Me: I'm back

Me: I'm back! And I don't own Digimon.

Tai: That's a good thing. Who are the couplings now? Wait-let me guess. Taiora, right?

Me: Wow! I'm impressed. What'd you do-read my mind?

Tai: I know you like I know the back of my hand. (looks at back of hand in shock) What the h**l is that?

Sora: (giggles) Sometimes Tai, you're too funny for words.

Tai: I know. (kisses Sora)

Me: (groans) Save that for the story!


The Return of the Evil Clone


"Tai…don't do it. Please, he's too powerful for you to handle alone."

"I've got you by my side. That's all the extra power I need. Don't forget-I'll always love you."


Confused, huh? Don't worry: I'll backtrack a bit-about two or three days ago-and fill you in on the parts you missed. I'm Taichi Kamiya, but please call me Tai; all my friends do.

It's been a little over a year since we first defeated my clone Taichi and banished him and Daemon to the World of Darkness. We've led some different lives since then.

Most of us older DigiDestined are in college now-actually, all of us are!

Joe's a college senior and still studying to be a doctor with Gomamon as his assistant-apparently, Gomamon refuses to be called Joe's nurse!

Mimi and Izzy are both college freshmen and enjoying life away from their parents just like the rest of us. I think Mimi's enjoying it a little too much, though-she fell into a bad crowd and almost got accepted into this bogus club on campus if it weren't for us. She had to do some stupid initiation that involved a keg of beer. If it hadn't been for Palmon e-mailing the rest of us, I don't know what would've happened to her. She thanked us for it the following morning-after her major hangover passed, though.

Matt, Sora and I are college sophomores and just trying to coax our way through, even though we know it isn't all just fun and games. Amazingly enough, Matt's managed to juggle time between his schoolwork and his band.

The younger DigiDestined are enjoying life in high school just like we did!

Yolei's a junior and nervously awaiting her junior prom in the hopes that Davis will remember that it's her junior year and that he'll ask her despite the fact that he isn't a junior yet.

Davis, Kari, T.K. and Ken are all sophomores and just being like myself, Sora and Matt-trying to coax their way through; Davis is literally trying to coax his way through!

Yolei makes sure that he passes all his courses and his tests so he'll be able to take her to every single event the school holds.

Cody is in eighth grade and anxiously awaiting his high school years-I don't remember being excited about my first day of high school! The only reason I went at all was because Sora was going. That's right-I forgot to mention what's going on with Sora and I!

Like Matt, Sora and I are college sophomores and our relationship hasn't changed much-except for the fact that Sora and Matt seem to be talking more and seem to be avoiding me before, during and after class! I keep trying to ask Matt what's going on, (he and I are roomies in the dorm room) but he's asleep whenever I come in and gone when I wake up.

I know I shouldn't be worried, but I am. What if Sora's falling for Matt again like she did during the old days? Agumon keeps reassuring me that things will turn out all right, like they always do, but I wasn't so sure about it.

Anyway, I bet you're confused on this whole situation and asking yourself, "How'd they remember about the whole thing with Taichi? I thought Gennai erased their memories with help from Azulongmon!" Don't worry; I'm getting to that. It started like this…

All was dark in a certain part of the Digital World, until a burst of bright light suddenly appeared in the air. A figure comes flying out of that light and the light fades back to black. The figure stands to his feet, and the shocking part is this-he looked exactly like me!

The clone, whom we know as Taichi, eyes his Digivice, which is smoldering with smoke, due to the enormous amount of power he'd used to get out of that other world.

"I'm back in the Digital World! Now, to get revenge on the one who trapped me here-my goodie two shoes self-Tai! But, how to go on about it? This will require some thought…"

Now, I had no idea that Taichi had escaped from the World of Darkness-in fact, I had no idea he existed until Gennai paid Sora and me a visit! It happened a few days ago when she came by my dorm room one afternoon.

"Tai? Are you okay? You hardly spoke one word to me at all today." I eyed her with a cold look in my eyes that I only showed to evil Digimon who were attempting to take over the Digital World. She flinched back, scared of the look in my eyes.

"What would you care? You haven't spoke one word to me since the Valentine's Dance! What's going on with you and Matt? I thought we were supposed to be best friends! You've hurt me countless times in the past, but this has got to be one of the worst times ever."

I turned away from Sora, refusing to look her in the eye any longer. I was forced to when a heard a quiet sobbing and knew her beautiful crimson eyes were spilling over with tears. I silently cursed myself for making her cry when she was only trying to figure out what was wrong, but I had a right to be mad-didn't I? I turned and pulled her into my arms and started crying myself. The only time I ever allowed myself to cry was when something happened to me that only Sora could fix.

"I'm sorry for hurting you, Sor. But, look at it from my POV, huh? What would it be like if your best friend was suddenly spending time with your other best friend and completely ignoring you? What could you think, huh?" Sora pulled away and wiped the tears away from my eyes and sniffled a bit.

"Taichi Kamiya, were you jealous?" I blushed a bit and turned away, but not before wiping away the tears off of Sora's cheeks.

"No! Why would I be jealous of you and Matt-besides the fact that he's a rock star and all famous and I'm still a soccer jock from high school who probably will never go pro in his lifetime."

Sora turned me around so I was facing her and I visibly gulped as I saw anger flash in her eyes; I knew I was in big trouble, since I'd rather be facing the Dark Masters again than have an angry Takenouchi in my room.

"Now you listen to me, Taichi: You will succeed in your dreams, you will become a pro soccer player and you will go off and have a wonderful life, do you hear me?! Especially if it isn't with me…" The look of anger soon changed to one of sorrow and I was confused on why she'd care about the rest of my life.

"What are you talking about?"

"I saw what happened that day you and the guys saved Mimi during her initiation. She kissed you! Doesn't that mean something, Tai?" Sora's eyes started brimming with tears again, and I laughed a bit.

"Sor…Mimi kissed all of us! She was still a bit drunk from her initiation. If there's someone she kissed longer than me, it was Matt. There's only one girl for me. And I think it's time you know who that girl is." I held my breath as I called up the last of my courage and tried to stay quiet, knowing that Agumon was sleeping under my bed sheets.

"A-and that girl w-would b-be…?" Sora stammered a bit as she tried to get on the same page as I was and I smiled as I leaned closer to her and closed my eyes. Sora blushed as she closed her eyes and leaned forward toward me…

Then my computer shined a bright light and Gennai stepped out from it, waking up Agumon and effectively killing the romantic moment between us!

"Oops. Did I come at a bad time?" Sora and I both blushed and stepped back from each other.

"Can't you give us some Digital pagers or something so that, if you need us, you can simply page us if you need us?!" I demanded angrily.

"That's why you guys have your Digivices. Now, we've got trouble. Tai, your clone's back and he means to cause trouble for you and your friends. I know you don't remember, so here-touch this. Both of you."

Sora and I eyed each other, but Gennai had given us no reason to not trust him in the past, and he had gotten Gatomon's tail ring back to her, so we both reached for Azulongmon's core and touched it. It started glowing a bright color, and we started to remember…

How Taichi had been created in the first place…(That was from my memories)

Taichi's first appearance in the Real World…

The first battle he and I had in Alaska, as well as Sora crying out that she loved me…

The destruction of our Crests and Digi-Eggs…

The journeys us DigiDestined took to retrieve our Crests and Digi-Eggs and to receive our powers…

Omnimon against Black Omnimon…

The final battle Taichi and I had in the World of Darkness…

Me trapping my clone in that World, and Gennai stripping our memories and powers away with Azulongmon's core…

The light faded, and Sora and I embraced, our memories finally restored to us whole and complete.

"Tai, I'm so sorry I kept you out of my life, but Matt didn't want you involved! He's been trying to ask Mimi out but she's either busy with work or hanging out with Izzy and Joe. He didn't want you involved in this, since he was still afraid you resented him from that one Christmas."
"It's okay, Sora. And that thing between Mimi-I was telling the truth."

"You never gave me a reason to doubt you before, Tai."

"AHEM!" Sora and I broke apart to see a very irritated Agumon peek his head out from under the covers. "If you're done playing kissy-face, I believe we've got work to do!"

I nodded. "Right. Sora…contact the others. I have a feeling that this is going to take a lot longer than a day to accomplish."

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