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The Answer

What If She Says No?

"Come on people! You guys need to push harder! Set your goals straighter!" a man shouted blankly at a group of ninja.

The whole room smelled of sweat and overworked Kunoichi and some tough skinned Shinobi. The women in the room all had sweatdrops dripping down their faces. But that didn't stop them. All the ninja in the room were just punching and kicking away, nonstop for the past 10 hours. Only being able to rest for a snack and a little chat.

But after a tough days work, it all seemed to satisfy all the ninja in Konoha. It was the country's goal to keep all the ANBU members and other basic ninja fit. All part of the Hokage's new program.

"That's it! Keep at it you guy's, dattebayo!" Naruto squealed excitedly. A big smile on his face as usual, with his assistant Sakura and his most trusted Shinobi, Sasuke. All were part of the new ANBU program. The whole team turned out to be gifted ninja. And remained the best of friends.

Even Sakura was said to think she got over her lifetime crush on Sasuke, after she found that the fling that they had had after the ceremony was just for a laugh. It shot her in the heart, but all that bypassed when she was comforted by Lee. Even with his injuries, Sakura was all he could think about, which brought the birth of their daughter Hana.(notice that i didn't say beautiful daughter...)

As Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke passed by all the ninja, Sasuke noticed a very familiar face. He saw a woman about four inches shorter than him. She had black locks that sway at the side of her face as she sparred with the straw stuffed mannequin.


He watched as she kicked the punch bag next to her disentangling it from the ropes and sent if flying towards the other ninja. Even Naruto flinched for a moment as he saw the kick bag flying towards him, but then he covered it with a decent smile and laugh.

"Hahahahh. Good one Hinata-chan! You've grown stronger in every single way, dattebayo!" laughed Naruto placing him hand behind his head.


Sasuke's eyes widened for a bit, but then a smile grew onto his face. He hadn't seen Hinata in so long. He'd almost forgotten how strong she was back then. Even though it didn't show, Hinata was one of the strongest girls Sasuke had ever met.

She suddenly stopped her kicking when she noticed the people watching her. So she took her towel and wiped her face and walked towards Naruto and them.

"Naruto-sama. Hey! I have not seen you in a while," Hinata said surprisingly extending out her hand for a handshake.

"OI Hinata-chan! You remember Sakura and Sasuke," he said happily introducing Sakura and Sasuke to her.

Hinata smiled happily at Sakura. She had not thought about the whole Sakura Sasuke incedent for long time now. After a while of working together at the Academy with her, the two turned out to be good friends. But not that close. She never attended Sakura's wedding with Lee, but sent her a wedding gift.

As she turned to Sasuke, all of that stuff returned. But not quite as much painful as you'd expect. She'd talked to Sakura about the Sasuke thing, and found out about the whole thing. But she still didn't get the courage back to tell him how she felt, even though it never disappeared.

She shook his hand politely never bothering to look into his eyes. He glanced at her sudden blush and remembered all the feelings he'd had for her a few years back. When she snatched her hand back he didn't feel rejected. Just amused that she would do that.

"Hinata! You were great out there! You should go on that mission with Sasuke that I had assigned to him a while ago. We're still looking for a worthy shinobi! Hahahah." Naruto winked at Sasuke.

He knew where this was going. Naruto had been trying to get Sasuke to get close to Hinata again ever since then. But this time, Hinata was right there next to him and he couldn't help but remember why he had a crush on her.

Everytime he would hang around with Hinata, he would always be able to put on his playful attitude out, and he wouldn't emberass himself. She would just laugh whenever he did and just look up at the sky. And then whenever she was angry at him, she would just try to make and angry face that looked serious but then ended up forgiving him the next day.

It was like night and day between the two's relations, but that didn't stop the two from loving. They cared for each other and comforted them everytime they needed help. But ever since then, nothing's ever been the same. But what Naruto was doing was just too soon.

"Us two?" the two exclaimed shocked.

"Absolutey, no way!" Sasuke replied.

"Sorry Naruto-sama...I uh...-" Sakura walked right up to her and smirked.

"Excuse us for a moment...What do you think you're doing?!" Sakura said holding onto Hinata's shoulder.

"A-are, are you gonna hurt me?" cried Hinata frightenedly.

"NO! Of course not! How many times do I have to tell people that I've change!! Ahem, anyways. Why won't you go with Sasuke? You know...I think he still likes you. Tehehehh," Sakura teased.

"But I-"

"No buts. Now listen you need to go over there and..." Sakura began to whisper into Hinata's ear a plan.

Sasuke watched this in disgust and began to gag. Even though Sakura didn't bother him that much anymore, he still seemed bothered whenever she was with him. It just seemed not right. That was when Naruto called over to him.

"OI, Sasuke-baka! Get over here!" Naruto hollered out in a whisper. Since he was the Hokage, Sasuke obeyed.

"What? You don't expect me to go with her now...dobe," he said calmly. He still managed to keep his cool in this kind of situarion. But in the inside, he was just a ticking time bomb waiting to burst.

"Just do it! Come on. Just think of it as a friend...thing...?" he saw Sasuke roll his eyes and shake his head.

"Nothing you can do, will make me change my mind..." Sasuke sighed looking upwards in a very serious look and then at Hinata smiling while talking to Sakura.

"Besides, what if she says no?" he said sadly

"Come on Baka! If she doesn't go, I'll be forced to send Sakura with you..." Naruto smirked as he saw Sasuke's eyes widened and made an even bigger gag. And saw his eye start to twitch uncontrolably.

"No Naruto. You don't know what that girl is capable of doing to me! I could be..." he gulped down nervously and contiued,

"...raped." At the sound of the world Naruto's eyes began to twitch as well but then snapped out of it and gave him a smack in the head.

"Oh, come on Sasuke get a grip! Pull yourself together and be the woman that I've always known you were!" Naruto said confidently punching into the sky. Sasuke built up and he felt really good inside.

"YEA! Wait did you just call me a woman?" he looked angrily at Naruto.

"NARUTO-DOBE..!!-" Sasuke was seconds away from strangling him when.

"Eetto. Naruto-sama...um..me and Sakura-chan were talking and I've decided that...u-um..." she paused. Sasuke glared at Naruto and gave him a pissed off nervous kind of look. Then his voice started echoing in his head.

"Besides...what if she say no?" He stared at Hinata and couldn't focus on what she was saying and heard the same thing over and over.

"What if she says no?"

"What if she says no?"

"What if she says no?" He was so focused on her answer that he didn't catch some of what she had to say to Naruto.

"No Naruto."

"No? Wait did she just say...no?"

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