An Echolls Family Truth

Summary: Logan's childhood. Trina knows about the abuse, but why does she mock Logan about it? Starts when he was 12, and continues until he's 18.

A/N: Hey guys :D This is my first VM fiction, so don't laugh, haha. I hope I have all the basic stuff right. To clear it up, this starts off when Logan/Duncan/Veronica are 12, and Lilly is 13 I suppose. And they never gave an official age for Trina, did they? So let's say 5 years older, making her 17 at the start.

Logan Echolls kicked the soccer ball back to his best friend, Duncan Kane. They were playing the last soccer game of the season, unless they won this one, which would put them in the championship. With just a few minutes left, the game was tied.

"Logan, get open!" Veronica Mars yelled. The team had recently been made co-ed, which didn't bother Logan a bit, truthfully. Logan stole a glance at the clock and saw that those "few minutes " had dwindled to a "few seconds". Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his father signing autographs. His heart skipped a beat. Aaron Echolls was not suppose to be there. Logan had the luck that his father had mostly been gone on movie shoots while he was playing games. Most kids would probably be mad at this, but when Aaron was watching, Logan felt much more stressed.

Aaron saw Logan and waved. "Get 'em, Logan!" He called. Logan swallowed and heard Duncan yell his name.

He tried to focus to find the ball and finally saw it, shooting towards him. He neared the ball and got ready to shoot it. He grinned knowing that he was going to be the reason that his team finally got to the championships, when he heard his father's booming laughter. For a split second he froze up, but shook it off and looked down. To his dismay, the ball was already gone. Then he heard the other team begin to scream in triumph just as the buzzer signaled the end of the game.

"Logan, are you kidding me?" Dick Casablancas screamed at him. "Good job, dude," some kid on the opposing team said, smirking at Logan as he walked by.

Logan slipped his foot out and laughed as the kid went face-first into the grass. "Good job," he sneered.

Their coach just smiled at them, trying to hide his disappointment. "This has been a great season, guys. I'm very proud of you guys. Logan, you need a ride home?"

"No, my dad said he'd take him home," Duncan said, packing his bag.

"My-" Logan started saying, then realized that he'd much rather go to the Kane household where Jake would probably feed them ice cream and they would go swimming, rather than go home with his father and get a lecture about how much he sucked. He would just tell his dad he didn't see him. "Alright, cool. Thanks Mr. Kane," Logan said, smiling at Duncan's older sister, Lilly.

"Logan, is that-" Mr. Kane started, but Logan shook his head hard. Jake got the hint and grabbed Logan and Duncan's bags. Logan, Duncan, and Lilly waved good-bye to Veronica, who's father Keith had just jogged up next to her. Keith Mars and Jake Kane eyed each other, muttering icy greetings.

"Logan! Logan!" Logan faintly heard Aaron call. He started coughing to drown at the sound so the Kanes wouldn't hear.

Everyone climbed into Jake's Wrangler, laughing and talking, the lost championship already forgotten. Logan nervously looked in through the back window and saw his father glaring at him, singing autographs at the same time.

Logan knew that the one thing that set his father off was embarassing him. Not the soccer game, no, that was just a screw-up. But Aaron Echolls hated his son doing something like ignoring him in front of adoring fans or media.

Logan also knew that he would more than likely pay for it the next time he went home.