Me: I don't own Digimon

Me: I don't own Digimon. I never thought I'd drag an epilogue out like this for so long, but I've finally got time to finish it up-for the time being.

Tai: I'm glad! That means we can all kick back and relax in your house.

Me: Over my dead body!

Davis: That can be arranged.

Me: I think not.

Davis: Oh, yeah?

Me: Yeah!

(Davis and I get into a huge fight; the others are betting pools on who'll win)

Tai: I've got $100 on DC!

Kari: I may not like Davis, but he's younger and quicker, so I'll see that bet.

Yolei: Me too!

Sora: Make it $200 for DC!


Epilogue-A True Hero of Courage

The team and I gave Gennai some room inside the tiny dorm room, as his solemn look didn't fade away. I knew what had happened to my clone, since he was a part of me, but I needed to hear it from his lips that he was gone. Sora eventually popped the question, and I'm not talking about marriage.

"Is he…?"

"Yes. Tai knew what would've happened if he had sacrificed himself, as did his clone, so in order for things to be set right, Taichi sacrificed himself so that Tai could live and love to the fullest."

Sora was struggling to hide her tears, as was I. If it weren't for Taichi, she would be in a deep depression over my death, if I had died while taking on Daemon.

"Thanks, Gennai."


I separated myself from the others to get some downtime on my own, but someone wanted to make sure that nothing happened to me and I knew who it was even before I'd left the building.

My thoughts were my own, but they were as close to hers as hers were to mine. My clone had done the ultimate sacrifice for us as well as the Digital World, our Digimon and the Real World. That in itself took real courage to pull off. In effect, Taichi was a true hero for us-a hero of Courage.

"You know just as well as I do why Taichi sacrificed himself, Sora. If I'd gave up my life, you'd be contemplating suicide, so my sacrifice would've been in vain. Taichi was a clone of me, so he couldn't very well exist in my place for one main reason-he had a very dangerous and destructive dark side to combat with, and his was more demanding than the dark side inside me. There would've been no way for him to ever win against it, because he'd been made from all the evil thoughts I'd had. And two Tais can't exist in the same place in the same time. Do you understand?"

I could feel Sora eyeing me with a look of wanting. That's how we connected so well-she knew my thoughts almost instantly, and vice-versa.

"I think I do, Tai. In a way, I am sad that your clone died to save us, since he was a part of you. But, in another way, I'm glad that it wasn't you who had to die. I prefer kissing the real thing to just another carbon-copy." I couldn't help but smile broadly as I pulled her close to me for a kiss…then a tiny flash of light temporarily blinded me. When my vision was restored, I saw a giggling Kari on the sidelines.

"Why you little…" Laughing, I shot toward her like a jet. She ran off, but I didn't let up. I heard Sora giggling up a storm behind me and I knew things would be all right. Taichi would always be a part of me because his essence was in me. In the end, the good won out over the evil like it always had and it always would.

Each of us has a good side and an evil side within us

Good and evil continually war inside us during the choices we make

Occasionally, the good wins out; in other instances, evil reigns supreme

But, no matter the outcome, when all is said and done,

Good will triumph against evil once and for all…