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Chapter One:

Hailey coughed slightly then rubbed her chest.

For the past five years, she had been plagued by the cough that would never go away. Before that time, she was never sick nor had anything bug her this long.

Yet, her cough was the last thing on her mind.

Her family was her main concern for the past four years. She and Obi-Wan had been married close to five years and Leigh was fast approaching her fourth birthday.

Every day Hailey noticed more things about her daughter. From the way Leigh would scrunch up her nose like Hailey did when she was concentrating on something to her compassion that Obi-Wan possessed. And no matter how much Obi-Wan denied it, she was her father's daughter.

Hailey stood up from her desk and stretched. The chrono on her desk read 22:45. No wonder she was so tired. The stack of New Republic intelligence on her desk could wait until morning. That was the only bad thing about her job as Jedi liaison – too much work.

She quietly walked down the darken hallway towards her and Obi-Wan's bedroom, stopping only briefly at Leigh's doorway. It was barely opened and she could hear Obi-Wan telling Leigh a bedtime story.

She smiled to herself as she gently ran her hands along her stomach. No matter how worried and scared Obi-Wan was about being a father, he was the best. She had to admit the Force worked in mysterious ways.

As she slipped into bed, she hoped that Obi-Wan was coming to bed soon.

Obi-Wan tiredly entered his and Hailey's bedroom. He had just gotten Leigh down to sleep. He peered at his chrono, and saw that it was past 23:00. He spied his wife lying in bed. He smiled as he saw her dark blonde hair peeking out of the covers.

Using his Jedi stealth, he snuck up on his wife. Without any warning, he pulled back the covers in one quick and smooth motion. The sight that met him made his jaw nearly drop to the ground.

Hailey was awake. Oh yeah, she was awake.

She was also naked.

Very naked.

"See something you like?"

Obi-Wan's face didn't change as he swept over his wife's gorgeous body. He immediately felt an all too familiar heat in his nether regions. When the blood flow finally reached his brain, it clicked.

Leigh was asleep. Hailey was in their bed naked. They hadn't made love in over three weeks.

Obi-Wan was getting lucky tonight.

A huge smile crept up on his face as he quickly pounced on top of Hailey, and captured her in a fiery, passionate kiss. His hands began to roam over her exposed body, slightly pinching and stroking her tender areas. She moaned beneath him.

"Mr. Kenobi! Is that your lightsaber or are you just happy to see me?" she teased, an evil glint in her eye. He chuckled and removed the offending clothing. Obi-Wan grinned.

"Well it's too big to be my lightsaber. You should know better than that Mrs. Kenobi," he said kissing her deeply once again.

They began to slowly grind into each other. Not for the first time, Hailey Kenobi thanked the Force for her husband's Jedi precision had paid off. She couldn't help but moan. As they finally finished in a Force-shattering peak, they didn't notice the curious pair of eyes that stared in from the crack in the door.

It was early when Leigh Kenobi woke her parents up. She had been sitting by their door for some time now, curiously watching her parents doing very strange things. She wasn't scared. She was curious.

She forcefully pulled on her daddy's arm. "Daddy!" she said into his ear. He answered her with a mumble. She tried again.

"Daddy, wake up!"

"What is it, Leigh?" he asked, slightly irritated. He had only just gotten to sleep after another round of vigorous lovemaking.

"Why were you on top of mommy?"

That shot him straight up. Surely, he didn't hear what he thought he just heard…

"Excuse me, Leigh?"

She cleared her throat and spoke slowly. "Why. Were. You. On. Top. Of. Mommy?"

He felt the blush creeping up. Oh no. This wasn't happening. By the power of the Force, please, this couldn't be happening. For a moment, he swore he could hear the laughter of his old Padawan at his expense.

Leigh was too young for this conversation. Obi-Wan was too young for this conversation!

"Ah, Leigh, sweetie…"

"Why was Mommy crying for you? You were right there! Why were you lying on Mommy? Were you trying to hurt her?"

"No, Leigh, I wasn't trying to…"

"You were making the bed move. Can all Jedi do that, Daddy? Will I be able to make the bed move like that?"

'Over my dead body!' Obi-Wan thought to himself.

Once again, that familiar laughter filled Obi-Wan's ears.

"Well, Leigh, you see…"

"And you were saying funny things, Daddy. What is an orga…"

"What's going on here?" Hailey's voice interrupted, taking in the scene in front of her. Her husband was naked, huddled under the sheet, with a remarkably red face. Her daughter stood in front of him and had her 'lecture' face on.

"Daddy was making the bed move last night, Mommy," Leigh told her matter-of-factly.

'He sure was…' Hailey thought to herself.

"And he was saying funny things. But he won't tell me what, Mommy!" Leigh whined.

It clicked. Leigh had seen them last night. And now, she was lecturing poor Obi about it. A wicked thought came to her mind. She stealthily put on her nightgown.

"That's okay, Leigh. Mommy is going to make you breakfast now. But Daddy is going to explain everything to you," Hailey said slipping out of bed.

She smiled sweetly at her husband who had turned an even deeper shade of red, and closed the door.

Leigh smiled and climbed on the bed next to him.

"Why does Mommy like it fast, Daddy?"

He heard Hailey's evil laughter through the door but swore the signature loud guffaws of Anakin Skywalker filled his ears as well.

Obi-Wan stood on the veranda looking down along the beach. Hailey and Leigh had gone for a walk along the lake, as they did every morning that they were on Naboo. And every morning, he would sit on the veranda and meditate until Leigh would come running up the stairs and plop down on his lap.

But instead, this morning Obi-Wan was lost in thought. His thoughts dwindled on something that Hailey had told him the night before…

Obi-Wan held Hailey close to him while they recovered from some long overdue "alone" time. He gently kissed the top of her head and closed his eyes.

He was the luckiest guy in the galaxy.

"Obi?" Hailey gently asked, making sure he was still awake.

"Hmm?" he answered.

He felt her move in his arms and when he opened his eyes; she was sitting up next to him, smiling slightly. She gently ran her hand along his smooth, yet strong jaw line, leaned over, and kissed him.

"I'm pregnant," she whispered as she pulled away after the kiss.

Obi-Wan's eyes went big and a smile spread across his face. This was one of the happiest moments of his life. He and Hailey were going to have another child and Leigh was going to have a little brother or sister…

Obi-Wan was snapped out of the memories by a loud wailing from the beach, as well as something in the Force.


He took off in a sprint down the stairs towards the beach. It was Leigh screaming. Something was wrong with Hailey.