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I was a seventeen year old girl sitting in the rain at the funeral of a young man that I had loved dearly. Everyone else was already gone. The funeral must have ended a while ago, but I couldn't remember how long exactly. It may have been hours, but it may have been only minutes. I didn't care.

From the day I heard he was dead, I had only spoken once, and that was simply a whispered "Leave me alone." issued to my mother. I thought back to that fateful day when I found out of his death while I stayed sitting, soaking, in the rain.

"Hello?... oh yes, hi, how are you?... Oh, why?... Oh my god!" my mother said, "Oh no! How did it...?...oh god..."

"What mom?" I asked quizzically.

"Okay. I'll tell her. Okay. Yeah, bye." my mother hung up the phone with tears in her eyes. "Claudia? I have something to tell you." she said solemnly.

"Yeah?" I said hesitantly, a little worried at this point.

"Louis, he- he... well," oh right, Louis was somewhere in the sate of Washington. I hoped he wasn't hurt or anytht- "He was k-killed. They don't know how and they don't know who. They reported him missing from the woods off by a little town he was staying in called Forks and they... they found blood. Darling, the blood was Louis' and there was too much of it for him to be alive. They're going to have the funeral here in New York. I'm so sorry Claudia"

I didn't say anything. I felt numb all over. A million thoughts were going through my head. I didn't even notice when my mother turned to me and hugged her then walked away thinking I might need space. She was right.

While I was sitting at the church, soaked, still in my black dress and blue shoes, the blue shoes he bought for me when he took me shopping for our fourth anniversary, I decided this: I would go to this place where he was killed and find out who killed him. And get revenge.

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen!" said the too-sweet flight attendant over the speakers, "We hope that weather you are coming home or just left, that we may be the first to welcome you to Seattle!"

"Fuck off," I mumbled, barely audible.

I was in first class on a large plane landing in Seattle, where I would then take a train to Forks. I had with me all of my belongings that I could fit into the two suitcases I brought, given they were rather large suitcases, but the point remained.

"Please stay seated until the fasten seat belts light goes off and the plane is at a complete halt. Have a nice day!" the girl at on the speaker continued, oblivious to the insult that had just been issued at her.

A few minutes later, after it seemed everyone else was off the plane, I was finally able to get my carry on five-hundred dollar Gucci backpack from above my seat and exit the plane, the sooner the better, though I realized that sooner had already passed by.

'Oh shit,' I realized after I had walked out of the terminal and ordered a much-needed café mocha from a coffee shop in the main part of the airport, 'where do I go now?'

I finally decided after hours of sitting in the airport coffee shop, spending a small fortune on coffee after coffee, that I would just rent a hotel room until I could get into a school, and then I would work something out with them. 'Or whatever.' I added mentally, trying to sound tough to even myself, though as far as I knew, nobody could hear me.

A few day later I was headed to Forks High School from a shabby hotel that I would be very grateful to see torn down, to see if I could make arrangements to attend said High School.

The principal seemed nice enough, "Hello, Miss...?"

"Debeau. Claudia Debeau." I informed.

"Ah, Miss Debeau. So what can I do for you?" the principal asked.

"Well, I just moved here from New York City, without my parents, and they gave me money to come here and everything and they're planning on giving me anything I need, but I do need to go to school, so I was wondering how I would go about that?" I explained.

"New York City, eh? What brings you from so far across the country?"

"I'd rather not say, really." I said, barely audible.

"Oh. Well that's... fine then. So you're living alone? Where are you staying as of now?"

"In a hotel, I'm thinking of renting somewhere, but don't know where."

"Ah. We can set you up staying with another student, if you like?"

"Um... I don't know..."

"Oh, give it a try. A least until you have something worked out. I'm sure we can find you a suitable host for a while." the principal decided that my silence was approval to this idea and carried on, "So, now that that's settled, let's see about getting you enrolled here at Forks High..."

I was going to have to live with someone? Bleargh. This might not be too fun. As long as they left me alone. That was all I wanted.

' I need to get a car...' I said to myself after paying the dude in the taxi almost 70 bucks to get an uncomfortable and jostling ride to my new home. The hosts' name was a bird or something. Dove, maybe? No, something like that though... ah, well here went nothing.

Knock knock knock

I looked around the yard and saw a police car, which startled me at first, but them I remembered the principal telling me that I would be staying with the police chief, which would explain the car. Then I noticed a very shiny red motorcycle in the back of a red Chevvie, very old. Possibly from the fifties or so. For a moment I stared at the lovely truck and envied the bike until a plump man in his forties with a receding hairline came to the door.

"Ah! You must be Claudia! Hi there, I'm Mr. Swan," the plump man said.

'That was it. Swan'

"But you may call me Charlie. My daughter Bella is upstairs right now. She'll be in your grade and showing you around and all that fun stuff; hold on, I'll get her. Oh, come in, come in, here give me your bags! Okay, I'll be right back. BELLLAAAA!" he said. The Bella part of course wasn't directed towards me, but the rest was. He seemed nice. Certainly not the killer type. I mentally marked him off my list of suspects.

A girl that must have been Bella bounded down the stairs and tripped on her own feet at the bottom and was caught immediately by someone that looked half human, half marble statue, who descended at an amazing pace behind her, and who Charlie glared at.

He was perfect. His auburn hair looked like something out of one of those hair care commercials and his skin made him look like he just jumped out of a sixteenth century painting. His black shirt was crumpled in a flattering way and his pants weren't too loose or too tight. I had the feeling that the clothes didn't matter as much, that he would look just as gorgeous in a plastic bag. Not that I wanted to see him in aforementioned plastic bag or anything... But not only was he stunning with material items, but his face... I realized that he was staring back with an amused expression and that I must look like shit in its most pure and simplest form. Ugh. My long black hair that usually when taken care of by my stylist ended in a point on my upper back was sticking up at unnatural angles and was probably not ending in the point it was supposed to, and my azure eyes must have been puffy from crying in the taxi and my black heels were scuffed to hell... Ew.

I was pulled out of my mental rant when Bella said cheerily, "Hi, I'm Bella, this is Edward. And so that makes you Claudia?" as she was pulled by the waist closer to the stunning being who must have been Edward, and who must have been taken.

"Uh, umm... wha? Oh! Oh, yeah. I'm Claudia." I said, still mentally gawking at Edward.

"Well, if you want, I can show you where you'll be staying?" said Bella.

"S-sure." I stammered, refocusing.

A few moments later we were at the top of the stairs heading to a room, Bella's by the looks of it.

"So this is my room, don't worry we won't be sharing a room. Yours is the next one over that way, but we do share a bathroom..." Bella started rambling on enthusiastically while Edward pulled her close again and kissed the top of her head and Bella playfully waved her hand at him to stop, but it looked like she didn't really meant it. "School, starts kinda early, well, early for me, but anything before ten is early for me, but anyway, there's already an alarm clock in your room set for the right time and everything, if you don't have a car I can drive you into school if you want. We have all the same classes, except for Geometry, but that's okay, I guess. I think you have Geometry with Edward, right?"

"Hmm? Oh, yeah." He smiled at me but then went back to stroking Bella's hair and kissing her forehead again, much to her faux-disapproval.

"Yeah, so anyway, here's your schedule and now let me show you to your room! God, I feel like one of the people that bring your bags up for you into hotel rooms. Ick."

"Bell, I was one of those people who bring your bags up for you into hotel rooms." said Edward with a crooked grin.

"Oh. Sorry." Bella cringed. "When was that?"

"In 19- oh, uh, I dunno." He realized he messed up and went silent and still as stone, but what did he mess up?

"So," Bella glared at Edward then continued, "This will be your room. It's kinda small I know, but it's nice enough." She was right, it was pretty nice. At the far end of the yellow wall there was a single bed and next to it a bed-side table with a small light. Beyond that, a fairly large window looking out at the forest behind the house, casting a green hue all around the room, despite the yellow lights. On the opposite wall there was a dresser and a desk. Upon the wall above my bed was an astonishing painting of a meadow; it was perfect. The small clearing was bathed in yellowy sunlight and there were flowers and grasses that I could've sworn could jump off of the canvas and sway in the wind at any beck or call.

"So what do you think?" asked Bella, a little on edge, as if worried over weather I would like it or not.

"I... like it!" I said, surprised at how much that was true. It looked almost exactly like my room back at home, in New York, which reminded me of Louis and how much time we'd spent there (not doing anything... most of the time), which reminded me of why I was there in this room in the first place.

Suddenly Edward went stiff and his eyes flashed.

"Bella," he spoke in a clear smooth voice that sounded like what fine chocolate might sound like if it had a voice, "Can I speak to you in your room for a moment?"

"Um, sure? Uh, Claudia, we'll be right back, just hold on a sec."

That was strange. I heard the door close, and I noticed how I could hear clearly through the wall one hushed questioning voice.

"Girlfriend? How serious? ... Oh. Wow. You mean... that Louis, but he's not... dead, he was turn- Wait... what?!" whispered obviously Bella's very confused voice.

Suddenly my head was spinning. I wobbled uneasily. How did they know all of that? Why could I hear Bella's voice just fine, but not Edward's? How did they know who I was? Louis wasn't dead? He was what? What didn't I know that they did? How did they know about Louis' death? How did they know about Louis in the first place? What happened to Louis?! Whatever it was, I needed to find out. Now.

But before I could do anything else, the soft white carpeting was suddenly up against my face.

"Claudia?" said a voice from far away. I felt like I was flying. Or rather it looked like I was flying. In the sky? Yes, the sky, there went a cloud. I realized I was dreaming, and was perfectly fine with that, because in front of me there was a young man floating, looking at me with wide, beautiful eyes and a lovely smile playing on his lips as he said my name again. It was Louis. My Louis. But there was something distinctly different about him. He was gorgeous. Not just in an everyday male-model way that was a regularity, but just astoundingly beautiful. His skin was also much paler than usual. Bone white almost, but that was to be expected, as he was dead. But still, his eyes were red. That was odd. They were usually bright green. Hmm... Then they were changing. His eyes were slowly turning to a darker red, then eventually black... Black? Why were his eyes black? Above everything else, in the sun, he was sparkling with the strength of a thousand diamonds, like they were embedded in his skin, and reflecting against the sun. He reached out to me, but this time with a mocking grin, but I didn't care as I flew forward with my arms outstretched, trying to get him but never getting there. Suddenly we were in a forest, and he was no longer smiling. I heard waves crashing in the distance. His beautiful lips were pulled back from his teeth and he let out a snarl from deep in his throat. He snarled at me. And suddenly he lunged at my throat, landing only his startlingly cold hands on either of my shoulders first, and though I tried to get away, he held me in place, backed me up into a tree and lowered his mouth to my throat, but just before he bit through my skin, he said my name again, except with one addition: "Help me."

Suddenly I was awake, and noticed that the cold hands on my shoulders were not only in the dream world. They were Edward's -still startlingly cold and quite sobering- and he and Bella were looking over me with worried eyes. I immediately recognized the room as Bella's.

"Claudia? Edward, she's waking up!" said Bella, worried. I could see that Bella had a certain maternal side to her, which might have been only because she was older than me, if only by a little bit. A few measly months. I scowled.

"Claudia, I need you to tell me exactly why you fainted." said Edward, a bit of steel in his voice this time.

"Edward," Bella scolded, "She probably doesn't know why she fainted, it's hard to tell. If anyone were to know about that, it would be m-"

"I think she knows exactly why, Bella. Claudia, tell me." he demanded.

I was terrified, but was completely oblivious as to why I felt so frightened around him; he wasn't scarier than anyone else. Well anyone else normal, though I couldn't find why he wasn't quite normal..

"I-I heard..." my voice shook and I couldn't find my tongue to speak.

"You heard what?" Edward whispered eyes as cold as ice, burning into my own.

"I heard you mention..." I gulped, "Louis." I finished with a whisper. I caught the terrified and sad expression that passed over Bella's face, and realized that it mirrored my own expression at the same moment.

"That's what I was afraid of" whispered Edward to himself, his voice sad and worried this time. He looked thoughtful for a moment, and then Bella interrupted his thoughts.

"Edward, we need to take her to see your family. They will be able to explain this more thoroughly than either of us can. It was Jasper and Alice that saw it happen in the first place..."

"My family?" Edward echoed. "No."

"She has a right to know. Edward, I know that this is not something I should be in power to ask, but, Edward, think about if that had happened to me and you thought I was dead? Wouldn't you need to know what happened? Wouldn't you need to know everything that happened?"

'Thought he was dead?'

"That's different." he mumbled.

"No it's not Edward. They are in the same place as we are now: about to declare their undying love and pledge to be together always. Though with us it is a bit more permanent... but it's still the same idea."

"I-I want to know" I stammered, trying my hardest to make my face look pleading enough.

"Edward, if you don't then I will. I will drive her to your house and ask Carlisle to tell her, or better yet, I'll ask Alice and Jasper. You know and I know they will" Bella said with a tone of steel.

"SHE CAN'T KNOW!" Edward suddenly yelled, jumping up and making me jump myself, accompanied by a gasp.

"Edward..." Bella whispered.

"I know" Edward whispered gently, sitting down on a rocking chair in a corner. "Let's go."

A few moments later we were in Bella's car with Edward driving so Bella could comfort me, though she had to comfort Edward a bit more; he wasn't appreciative about the car's personal speed limitations.

We had just narrowly avoided Charlie. Edward snuck out the back window with Bella and then came up for me too. I was terrified because of the long jump, but as we landed, I barely felt a thing. Right before we got in the truck, Charlie called Bella, so Edward had to climb back into Bella's room with her on his back. so she could see Charlie, and it turned out that he was going down to somewhere called La Push, and from the ground I could see through the window Bella wince and Edward stiffen, neither of which I understood nor Charlie noticed. After they came back down and Charlie was heading down the stairs, the three of us hid behind the house until we heard Charlie's police cruiser pull off, then we got into Bella's car, and it ended up as a good thing that Charlie was gone, as the truck made an awfully loud noise as it started up.

A seemingly long time passed in silence until we showed up through the brush and plants and forest at Edward's home. It was a simply amazing almost mansion in a fairly large meadow in the middle of the woods, and when we got out of the car, I could faintly hear the gurgling of a creek near by.

"Alice probably already knows we're coming by now and has also probably informed the whole household about it." Edward grumbled.

We walked towards the door and suddenly I felt an icy metallic fear spreading through my stomach. I was just realizing that I was about to step into a house containing information no one else knew about, about my guessed ex boyfriend's death. But somehow I didn't think that that was the only reason I was afraid. I couldn't put my finger on it, but something about the house and the whole idea gave my chills.

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