An Echolls Family Truth, Chapter Twenty-two

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"I have to go see Lilly," Logan mumbled, shoving his stuff back in his bags.

"Logan, dude, don't be such a bitch. We're leaving tomorrow," Dick said, half-asleep.

They had drove down to Mexico two nights before, along with Beaver. It had been two days of surfing, drinking and various women.

"Shut up. I have to go," Logan said, throwing a pillow at Dick.

"Whatever. No one likes a pussy-whipped dude."

Logan rubbed the shot glass he had bought Lilly and made sure the letter he had spent most of last night writing was in his bag.

"Bye, I'll be back tonight," he said, remembering that he was the only one who brought a car. It would've been easier to force Dick and Beaver to get up and leave then, but he knew the probability of that happening was very little.

Logan spent the car ride debating over what he was going to say to Lilly. He had messed up, but she had messed up more. He didn't want to lose her forever, and if he accused her of anything…He knew that he would have to be the one to apologize, just like it always was.

By the time he got to Neptune, he was nearly falling asleep. It had been an all-nighter between getting back to the hotel late and writing the letter. He knew that Lilly had a carwash for the pep squad.

He drove into the alley across from the car wash and just turned off his car. He stared at the girl that, for two years, had messed with his head yet she was also the first true love of his life.

They had been through everything. He had a sneaking suspicion that she may know about his little family secret. She had commented on the bruises before and had rubbed his sore spots. She had never said anything, had never had to—if Logan knew that she at least knew about it and would be there for him, it was okay.

But as he watched her wash cars, laugh with her friends and flirt with drivers, he got a feeling. He and Lilly would never have a functional relationship. She didn't need him in the same way he needed her. She could have anybody in the world, and she knew it—and Logan wasn't 'anybody'. He may have been the kid of an actor, but at Neptune she could have relatives of major politicians, sons have inventors, sons of other wealthy actors.

She didn't need Logan.

He blinked back tears and stepped out of his car. He went over to the parking lot where he had seen her car. As usual, her windows were down. "No one will fuck with Lilly Kane," she had told him one day when he chastised her for not putting her windows back up.

He put the shot glass and letter in her passenger seat and walked away. After he got back in his car, he started his car up and saw Veronica and Lilly talking.


She was the reason of this latest fight. The bitch was probably just bitter because Duncan had just broken up with her, and now she was trying to ruin Lilly and Logan.

His car roared to life and he took off, knowing that his relationship with Lilly was truly over.

He got back to Tijuana and Dick and Beaver were back in the water. He got ready and went out to join them.

"What happened with Lilly?" Dick asked once Logan had swum out to where they were sitting on their surf boards.

"Fuck Lilly. I give up. Logan Echolls," Logan started dramatically, "is no bitch!"

"That's my boy," Dick exclaimed. "Fuck women!"

"I think you two have taken care of that this weekend," Beaver said.

"Yeah and I think you haven't. You aren't my brother," Dick said, rolling his eyes.

"Thanks, prick," Beaver mumbled.

"Thanks, prick," Dick mocked him in a high-pitched voice, grabbing the side of Beaver's board and turning it over. He and Logan laughed as Beaver flipped around and ended up in the water, sputtering angrily at his brother.

"Why can't you just let us sit and have fun? You're such an ass!" Beaver snapped, swimming back towards the shore.

"And you're such a little girl!" Dick called after him.

"I guess we should head back," Logan said after they surfed for another hour as Beaver brooded from the shore.

The drive back was mostly quiet, with Beaver still mad at them and Dick exhausted from his alcohol-sex-alcohol-surf-wash, rinse, repeat weekend.

Logan dropped Beaver and Dick off at their house. When he got back to his house, he sat in his car and stared at his house. When they first moved there, he thought it was big and beautiful. Now it was a looming, ugly…He couldn't think of enough words to describe the feelings he got when he drove up to that house.

He reluctantly got out when he saw Trina open the door and wave him in. He grabbed his bags and froze when he got into the house. It was eerily quiet, and he knew something was wrong.

"What'd I do? I've been gone for 3 days!" Logan demanded of Trina.

Trina, for the first time since he could remember, did not have her bitch face on.

"Oh, Logan…" She trailed off.

"What?" He asked, noticing for the first time his mom standing in the doorway to the kitchen. She didn't have a drink in her hands.

"Is dad okay?" He asked, realizing that he was the only one not around.

"Logan," he tensed when he heard his dad's voice. "There's been an accident. At the Kane's," Aaron said slowly, walking down the stairs.

"What kind of accident?" He asked nervously.

"Son, I don't know how to tell you…"

"Just tell me!" Logan exclaimed, realizing that he had raised his voice at his dad. He slinked back as his dad's eyes flashed. But, surprisingly, he did nothing…Which made Logan's heart sink even more.

"It's Lilly, Logan. She's dead. Her parents…they found her near the pool. They think she was killed by someone," Aaron told Logan.

Logan felt his legs go weak but before he could fall to the ground, his dad was by his side.

And in another first, Logan wrapped his arms around his dad and cried in anguish.