Raven… none of this could be helped. You never knew he would try and block that disk for you." Cyborg said as he came over and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't keep beaten' your self up for all of this." Cyborg said to Raven as she looked up at him sadly. Cyborg smiled at her and went back to the monitors to type in stuff on the computers. Raven looked at him suspiciously as he went huh to himself.

"What is it?" Raven asked holding on to BB's hand a little titer.

"Well the computer can't find the cause of what is wrong with him, except that he is experiencing flu." Cyborg said rubbing his head.

"I'm sorry to say Cyborg…" she looked down at BB.

"But he doesn't have a flew…he got his with an electric disk and my powers. That is no flu!" Raven finished saying.

"I know but that's all the computer can come up with. I guess ill take more blood and examine it myself this time." Cyborg said as he came over to bb and drew some blood. Raven wondered why he didn't just do that in the first place…instead of trust BB's life in the hands of a stinking computer! Just as Cyborg sat down and started examining his blood sample Robin came in followed by Starfire.

"Report" Robin said as he entered the room and walked over to Cyborg.

"Well…BB isn't doing well. Raven said his heart beat was low all night and even stopped. He back no obviously but the computer can't find anything wrong with him, except that he has the flu. So I'm doing some blood checking my self." Cyborg told Robin.

"And u didn't do this before the computers because?" Robin said annoyed that he put BB's life on the line.

"Well the computer can do a better job of finding thing than I can." Cyborg said.

"O I do hope friend Beastboy gets better!" Starfire said as she walked over to him and looked down at him.

"He will Starfire… he will." Raven told Starfire almost not sure of her own words.

"Well I can't just stand around here and feel helpless… chat do u need me to do Cyborg?" Robin said to CY.

"Go back threw the computer reports and try to find anything that doesn't look like it's correct." Cyborg said to Robin. Robin nodded and went over to the computers and started scanning them.

Starfire looked up at Raven who was staring ant Beastboy's closed eyes and holding his hand.

"Friend Raven…are u ok?" Star asked Raven. Raven slowly looked away from Beastboy to Starfire and responded.

"I'm fine Starfire."

"I am most sorry to say...friend... that you do not look ok. You look sad for your loved one is hurt. And to tell u the truth I have not seen u like this since the heart breaking of malchior." Starfire said to Raven. Raven screamed in her head but comely respond to Starfire.

"He is just my best Friend star, and yes I am sad because this is my Friend who is hurt."

"O… I am truly sorry Raven. I guess I mixed up the feeling of sorrow for a loved one with sorrow of a friend." Star said. It went silent between star and raven for a moment before star said something.

"Have you had the Breakfast yet?...shall I go and get u some of the cakes of the pan that Robin made for us this morning?" when star said that robin had a flash back of what BB had made her the morning before for breakfast.

There were three pancakes stacked on top of each other, topped with two butter cubes and maple syrup. She also had orange slices, scrambled eggs, and bacon on a side plate. Her mug was filled to the brim with BB's awesome tea, and there again laid an envelope, right next to a black rose. She had looked at the envelope with fear of opening it, and even turned to walk away from it but she was also too curious as to what it said. She had cautiously picked it up and tore the envelope to open it, and she had pulled out the note inside. She shut her eyes before she read it, and the emotions in her head were going crazy telling her what she should or shouldn't do.

"Shut up!" she had said out loud to her emotions. The emotions seemed to listen and she opened her eyes and looked at the note. The note was decorated with little black roses and little black ravens on a blue colored paper. Finally the note had said something different then what it had normally said.

'I'm sorry for making everything so hard for you. I do love you but I understand if you don't…and I hope we can still be friends. Enjoy your awesome breakfast that I made. -'

Raven was lost in the memory until Starfire voice interrupted it.

"Friend Raven? Why do u not answer me?"

"Huh…o sorry Starfire…no I didn't have breakfast, but I'm not hungry right now." Raven said. She truly was hungry but didn't want to eat in a time like this.

"O…well would you like some of the tea instead?" Starfire asked. Raven was about to say no, but decided she couldn't say no to liquid. She nodded yes to Starfire and star got up and left the room to get some for her.

When Starfire got back and handed the mug of tea to raven, Robin yelled out a new discovery.

"Cyborg I found something… right here." He said pointing at the huge computer screen in the med room. Cyborg stood up and looked at the monitor.

"It's a spike in the sequence." Robin said. Raven, for once in the last 13 hours, let go of BB's hand and got up to go see what was wrong. All 5 of them stood looking at the screen.

"Your right Robin. I can't believe I missed it." Cyborg said taking the computer away from Robin. He enlarged that part of the sequence 100x and studied it. He then typed in a code that would make it so the computer compared that sequence to every and any sickness and disease in the world. The computer raced threw every sequence while every one waited for the results. Raven hoped it would come up with a match so that BB could get better. After 3 agonizing minutes, that seemed to raven like 3 hours! They got the result. They all looked at the screen disappointed.

"No match." Cyborg said sadly looking down at the computer table.

"Which means it could take days to find out what it is.." Robin said sadly.

"He doesn't have a couple of Days! We have to try and find the cure fast!" Raven said sad but angry at the same time.

"We are going to try our hardest Raven. Every minute we have, and we aren't fighting we will be in her trying to help Beastboy out." Robin said.

"Well figure it out Raven…don't worry." Cyborg said. Raven looked down at the ground and nodded. She went back and sat down next to bb while robin and Cyborg went back to work. Starfire watched the boys work, and only spoke when she had something helpful to say.

Almost all of that day was spent doing research and nobody left unless they needed to go to the bathroom. Starfire had fetched lunch and dinner for those who wanted to eat. Raven only ate lunch but didn't feel like eating dinner. Cyborg now found something more out about this new substance.

"Ok I kinda know what this stuff does…but its bad news for us." Cyborg said. Raven looked up from were she sat holding Beastboy's hand again, and the other two perked up to listen about the info.

"What is it?" Robin asked.

"The substance in Beastboy's body messes with the Sakutia virus. You know how BB's parents used that cure on BB to make it so he wouldn't die? Well this substance in his body is breaking down that cure. Unfortunally, we can't try to help him, because if we do…… we might help this new substance kill all the 'cure' cells and make it so the Sakutia virus could finally……kill him." Cyborg said saddened. Everyone else saddened to.

"Now all we can do… is hope that BB can fight off the disease by himself." Cyborg said.

The alarm went off, sounding that a bad guy was in the town.

Robin looked over to Raven who looked back at him with a face that said, you wouldn't dare leave him hear alone.

"Raven you stay here and make sure BB stays alive. The rest of you…come on." Robin said as Starfire and Cyborg followed him out.

It had been a half hour since the titans left, when BB started to sweat badly. Raven couldn't tell what was happening but BB's sweat was black! She didn't understand. She panicked and got a rag and water and started to clean off the black sweat. She knew that it couldn't be good. She cleaned his face and took off his uniform down to his waist to clean to. She didn't think anything of his awesome abs…she was to busy making sure he would be alright. He finally stopped sweating black after 5 minutes. Raven finished cleaning him up and put back on his suit. She would put on a new one but…he was a guy… and she was a girl. She thought it to be a bad idea. She took the rags and placed them on one of the med counters when she heard the heart monitor start going up. She went back to BB and realised that BB's heart rate went up a tad. It was so normal sounding to her compared to what it was just a few second ago. She sat down next to him and watched his eyes like they were going to open any moment. And when they didn't she looked down.

"Beastboy… I really do hope you get better. I don't know what I would do with out your annoying little jokes or annoying childish voice. If you were to go… there would be no one to try and cheer me up all the time. And that could be a bad thing… I never really thought of this, but you are a big part of our team, and without you it would be a lot harder to take down our villains." Raven said taking his hand yet again. She waited in silence like he was going to respond. She was also thinking to herself about something, and dint notice that his heart rate went to normal.

"Without you… I would be…a nobody. I'm sorry I hurt you Beastboy…I'm really sorry." Raven said looking down at his hand that she was holding, tears ran down her face.

"Don't be it wasn't your fault I got hurt." Beastboy said as Raven looked up rather quickly and looked at him dazed.

"Beastboy?" raven asked quizzically. Beastboy smiled at her. He was lying down but his med bed was slanted up ward so it almost looked like he was sitting up. Raven jumped up and hugged Beastboy, even though she knew it wasn't like her. Beastboy almost died so she thought this hug could slip. Beastboy, though taken back from Raven actually hugging him, sorely hugged her back as tight as his sore arms could let him. Still hugging him she said.

"I'm so sorry Beastboy."

"Like I said…it wasn't your fault. Your powers barley had an effect on me. It was the electric disk that packed the punch." Beastboy said, Raven pulled away from him and looked at him relived to know he was alive, but thought there was something still wrong with him. Bb could sense her fear.

"What's wrong? Every thing is ok now Rae." Beastboy said quizzically.

"Or maybe not. Cyborg and Robin found something in your blood that is destroying your 'cure' cells to the Sakutia disease." Raven said looking down at the ground.

"What?!?" Beastboy yelled then started thinking.

"Wait so that's what Slade was talking about!" Beastboy said. Raven looked at him confused.

"Slade told me that he did something to me, so that every time I was near you I would get ill, and that's exactly what was happening before I got hit! But now it's gone, because I'm here with you and nothing is happening to make me ill. I must be better Raven!" BB told Raven as Rae looked at him with relief. An awkward silence came between them. Beastboy was about to say something, but the titans came in.

"YAY FRIEND BEASTBOY HAS AWAKENED!!!" Starfire screamed as she ran over and squeezed BB. BB thought his head was going to pop off.

"Whoa whoa easy star, he just got up." Robin said as both he and Cyborg came over to BB's bed.

"I'm glad you made it B!" Cyborg said as he playfully punched BB in the arm.

"Heh it's good to be back Dude!" Beastboy told Cyborg.

Cyborg did some final tests to make sure BB was ok and let him get out of bed. Starfire decided to go throw together a party for Beastboy's getting better, and Robin decided to join her. Raven walked out of the room before anything could be said, and Bb noticed this.

"Ty cy, tell the others I'll be down in a sec… I think Im going to go change real quick." Cyborg nodded and BB left. Raven was already on her floor when BB cought up with her.

"Hey Rae wait up!" BB yelled out. Raven stopped and pulled down her hood more just to make sure it was on good. BB cought up and went in front of her.

"I just wanted to say ty for staying with me all night last night. I really appreciate it." BB said. Raven looked at him confused.

"Who told you I stayed with you the whole time?" Raven asked.

"Nobody. I could kinda hear your I figured you were ther with me the whole time." BB said rubbing the back of his head. Raven blushed.

"Your welcome." Raven said.

"I did how ever hear everything at the end before I woke up, and I just wanted to ask you something. Did you mean everything you said?" BB asked. Raven looked at him enbaressly.

"I… I did." Raven said BB looked at her happily.

"So… does that mean you love me back then?" BB asked hoping the answer would be to his liking. Raven stood there frozen in her spot. Should she lie or tell the truth? She was afraid of the truth, because she didn't know how she could deal with it. It took a few minutes of thinking before she answered. BB waited patiently, growing sadder and sadder of what the answer would be.

"I have had time to think of all the great things you've done for me, but I don't know how to answer your question. I…" she looked at BB's spirit die…it was almost as bad as seeing him dying. She knew her answer would be hard for her to say.

"…seeing you lie there on the bed dieing made me relies one thing…and its exactly what I said… I would be nobody with out you. …I do Love you, but I don't know how to, and I don't want to risk getting you hurt again." Raven said blushing. BB smiled.

"like I said before, if it means me getting hurt, I will find a way for you to show emotions!" BB said looking into her eyes as raven looked down to the ground.

"and guess what Rae…" bb said as Raven looked back up to Beastboy.

"your showing them right now without blowing anything up." BB said. Raven acknowledged this and felt a bit more relieved. While Raven looked at the ground thinking, BB placed his hands on her face and kissed her, causing her hood to fall off her head. Raven was shocked by his sudden movement and blushed heavily. When BB pulled back she was still blushing and was still in shock. BB took her hand and said.

"and you still haven't see. I guess you didn't need the last chapter after all huh?" Raven smiled. She thought she was making a bold step here but she was just confirming his acquisition. She quickly leaned in and kissed him as bb kissed back. Then she pulled away with one hand still on his cheek.

"I guess not." Raven said. BB smiled a toothy grin and took her hand and started to walk her down the hall to go to the party, totally forgetting about the change of cloths he was supposed to be doing. Raven, while walking, decided that she would let the titans see them holding hands. She thought it would be an interesting way to start a new life full of emotions when she wanted them. She didn't know how they were under control, but was glad they were.

"so you want to hear one of my so called 'lame' jokes?" BB said using his childish ways to try and make Raven laugh. Raven just rolled her eyes and smiled.

"I suppose."

The party had gone fine and BB and Raven were really happy with each other. The titans were happy for them to. Starfire threw another surprise party for them and tried to make them eat her planets "couple" dish…but when they saw it they made an excuse not to. BB and Raven still fought like normal but they did grow to be better in battle. On there month anniversary bb had finally found the last chapter to her book lying on his floor that he decided to clean a bit. When she read it the main thing was this.

"When you finally accept true love, your love will help you get through life no matter what you feel like at the time."

She felt this was correct. When she was sad she would find BB to talk to. When she was mad she sought BB or if he was the one she was mad at…it always ended back up at her loving him. No matter what emotion she felt love was always right by its side.