TOW The Bings
For lack of a better title that doesn't give it all away…

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The sunlight on his face woke him, and he stirred quietly, wanting to cling to the last few minutes of sleep. Even before he reached full consciousness, he was aware of the arm across his chest and the soft hair tickling his neck. It never ceased to amaze him, waking up next to her. Knowing she was his - forever - made his heart race every time he looked at her. And he did that, often. When she wasn't looking, he would just stare at the woman who had captured his heart so many years ago, and wonder how he ever made her love him back. She was beautiful. That was obvious. But, though she was the most beautiful woman he had ever met, it was not her appearance that had made him love her. It was her, plain and simple. He couldn't put it into words, but for him, love was Monica. It had never really been anyone else.
She always looked so good in the morning light. As he turned his head to get a better look at her, his arms tightened around her subconsciously. With her, he'd never needed his own sleeping space. Never once had he tried the "hug and roll" maneuver Ross had taught him. In fact, he figured he probably wouldn't be able to sleep without her in his arms. He hoped he'd never know for sure. They hadn't been apart since the night before their wedding, and he hadn't slept at all that night.
He glanced at the clock and wished he could stay in bed with her all day. Instead, he groaned and rolled onto his side, pulling her all the way into her arms, and placed a kiss against her hair. "Mon? Sweetie?"
She stretched in her sleep, and reached up a hand to tousle his hair as she started to wake up. She opened her eyes, then smiled and closed them again as she whispered his name. "Chandler." She cuddled closer to him as he kissed her forehead. "It isn't morning, is it?"
"It is. But you don't have to get up yet. Sleep in for a while. I'll fix breakfast." He untangled himself from her arms, then leaned in to kiss her on the lips before he left their bed. She smiled and kissed back, then settled back under the covers. She watched him leave the bed and pull on his bathrobe. He turned to look at her again, and shook his head when he saw her watching him. He went back to the bed for one last kiss, and looked into her eyes. "You're so beautiful in the morning, Monica Bing." She touched his cheek with one hand, then moaned in frustration when he stood up.
"Do you have to go to work today?"
"You know I do. Just because you only have to work a few days a week doesn't mean all of us get to live a life of leisure." He smiled as he said it, knowing she would understand the teasing comment and not take it personally. Monica just rolled her eyes, and followed him out of the bed.
"Where you going? It'll be at least another half hour before Matthew gets up."
"Doesn't matter. I can't sleep if you're not with me. I might as well take a shower."
"Well, hate to disappoint you, but I'm about to get in myself. So, you'll just have to wait, my love."
"Or not." Monica smiled seductively and crossed the room to put her arms around his neck. She kissed him tenderly, then laughed as he lifted her into his arms and carried her into the bathroom.

Monica wrapped her bathrobe around her, and pulled Chandler close for another kiss.
"You get dressed, and I'll start breakfast." Chandler nodded, reluctant to let her go. But, if he didn't get started, he'd be late for sure. A few minutes later, he walked into the kitchen, still buttoning his shirt, and carrying his tie in one hand. Monica was flipping pancakes. He walked up behind her, and slipped his arms around her waist, kissing her softly on her neck.
"You're so beautiful, honey. I love you." He could feel her facial muscles contract against his lips, and knew she was smiling. She turned in his arms so she was facing him, and kissed him, wrapping her arms firmly around his neck. Without a word, she took his tie and tied it for him, their usual morning ritual.
"Breakfast is almost ready. Go tell Matthew it's pancakes. That should get him out of the bed fast enough." She smiled, knowing their son shared his father's love of the breakfast food. A few minutes later, Chandler returned with the sleepy two-year-old in his arms. Matthew brightened immediately when he saw his mother in the kitchen, and squirmed out of his father's arms. He ran to his mother and hugged her legs. Monica, in turn, ruffled his hair and gestured to the table.
"Sit down, sweetie. Breakfast is ready." She rolled her eyes at Chandler as he sat down with Matthew at the table. "I meant the two-year-old sweetie, not you Chandler."
"But, Mon, it's pancakes!" Monica just rolled her eyes again, and kissed him on the cheek as she put his plate in front of him.
"Just eat. You'll be late for work if you don't hurry." Chandler glanced at his watch and began to eat hurriedly.
"You're right." He winked at her. "You're gonna have to stop being so irresistible or I'm going to get fired." He finished his pancakes and coffee quickly, then rose from the table, grabbing his keys from the counter. " 'Bye, Matt. Have a good day at preschool." Chandler gave his son a quick kiss on the forehead. " 'Bye, Mon." His voice softened automatically, as she turned her head for the expected kiss. "I love you." He never left without telling her. If anything happened… The thought made his chest constrict, but if anything happened, he wanted to be sure she knew, each day, how much she meant to him. Her soft "I love you too" was what got him through the day.
She put her arms around his neck, and lifted her lips to his. He loved her kisses. He wanted to linger, to kiss her again, but instead he headed for the door, calling "I love you" to Matthew, and blowing kisses back to him. He turned for one last look at his wife, who was bending over Matthew, helping him cut his pancake. He'd carry that picture with him all day.

Monica handed Matthew his book bag, then hurried him out the door and to the car. She would drop him off at school, then have coffee with Rachel before heading to the restaurant. She didn't like working lunches as much as she had enjoyed the dinner shift, but spending the evenings with her family was more important. They didn't really need the money, but Chandler had never even suggested she quit. She knew he understood how much she loved her job, and that meant a lot to her.
"Here we are." She pulled up outside Matthew's preschool, and parked the car. Gathering up her son and his things, she made the familiar trip into the school and down the hall to Matthew's classroom. With a quick "good morning" to his teacher, she kissed him. "Have a good day, sweetie. I love you."
"Bye Mama!" Monica watched Matthew greet his teacher and his classmates that had already arrived, then smiled and left. She and Chandler had taken a lot of time choosing a school for Matthew, and they both agreed this had been the right decision. Matthew loved his school, and the Bings had no complaints.
A few minutes later, she was pulling up in front of the apartment building Ross and Rachel had moved to shortly after they were married. Rachel answered her knock, and hugged her as she welcomed her in.
"Hey Mon! You want some coffee?"
Monica smiled at her, then nodded. "Yeah, that'd be nice. I only have a few minutes though. Where's Jackson?"
Rachel smiled at the mention of her son. "He's still sleeping. We had a rough night last night. Ross was ready to call your mother and tell her to come get her grandson so we could get some sleep."
"Yeah, like Ross would ever let that boy out of his sight."
"I know. He's so protective! I hope he grows out of it."
"Ross or Jackson?"
"Ross! Jack's just being a baby. Ross, however, is being a little bit too much of a father, if you know what I mean."
"That's so funny. I think Chandler's "daddy" side is the sexiest thing about him."
"I didn't say it wasn't sexy." Rachel gave Monica a knowing look. "And, believe me, there's nothing I like better than watching Ross with Jackson. But, I don't remember him being so overly protective with Ben. Maybe I just see it more now that it's my baby too."
"Of course you do. And, believe me, Rach, adding a baby to the relationship changes everything. Nothing between you and Ross will ever be the same again." Monica laughed at the look on Rachel's face. "But - and I'm telling you the truth, Rachel - you won't want to change a thing. It just makes everything you had with Ross before even better."
"It already is." Monica smiled and went to hug her friend. Jackson had only been a member of the Geller family for a couple of months, and Monica knew that the changes had only just begun. She remembered how she had felt when Matthew had been born. Once you looked into that tiny face, nothing in the world could ever be the same again. Rachel measured grounds into the coffee pot and turned to Monica.
"Why don't you go look in on your nephew while I get this ready?"
Monica nodded her agreement, and walked down the hall. She walked quietly into Jackson's room, and gazed down at her nephew sleeping in the crib. He looked so much like Ross, but every time she looked at him, she saw Rachel, too.
"Hey, Jack." She resisted the urge to pick him up, knowing it would wake him. She smiled as she remembered the hours of debate that had gone into his name. Monica's father had been teasing when he suggested that Ross and Rachel name the baby after him, but they had decided to take him seriously. Rachel had insisted on Jackson, which fit the boy perfectly, but Rachel herself called him by his nickname - Jack - more than anyone else.
Monica looked down at the baby for a few minutes, then turned to go. Jack slept on. Luckily, his sleeping habits were his father's. Rachel woke up at the drop of the hat.
"He's so beautiful, Rach. He looks a lot like Matt did when he was born."
"I've noticed. Those boys definitely got the Geller genes, huh?"
"Yeah." They sat at the table with their coffee, talking like they used to. Monica was glad they got to have this time together in the mornings. As much as she loved her family and her life with Chandler, she missed Rachel. They'd been roommates for years…and even when Chandler had moved in, Rachel had just been across the hall. But when Ross and Rachel moved after the wedding, it had become harder to spend time together regularly. It just wasn't like it used to be. Which reminded her…
"Rach, have you heard from Phoebe?"
Rachel's eyes widened as she thought about it. "Nooo…not since the last time she called. I told you about that one. Have you?"
"No, I haven't either. Joey called yesterday, but Chandler talked to him. I wasn't there. Everything seems to be okay."
"I really miss them." Rachel looked a little weepy, and Monica understood. She missed Joey and Phoebe, too. Chandler had hated to see Joey go, but knew that he really had no choice. The job offer in L.A. had been perfect for Joey. It was a career move he couldn't pass up. And Phoebe had gone with him, unwilling to be separated from her fiancé. Still, they wished they could see them more often. It was hard for all of them not to share in Joey and Phoebe's wedding plans.
Monica glanced at her watch, and prepared to take her leave. "Thanks for the coffee, Rachel."
"You're welcome. I'm just glad we get these little chances to talk. Since Jackson was born..." She left the thought hanging and shrugged. Monica could finish the thought. It was hard to keep up with old friends when your family took so much time and effort.
"We'll have dinner this week, okay? Check with Ross and see what night is good for you guys, and I'll talk to Chandler."
"Sounds great."
"Bye Rach."
"Bye Mon."

"Chandler!" Monica was calling his name even before the door was open all the way. "Honey? I'm home."
He walked out of their bedroom, hands in his pockets, a smile on his face.
"Hey beautiful." He walked over to her, took her coat from her shoulders, laid it on the couch, then turned back and kissed her. "I missed you. You know I hate it when you aren't here when I get home."
"I know. I miss you too. But at least it isn't every night." She leaned against him, enjoying the comfort of his arms, then raised her face for a long kiss. "Matt already asleep?"
"Yeah. I just finished reading to him. He was out like a light. Seems he had a busy day at school."
"Really? I wish I'd been here to hear about it." Her voice was wistful. She didn't like missing the stories of the day. Chandler knew it, and pulled her back into his arms.
"He'll tell you tomorrow, baby. I promise. He won't forget the excitement in a night."
She nodded her head against his chest, and hugged him a little tighter. She had thought she would get used to being away from him all day, but she still missed him as much as she had when they were newlyweds. Chandler hugged her back, and stroked her hair, letting it sift through his fingers.
"How was your day, Mon?"
"It was fine. The usual. The business dinner went well. I got lots of compliments." She smiled up at him, and he couldn't help smiling back.
"Can you blame them? I mean, I know the food had to be good, but I'd use any excuse I could just to see the cook."
"You would, would you?"
"Of course I would. But, I'm lucky. I don't need excuses." He was suddenly serious. "I'm so lucky."
Monica turned her head so she could look up into his eyes. Her heart always beat a little faster when he looked at her like that, even after all these years. "We're both lucky, Chandler. Lucky that we found each other. Lucky that we found love."
"And did we ever." He kissed her, then pulled away quickly, leaving her staring after him.
"Where are you going?"
"To fix you a bath." He looked back at her and gave her that smile. "I'll fix you something to eat while you relax. I know you must be tired."
She looked after him, touched by his consideration. He did sweet things like this every day, but it never lost its charm. Every day, she remembered his words as he proposed, how he promised to spend every day of the rest of his life trying to make her as happy as she had made him. He had. He did.
She followed him into the bathroom, and wrapped her arms around him, resting her head against his back as he prepared the bath water.
"I love you, Chandler."
He turned in her arms so he could face her, and wrapped his own arms around her.
"I love you too, Monica. I love you so much." He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead, then began unbuttoning her shirt. "Let's get you out of these clothes." He looked down at her, and seeing her suggestive look, started to laugh. "And into the tub, sweetie. Not bed…yet." A moment later, she was submersed in the bubbles, and he was leaning over the tub, kissing her.
"What would you like for dinner?" He asked. "I'll make anything you want."
"How 'bout you?" Chandler rolled his eyes at her answer, knowing she was in one of her moods.
"Don't you think you need real food first, Mon? You've had a long day."
"Wow, Chandler. You don't turn down sex very often. Should I be concerned?"
"I wasn't turning anything down, honey. I just want to make sure you have your strength."
"Well, in that case…" Monica leaned over to him, and began to kiss him as she loosened his tie. "I ate at the restaurant."
Chandler gave up his objections, and helped her take off his clothes. He joined her in the tub, leaning against the sloping back, with Monica leaning on him, wrapped securely in his arms. They lay there in the warm water for a while, relaxing, enjoying the feel of each other. After a few moments of silence, Chandler spoke softly, his lips against her ear.
"I'm crazy about you."
Monica turned to look at him with a smile, and kissed him softly before replying.
"I'm crazy about you too."
"I always have been, Monica." She looked at him, wondering where the conversation was going. "I was head over heels long before London."
Monica stared at him a moment, wondering why she'd never heard this story before.
"Why didn't you ever…tell me? Hold on, were you taking lessons from Ross?"
Chandler smiled, knowing that she was referring to Ross's decade-long crush on Rachel.
"No, no lessons from Ross. And…I tried to tell you, Mon. You just never listened." For a second, his face revealed the hurt he had felt the many times she hadn't taken him seriously.
"Oh, sweetie. I didn't know…"
"Well, considering the number of times I offered to be your boyfriend, have a baby with you, etc, I would have thought you would have some idea. But, you didn't. You just never looked at me like that. And that was okay. I just kept loving you."
She kissed him suddenly, passionately, hoping to erase his hurt at her rejections all those years ago. When they broke the kiss, Chandler continued, his lips so close to her cheek she could feel them move as he spoke. "But then, I got my chance. London took me by surprise, Mon, but I never looked back. I thought you'd tell me it was a mistake. I just knew that if I let the walls around my heart fall, it would get broken again. But I couldn't help it. When I held you in my arms that night, while you were asleep, I knew there was no way I could deny it. You were the one. The only one I could ever love. I still don't know how I managed to make you fall in love with me. But I knew it. I knew that night that I'd never love anyone else. I still do. No one could ever love you more than I do. I'll love you always."
"And I'll love you always. Chandler…I'm sorry it took me so long to notice what was right there in front of me all along. But all that matters now is that I did. You are everything in the world I could want. Sometimes I can't believe that I never saw it…But once I did, I never looked back either. After London…There was no past. All I could see was my future, and just like I told you on our wedding day, I only wanted to spend it with you." She kissed him tenderly, brushing her hand across his cheek as he smiled back at her.
They stayed there for several minutes, concentrating on each other, before Monica sat up and began to get out of the tub. Chandler joined her, and wrapped a large fluffy towel around her. Monica shook her head, and opened the towel back up, inviting him to join her. When he did, she wrapped it around the two of them, pulling him even closer to her. Chandler could read the love in her eyes, and responded with a deep kiss. He'd never thought he could love anyone like this, but he was glad he'd been wrong. Monica was everything in the world he could ever want, and he intended to make sure she felt the same way about him.

Monica woke first the next morning, and had one of her rare opportunities to watch her husband sleep. She propped herself up on one elbow, and watched his chest rise and fall in a steady rhythm. She traced his lips softly with one finger, and smiled at the thought of those lips on hers. She was so lucky to have him, and she knew it. Their life together was everything she had ever wanted, and she knew that he felt the same way. They had a good life, they had Matthew, and they had each other. There was nothing more they could ask for.
She kissed him gently, trying to wake him so they could share the early morning hours. He shifted slightly, but didn't wake up. Monica leaned over then and began to whisper in his ear. A moment later, his eyes flew open and he grabbed her in a bear hug, rolling over on top of her.
"You do, do you?"
Monica laughed and reached to pull him down for a kiss. "I knew that would get you going."
Chandler smiled and kissed her. "Do you have any idea what it's like to wake up to you in the morning, Mon?"
"I do." Monica pulled him all the way on top of her, and looked up into his blue eyes. "Because I wake up to you every morning. And it's the most wonderful feeling in the world."
"Mmmm…" Chandler closed his eyes and laid his head against her shoulder, gently kissing the line of her neck. "I love you, sweetheart."
"I love you."
"Now, what are we going to do now that we're both up so early?"
Monica's only response was a soft smile and a kiss.

Chandler's usual round of kisses and "love you"s was more hurried than usual. He hadn't even stopped for breakfast, but he waved off Monica's worry by saying he'd eat something at the office. He kissed his son, reminding him to be good for their mother, grabbed his keys and was out the door. Before the door even clicked shut, he was back to pull Monica into his arms and let his eyes make his apology. He couldn't believe he had almost left without kissing her goodbye. Instead of the usual peck, he gave her a long, tender kiss and held her for a moment before releasing her.
"I love you, Monica."
He barely heard her "I love you, too" as he rushed back out the door, but he turned with a final smile to acknowledge it. Monica watched the door shut behind him, and turned back to Matthew, unable to hide her smile.

Monica dropped Matthew off at school as usual, then ran by Rachel's to pick up Jackson for the day. Since Monica had the day off from the restaurant, she had agreed to watch her nephew while Rachel went in to take care of a few things at work. Though she was still on leave, the place couldn't seem to run without her. Rachel had promised she wouldn't be long, but Monica enjoyed the thought of a day with Jack. It seemed like such a long time since she had had an infant to care for.
She had just fed them lunch and put them down for naps when the phone rang. She picked it up quickly, before it disturbed Jackson.
"Hello. May I speak with Mrs. Bing, please?"
"I'm Monica Bing."
"Mrs. Bing, this is Jay Campbell from the University Hospital. Your husband was brought in a few minutes ago. He was in a car accident -"
"Oh, my God. Chandler! Is he…Is he…"
"He seems to be just fine, Mrs. Bing. He has a few cuts and bruises, and it appears he has a concussion, but nothing serious. We just wanted to let you know. He's been asking for you."
"Oh, thank God he's okay. I'll be right there."
"No hurry, Mrs. Bing. He's in good hands. We don't need you to get hurt trying to get here too quickly."
Monica wondered distractedly if that was the standard speech when they called family members to tell them someone was in the hospital.
"Tell him I'll be right there."
"I will. Drive carefully."
"Of course."
She hung up the phone and stared at it, distracted. She looked around the room, trying to locate her keys, when she realized that her nephew was still sleeping in the next room. And Matthew needed to be picked up from school in a little while. She would have to call Rachel at work.
Rachel answered, worry already in her voice.
"Mon, what is it? Is Jackson okay? Are you okay?"
"We're both fine, Rachel. Calm down. But I need you to come over here immediately. Chandler's been in an accident. I don't want to take Jackson to the hospital with me."
"Oh, God. Monica - Is he okay?"
"They said he's fine. He has a concussion, some cuts. But I'm going to be with him. Can you come pick up Jackson? And will you pick Matt up in a couple of hours?"
"Of course I will. I'll be right there, Mon."
"Thanks, Rach. Bye."
Monica hung up the phone, and began pacing the floor, waiting on Rachel. She hoped she would hurry. All Monica could think about was being at Chandler's side.

About half an hour later, she was ushered into his room, where he lay quietly in the hospital bed, eyes open, staring out the window. Monica went to his side and took his hand. He turned quickly to look at her, and his eyes softened when he saw the worried expression on his face.
"Hey beautiful."
"Oh, Chandler…" She started to cry. Chandler lifted his arms to pull her head down onto his shoulder, and began to smooth her hair, trying to comfort her.
"Shhh. Mon, it's okay. I'm fine. I'm okay. Just a little bump on the head."
"I know." She tried to get control of herself. "They told me. I just - You don't know how badly it scared me when I got that call."
"Oh, sweetie. C'mere." She leaned into his arms, and held him tightly as he kissed her face.
"You know what's been running through my head all day, Mon? How close I came to leaving this morning without kissing you goodbye. All I've been able to think about was how you would feel if…"
She looked at him silently, his words striking home. She could have lost him. So easily. And he was worried because he had almost left her without giving her one last kiss.
"But you did. Besides, I know you love me sweetheart. You don't have to kiss me every morning for me to see it in your eyes, feel it in your touch…"
"I know, Monica. But, still, it's so important to me that you hear me say it, every day. I can't say it enough. I love you more than you can ever know. But I'm still gonna try my best to tell you, every day of my life."
"Oh, baby. I love you, too." She leaned over to kiss him on the forehead, then gently on the lips. Chandler pulled her onto the bed with him, and lifted the blanket so she could cuddle up to him. Feeling his arms around her calmed her down, and she could feel her tenseness gradually disappear. Chandler continued stroking her back until her body was completely relaxed. He knew how she must have felt. Just the thought of anything happening to Monica made his heart stop and his stomach twist into knots.
"Oh, Monica. How I love you." He kissed her on the temple and pulled her closer. He wanted to tell her how he worried about her every day, but knew that he couldn't raise all her anxiety again.
"Where're Matthew and Jackson? Did you bring them with you?"
"No. I left Jack with Rachel. She was going to pick Matthew up from school, too."
"That's good. They don't need to be hanging out up here, anyway. Though I have to admit, I can't wait to hold my son." He smiled slightly, knowing Monica would understand.
"So, why are we waiting? You look fine to me. Can't we check out?"
"The doctors want me to wait until they check my head CT. They want to make sure it's only a mild concussion, nothing serious."
"Well, how long's that going to take?"
"Not sure. I don't think it will be too much longer."
"Okay, I'll wait with you. Let me call Rachel and give her an update." Monica reached for the phone on the table beside Chandler's bed and dialed their number. The answering machine picked up, and she realized Rachel had probably gone to pick up Matthew from school. She left a quick message for Rachel, telling her what was going on and that they would be home as soon as possible, hoping Rachel would think to check the messages. Just as she was hanging up the phone, a doctor came in with a chart in his hand.
"Mr. Bing. Is this Mrs. Bing?"
"Yes. Dr. Randall, my wife Monica."
"Hello, Monica." He reached out to shake her hand, but he didn't smile. Monica's heart jumped into her throat. She didn't like the look on his face. "Won't you have a seat?"
She sat down on the edge of Chandler's bed, and reached for his hand, hers already shaking. A quick glance at his face told her that he had noticed the doctor's serious face, and was probably as concerned as she was.
"Dr. Randall? Everything okay? I mean, it was only a concussion, right?"
The doctor sighed, and pulled a chair up to the bed. "Yes, Chandler. It was only a concussion. But the scan revealed something else. It seems that you…You have a brain tumor."
"WHAT?" Chandler almost jumped right out of the bed. Monica sat still, shocked, almost forgetting to breath. "What did you just say?"
The doctor pulled out a x-ray film, and held it up so they could see. Pointing at a small, dark area on the left side of the scan, he repeated his words. "You have a brain tumor, Chandler. There it is, right there." He paused, and looked at them both before continuing. "It looks like it's in the early stages. Truthfully, this accident could be the best thing that could have happened. You wouldn't have shown any symptoms for months. But, it can grow quickly. We need to examine you and see if the tumor is operable. If it is, we need to get it out before it spreads."
Chandler and Monica were both in shock. Without knowing what she was doing, Monica lowered her body so that she was lying next to him, hugging him tightly. The doctor went on, explaining things that they couldn't understand, concepts they couldn't process. All they could do was hold onto each other, hoping they would wake up, praying that this was nothing but a nightmare.