Ok, I know that I have another story to work on but I finally have the idea of how I'm going to do this. For one thing it takes place in the after the first anime, and AFTER its movie. Also if anyone has seen Haragen kids why you'll know why Al isn't in this story, mainly because he wasn't mentioned in it. Oh ya, thoughts are in italics. So, here's the first chapter:

But first, the disclaimer: I don't own anything. I only have a mere computer, and my imagination.

Chapter 1

It was the year 2005 and a blond haired, yellow eyed old man woke up after a pleasant dream of his original home. He had a mechanical arm and leg but, nobody knows why and how he lost his arm and leg, or where he even got such advanced, mechanical limbs. To his anger and dismay he woke up to a musty smelling retirement home. The man's name is Edward Elric. He's 100 years old and everyone thinks he's crazy. On the small occasions that he now talks, it's about of place where alchemy progressed instead of machinery. Where he traveled with an empty armored suit who called him, Nii-san or Brother. Where he had been a pretty well respected teen mainly because of his abilities. Sounds crazy huh?

Meanwhile, a raven haired teen with baby blue eyes was talking to an over weight, bald teacher. The boy was Danny Fenton, and the teacher, Mr. Lancer. Danny, of course, isn't just any average teen, if he was, then this story probably would be pretty meaningless and a waste of time. The boy had in fact, ghost powers and a, you could say, split personality. He is none other than the infamous ghost Inviso—oops, sorry, I mean, Danny Phantom. The same Danny Phantom, one might add, who is hated by mostly everyone in town even though he only tries to do good.

"-but Mr. Lancer I-" Danny tried to explain.

"No buts. This is the only other way that I'm going to let you pass this class, and if you don't pass at least this class, you'll have to be held back! You only have to do 40 hours of community service," interrupted Mr. Lancer.

"Why?" asked Danny. He began thinking; I already do a heck of a lot of 'community service' already…

"Because, I told every one that doing community service would count as extra credit, and right now Daniel, you need a lot of extra credit to pass. Understand?"

"Fine." Danny grunted. Well, mine as well get started then… "Uh…Mr. Lancer? Can you tell me about any places that I could go?"

Mr. Lancer smiled and nodded, "There's a retirement home not to far away, down the block I believe. All you have to do is keep the elderly company because some of them don't get visitors."

Danny nodded and ran out to get a head start. He finally reached the doors and entered but was hit with a wave of what smelled like a hospital that had a really bad air freshener. Ugh…how could anyone stay here? Well…at least it doesn't smell like Foley...by Tucker Foley. He chuckled a little bit. At that very moment, Ed walked in and seeing as though Danny wasn't really paying any attention to what he was doing, he ran into him.

"Hey kid! Watch where you're going will ya? Dammit…kids these days…" he muttered…no wait, yelled angrily in a dry raspy voice.

"Sorry dude. Um, I wasn't watching where I was going." Danny apologized. And people think that I'm angry all the time… Ed walked away still muttering curses under his breath and Danny sighed as he walked to Information Desk. Behind the table was a younger woman, no older than 20 with blond hair in a pony tail and reddish brown eyes. She had a slightly solemn look on her face but quickly changed when she saw Danny.

"Hi! Welcome to Old Times Retirement center!" she said with extremely fake, enthusiastic cheer.

"Um, hi. Uh, I have to do community service for school and my teacher told me to come here and um…" Danny's voice trailed off.

"And you need something to do?" she finished off for him.

"Yeah. So, uh, what can I do here?"

"Well, I'll just assign you to one of the people who stay here and, well just keep that person company." She said while typing something into the computer. "But first I'll need your first and last name, phone number, and home address."

"Oh sure, Danny, Fenton, 856-555-1221, Fenton Works…can't miss it."

"All right, all done and here's the room number and name of the person you'll be assigned to." She handed him a piece of paper with the room number, 100 and the name Edward Elric. Danny thanked the woman and walked around trying to find the room. At last he found the room and knocked.

"What the hell do you want?" answered a familiar voice.

Oh crap…not this guy again…please tell me I'm hearing things, and mistaking this guy's voice for that that guy's voice. Danny knocked again without answering. He heard a loud thump, then some kind of mechanical sound coming from inside and eventually the door opened.

"What do you want?" the older man asked.

"Um, sorry, I'm Danny Fenton and I have to do community service for school and I-"

"I don't need your life story just tell me what you want."

"The lady told me that I have to keep a guy called, 'Edward Elric' company."

"Did she now…" he looked at Danny for a few moments. "So you can't leave at all?"

Danny shook his head, "I wouldn't be here if I could, but I really need the hours."

Ed sighed, "You well, seeing as though I don't have a choice…call me Ed. Just how long until you leave?"

"In a few hours…"

Suddenly, he caught sight Ed's hand. It wasn't gloved like it usually was so he could see that his hand was metal. Danny couldn't help but stare. He had never seen anything that was so intricate. Ed noticed that he was staring at it, rolled his eyes and said, "What?" he waved his hand around a little, "Never seen a metal arm before? Well, if you have to stick around, you have to get used to it."

"What happened to your arm?" Danny asked, slightly curious. He was going to have to make the best of the time he had to spend here so, why not try and start a conversation?

"Are you sure you want to know? It's a pretty long story." He looked slightly saddened.

"I'm guessing you lost it during a war right?"

Ed smirked, "No. Actually, my brother and I tried to bring our mother back from the dead."

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