A Kind of Dream

Everyone knows the story of Naruto, and the Nine-Tailed Fox's Barrage, but what happened afterward? What happened to all the rookies? Who went with who? Who wanted to go with who? Where did their lives lie? What happened to clan Uzumaki? Was there such a clan anyways? And clan Hyuuga and Uchiha? What about Gaara, Ino, Shikamaru, Shino, and all those other rookies? Now, ten years later, this is not like any Naruto other Naruto series you've ever read. Friends of the old and new age. But everyone knows, that new friends, summon up to new rivals and enemies, as well. This is their story. But before that, lets just go back, way... way back...

Present-day Konoha...

All was asleep in the village of Knoha. All except for a certain Hyuuga. She ould always wake-up and train at about this time of night. She trained using her byakugan, and wondering why she was starting to feel this pain inside her. And why she was always left alone. With no one to hold. She had gotten rid of her timidness, and after that, she was about to loose more than that.

"Ha!" She threw a Jyuken at the wall that stood before her, which made a huge crack. Then she threw in some kick and some punches. And then, she used her byakugan to find its weak points, then finished it off with the last blow before it came tumbling down just like that. Not caring if it had awoken anyone near, she kept on punching.

"People have left me hanging my whole life. I don't know why I thought this would be any different. And for once, he made me believe that magic could happen anywhere. But I guess that kind of magic died a long time ago." She remembered what happened that day.


It was late afternoon and squad 7 had just gotten back from their mission. They were fifteen years old, all rookies. Naruto was off to the Ichiraiku Noodle shop. And Sakura, well she was somewhere not here. And Sasuke started to walk home alone. This was the moment Hinata had been waiting for. He chance to tell Sasuke her true feelings towards him. After all they were all Jounin now, and it was there last day there at Konoha before they all went their seoerate was after the Ceremony of the Saphire Lotus. A celebration that the Konoha villagers had created in honor of the new generation of Konoha Jounin.

Hinata had gotten over her stuttering issue, and a teensy bit over Naruto too. But even though she didn't show it, after what she saw in the chunnin exams, she began to have true feelings for Sasuke, yet was still too afraid to show it. That was, until today. The two became close friends, always hanging out, sometimes. But what she didn't know, was that he shared the same feelings. She hid at the corner waiting for hims to turn.

Sasuke POV

"Hinata. I have always been watching you and...Ugh. I sound like a surreal stalker! Shit. Now what?" He looked at the ground and kicked the dirt. A sound of a girl's voice came into earshot.


Sasuke's ears twitched at the solund of the farmiliar voice. "I know that voice."


But a puff of smoke came into the area. Then a faint laugh. Sasuke then became angry and annoyed. "What do you want?" he snarled at the girl who stood before him. Her short pink hair grew long again. Now, even longer than usual.

"Ha, Sasuke gotcha. It's me Sakura. Are you glad to see me? I've been training to get stronger for you. See I even got that poor Hinata girl exactly right. It even fooled you for a second there. So? Did you?

He rolled his eyes at the thought of ever being happy in seeing her. So, he decided to mess with her mind. Just to play safe. He had been annoyed from her since day one. Now was the last straw. His only chance before the celebration and seperation. Sasuke turned around and faced Sakura with his sparkling onyx eyes.

"I...am glad...to...see..you, Sakura." His hand reached to touch her bright red cheeks. "The thing is Sakura, I have always had feelings for you. But Naruto...he kept on getting in the way. Will you forgive me?"

Sakura leaned in towards Sasuke with their faces inches apart. "S...Sasuke-kun,"

Hinata was one of the real patient type people. So she waited all that time. But she got very suspicious of what Sasuke was up to. She new that using her byakugan, she could sense if there was any false chakra in the air. Activating the byakugan, she turned the corner. More nervous than ever. This was Sasuke. The avenger of the Uchiha clan.

"I love you, Sasuke. I love you. Remember that," Hinata heard a voice say. She searched the area for a clear view of the person. And there, byakugan saw it. A pink haired girl's lips, reaching in to touch Sasuke's. The two looked so complete with his hand touching her cheek. Puckering up for a passionate kiss.

"Sasuke-kun..." Hinata's eyes watered. She turned around and ran. Nothing more. Just ran. Not at all turning back. Not even for the last glimpse of Sasuke. After all she knew what whould happen. The two would fall in love. Get married, and have children. The slight kiss she saw the two were heading for, was the kiss she'd been dreaming of for so long. But her. Hyuuga Hinata, heiress of the Hyuuga clan in late bloom. What would Sasuke want with her when he has Sakura. A smart, tough, and beutiful cherry blossom in FULL bloom.

And after what happened that night. she vowed herself. She vowed that when the time came, she would never treat her family that way they had treated her. She would befriend her child, and let him or her get stronger on her own. She didn't want them to go through the pains she had had so many times before.

flashback over

Hinata stopped as she notice all the damage she had done. She came to the conclusion, that right after the ceremony, she qould recapture her rightful place, as the Hyuuga heiress. And become one of the strongest clan that ever lived...

Ten years later...