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John was waiting in his room, waiting for Maria. They were supposed to go over they're match tonight against Edge and Lita. John didn't know why he got paired with Maria. She didn't get much attention from WWE. She only got signed to be an interviewer for WWE. But he did have to admit, she was pretty cure. He loved how she giggled at every little thing that happens, but sometimes it could be annoying. Lost in his train of thought, he didn't even notice that his phone was ringing. He picked it up before the last ring.

"Yo what's up?"

"Hey John it's Maria. I'm really sorry but I'm going to be late. I had to go to the mini market some odd miles away, and now I'm stuck in traffic. I'll be there as soon as I can!"

"You do know that the show starts in like, 30 minutes?"

"Oh I know! So that's why I'm trying to find an alternate route. Actually, could we go over it over the phone? I have the script with me."


John didn't really want to over it on the phone. But then again, Maria was in traffic that was going no where. All he could hope for was that she get to the arena in time.



Did you hear a thing that I said? Oh never mind! I find another route so we'll go over it when I get there. Later!"

Did he really zone out? He was mesmorized by her voice. How grown up it can sound at one time, but on TV she made it sound so kiddy. That's what he loved about her. While thinking about it, he dozed off into a deep sleep.


Maria was driving along the main road till she was in traffic. "Great. I'm gonna be late!" She picked up her phone to call John to tell him that she would be late.

"Yo whats up?"

The sound of his voice made her smile. But yet she didn't know why…

"Hey I'm gonna be late I'm in traffic…"

She was talking to herself for at least 10 min till she realized that John was paying no attention at all.


"Oh! Whatever..see ya when you get here!"

Maria thought that sometimes John didn't really care to go over lines. But something about him made her want him so bad, but she didn't know what. Finally, cars started to move. At a stoplight she scanned the script. As she did, one little line, bold and underlined, caught her eye.

"John goes in for a deep passionate kiss in the middle of Maria's sentence."

All she could do was gasp. She couldn't believe that she was going to kiss John! She got so excited that she forgot to go when the light turned green. Before she knew it, horns were blaring at her to go.

"Oh shit! I'm gonna be late!"

She went as fast as she could to the arena. When she showed up one of the guards gave her a weird look, but let her through anyways. Maria ran all the way to johns room, only to catch him changing.


John finally woke up about 10 minutes later to find out that 1. Maria still wasn't here, and 2. he hadn't changed yet. He reached into his bag to grab his black shorts, chain gang hat, his shoes, and his white shirt with the chain gang logo on it. Before he did change, he skimmed through the script. While looking at one of the pages, his jaw dropped, along with the script, to the floor. He had to kiss Maria? He had to think about this. The thought of kissing her was making his mind go to places that he never thought it could go. Shaking all thoughts out of his mind. He started to get changed. Then he heard the door bust open. Standing in the doorway was Maria, staring at him like she had never seen a naked guy before.

"Oh my gosh! I am soooo sorry! I should have knocked before I came in! But I guess since I thought…"

John didn't know what came over him, but he walked right to Maria, closed the door, and kissed her like he never kissed a women before.