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Internet Romance?

Chapter 1 - Konoha Cyber Community

"Home sweet home!" a pink-haired teenager said. She is 18 years old and already in her sophomore collage level, taking the course of Computer Science. She is Haruno Sakura, the cherry blossom of the Sakiyama University, the most popular university in Konoha.

She immediately ran to her room, and turned on her computer. Ever since, her friends introduced her to the internet, she can't stop herself. And she logged.

Connecting to Server

Server Connected

Welcome to Konoha's Cyber Community

SpringPrincess : Hey! Is anyone there?

SpringPrincess : ding

Foxplayer : Hey there, Princess!

Foxplayer : So, what's up?

SpringPrincess : Nothing much. I just arrived from school. I'm so tired.

I' is connected

Shadowavenger is connected

Foxplayer : You want me to massage you:grin:

SpringPrincess: No, thank you.

Foxplayer : Oh c'mon! I know you want it.

Shadowavenger : STFU dobe.

Foxplayer : Oh man! Why you're here, bastard?

Foxplayer : Get lost.

Shadowavenger : You get lost, you fox-ass.

Foxplayer : Why you---!

I' : Here we go again..

I' : I'm transferring to an another room.

SpringPrincess : Wait for me, lazy-bum!

Shadowavenger : You're not going anywhere, my hime.

Foxplayer : Hey! Get your own, she's mine!

Shadowavenger : You're going down, fox-ass.

SpringPrincess : Please, don't fight here. I'm here to meet people and not to fight.

Shadowavenger : Sure, hime.

SpringPrincess : I'm so cute:grin:

Crazy2fashion is connected

Crazy2fashion : Hey there!

SpringPrincess : Hey!

I' : Yo!

Crazy2fashion : So, what's up?

I' : Nothing much. How about you?

Crazy2fashion : I'm exempted in our premlinary exams. Thank you for being my tutor!

I' : My pleasure.

Foxplayer : Your tutoring her?

I' : Yeah.

Foxplayer : Where?

I' : What do you mean by 'where'?

Foxplayer : Are you tutoring her personally or just on the net?

I' : Just on the net.

Foxplayer : Okay. With webcam :grin:

I' : Yeah.

Foxplayer : Wait. You! Enter the exclusive room 1!

Foxplayer enters the exclusive chat room for males

I' enters the exclusive chat room for males

(New Window)

Foxplayer : So, you've seen her?

I' : Yes. She's so beautiful! She's a living goddess.

Foxplayer : Okay. She doesn't seems so interesting to me. She's yours.

I' : Why you---!

Foxplayer : Enough for that, have you seen her naked?

I'm,smart.2.b.lazy : Not yet.

Foxplayer : You're not good.

Foxplayer exits the exclusive chat room for males to general chat

I' exits the exclusive chat room for males to general chat

I' : I'm not good?

Foxplayer : Yeah. No good. You must learn from me.

I' : Gah! I'm not perverted as you!

Crazy2fashion : What are you guys talking about?

I' : Nothing.

Foxplayer : Men stuff.

Crazy2fashion : Okay. Where's Princess and Shadow?

Shadowavenger : I'm here.

SpringPrincess : Same here. We didn't get the topic you guys talking about.

Crazy2fashion : Sorry about it. Anyways, gtg everyone. I need to sleep now.

SpringPrincess : Bye!

I' : Bye! I'm going now also.

SpringPrincess : Bye!

Crazy2fashion is now disconnected from server

I' is now disconnected from server

Foxplayer : lazy is not good.

SpringPrincess : What are you talking about? I didn't get anything.

Foxplayer : Oh, he haven't see fashion naked.

Shadowavenger : WTF!

SpringPrincess : What the hell!

Foxplayer : Heh. He's nothing compared to me. :grin:

Shadowavenger : And how do you say so?

Foxplayer : Shut up there, bastard! I'm not talking to you!

Shadowavenger : Who said that you're not talking to me?

SpringPrincess : Guys…

Foxplayer : Fuck, man! I'm talking to Princess, not to you!

SpringPrincess : But being naked in front of the webcam is bad, isn't it?

Foxplayer : No. Here in K.C.C. (Konoha's Cyber Community), everything is allowed. Pervertions, curses, and nudity is allowed here.

SpringPrincess : Okay. I get it. :smiles:

Foxplayer : You don't know the rules, huh Princess?

Shadowavenger : She's just new here, dobe.

SpringPrincess : Sorry. I'm still new here. :smiles:

Shadowavenger : It's alright. I wonder if that smile of yours is angelic?

SpringPrincess : Eh? You don't need to charm me like that. :blushes:

Foxplayer : Hey, that's my line!

Shadowavenger : You're just slow, dobe.

Foxplayer : I'm gonna get you in the university, Shadow!

Foxplayer is now disconnected from server

Shadowavenger : It's just the two of us, right now.

SpringPrincess : Yeah. :blushes:

Shadowavenger : Care to show me your picture?

SpringPrincess : Well, I'm not sure. I'm not supposed to give anyone I barely know my picture. :blushes:

Shadowavenger : Is that so? Don't wait for me to hack your computer right now.

SpringPrincess : You can hack computers?

Shadowavenger : Yeah. I can hack everyone I want to. Especially, when I'm interested to meet them.

SpringPrincess : Let's see if you can hack my computer.

Shadowavenger : Don't blame me if I have found your picture.

Spring-Princess : Try me!

As Sakura said this, she immediately blocked her server from the hacker. Hell, she didn't know this guys and he wants her picture. He just want it, so why she didn't just give it? I don't know also.

"Damn it! This guy is a good hacker!" She said loudly like she could stop it. It's a computer, if you entered something, it will do anything you said. She didn't want to delete any of her pictures. Well, not all the pictures are hers, there are some with her friends, with her cat named Kichu, and some beautiful sceneries. She wanted to take the scenery before her, as long it is beautiful. Yep, being an amateur photographer was her hobby.

Shadowavenger : What the hell?

SpringPrincess : What's wrong? Can't find an opening to hack my computer?

She smirked. This 'Shadowavenger' didn't know that she was a hacker also. Being an expert in computers, she do really need to know it, do it and block it.

Shadowavenger : Really? But, what is this.

Shadowavenger wants you to show a picture. CLICK here to view.

SpringPrincess : What the hell? How did you got it!

She saw one of her rare pictures. Damn it, she underestimated this guy. He's a professional hacker. Better than her. Damn it! She needs to take another exam about hacking.

Shadowavenger : What's the matter? Surprised:grins:

SpringPrincess :sigh: Yeah. I underestimated you.

Shadowavenger : I must say, you're beautiful.

SpringPrincess : I'm not beautiful. I'm cute:grins:

Shadowavenger : Yeah, whatever.

SpringPrincess : Oh well, I need to go now. I'm really tired.

SpringPrincess : Bye!

Shadowavenger : Ok then. Bye!

You 'SpringPrincess' is disconnecting from server

You 'SpringPrincess' is now disconnected from server

Be back at Konoha's Cyber Community

Sakura sighed as she went her way to her bed. She had done her nighttime routine already. She was curious about that 'Shadowavenger', she wanted to know him or meet him in person. But when will that happen?

On the other hand, the guy who stole her pictures. Yeah, pictures. Without her knowing, he just stole all her rare pictures. Yeah, he's a good damn hacker. He just smirked.

"Haruno Sakura, the cherry blossom of Sakiyama. How nice. I had a chance to meet her."

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