A New Legend Begins

Bye The Dark Eco Princess Welcome to the sequel to the Final Race. Jak and Keira are about to become parents But Keira is having strange dreams and she wont stop until she finds out what the mean But is she's doesn't she will loss someone she loves

Chapter One: Dream

It has been seven mounts since the Kras City grand championships that Keira had won. Now every on was back in Haven City and back to the normal lives well accept for Jak and Keira who were expecting a baby!

Keira awake to the sound of bird's chirping and the sight of her beautiful boyfriend Jak. Keira placed a hand over her now very big belly and spoke. "Good morning son." One of Jak's ocean blue eyes flickered open "Good mornin gewjes" he spoke softly. Keira's emerald eyes frost on Jak and she spoke another "good morning. "How are you?" she asked.

"I'm good" he replied "and how are you and our son?"

"We're good." Keira replied.

Jak yawed and got out of bed "I'm going to take a shower, do you wish to join me."

Keira got out of bed and walked over to Jak and kissed his nose "No I'm" she was cut off by the baby kicking her "ohh. going to have some breakfast."

"Okay" Jak replied then walked off to take a shower.

Keira walked out into the kitchen and over to the fridge. She pulled out some Yakow milk and some fruit then she walked over the cupboard and pulled out two bolls and some serial. She placed the bolls on the table and poured the serial into the bolls. She sat down and began to eat her breakfast. She horde the shower turn off so she poured Jak's serial into his boll. Jak walked into the kitchen ten minutes later wearing blue boxes.

He kissed Keira and sat down beside her. "What are we gonna do today?" he asked.

"We're meeting Dax and Tess at the Naughty Ottsel for lunch" she replied.

"Sounds good" Jak said taking spoon full of serial into his mouth.

Later that day

Jak and Keira were walking to the Naughty Ottsel to meet Daxter and Tess for lunch. They walked in and sat at the bar and waited for Daxter and Tess.

"Where are they?" Jak asked.

"I'm not" she was cut off by Daxter and Tess entering the room.

"Hey Jak Hey Keira" came Daxter's voice "how are you two or should I say three."

"I'm good" Keira replied "and so is Jak and the baby."

"That's great" Tess said happily "so do you wanna eat here or go to Haven forest and have a picnic?"

"Lest go to Haven forest" Keira replied. "If that's okay with Jak."

"Its fine with me" Jak replied.

"Good I'll make some sandwiches and Dax you get the brisket," said Tess.

After making some sandwiches and other sorts of food the four were of to Haven forest for their picnic.

"So when is the baby drew?" asked Tess.

"Soon" Keira replied.

"Are you two nervous?" Daxter asked suddenly.

"A little" Keira replied. Jak looked at Keira and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. She hadn't told him that she was nervous but he had to emit he was nervous too. Having a child was not going to be a walk in the forest.

"So Keira what are you planning on naming the baby if it's a girl?" asked Tess.

"Well for one I don't think it's a girl" Keira replied "but if it is I like the name Sky or Jayde or Misty stuff like that"

"And if it's a boy?"

"I like the name Chase" Keira replied with out even taking a minute to think.

"Chase" exclaimed Jak "why do you like that name

"I just do" she replied "but if you don't like" she was cut off.

"No I haven't got a problem with it" Jak cut in "it's a nice name." Keira smiled warmly at Jak and kiss his nose and whisper in his era "I love you." "I love you too," he whispered back.

"Hey its getting late Daxy and we have to open up the Naughty Ottsel" Tess said then added "see ya two tomorrow."

"Yeah see ya" Daxter said then walked off with Tess.

"We should get home to" Keira began "it's gettin late."

"Okay lest go" Jak replied and hoped off the ground and helped Keira up.

Back home

Jak and Keira walked into their house that they had just brought a few weeks ago. They needed more room for the new family member. It was two stories and very beautiful; the colour of the outside was a white/cream colour with grey/green trim. The colour of the mane bedroom was an off white with a lavender trim. The bathroom was white with blue trim and blue floor tiles. The kitchen was white with orange trims. And last but not lest was their expected son's room the walls where a pale blue with deep blue trim. Their excepted son's beautiful wooden cot was sat agents the wall and the change table agents the other wall and a blue couch in front of a window.


He offered a hmm in reply.

"Do you think we'll be good parents?" Keira asked.

"I'm sure we'll do fine" Jak replied and wrapped his arm around Keira and kissed her head. "Now what do you feel like for diner?" he asked.

"Just something simple" Keira replied.

"Simple as in what?" he asked.

"How about fish and chips."

"Sound good to me." Jak replied.

Later that night

Keira had just clumped into bed and picked up a book to read. Jak walked into the room and striped down to his boxes and clumped into bed as well.

"Whatcha readin" he asked.

"Expecting mother's" Keira replied.

"Sound exciting."

"Jak its to help me" she said a with a hint of anger in her tone.

"I know that" Jak replied scratching the back of his neck nervously.

"Sorry Jak" Keira began "you know I've been a little moody lately."

"You can say that again" Jak said half joking half serious, "Remember the time you-" he was cut off.

"Shut up!" Keira yelled and threw a pillow at Jak. Jak moved close to Keira and their lips touched in passionate kiss.

"I love you Keira" he said softly and again brought his lips to hers.

Keira pulled away and spoke sweetly "I love you too Jak… so much." Jak smiled warmly and kissed her lips and moved down her neck and whispered, "I love you… I love you." He pulled a way and locked eyes with Keira's he could see she was tired. "Lets get some sleep" he said and kissed her lips softly. And with that they fell asleep in each other's arms for the thousand time.


Darkness, Darkness everywhere as far as the eye could see. "Hello" Keira called out. No answer, the sound of crying filled the hall. But it was not of a baby it was Keira. The darkness faded and turned into graveyard. Keira walked up to a gravestone and the gravestone read Jak Mar. Died of

End of Dream

"Jak!" Keira screamed as she woke.

Jak woke up and sat up and looked at Keira "What? What's wrong? He asked.

She turned her head to see Jak staring at her. "Nothing… Just a bad dream… that's all." She replied.

Jak nodded and gave her a kiss on the check and they both laid back down and went back to sleep. But be for Keira went back to sleep she spoke to herself "Something's wrong with Jak. But what?"

To be continued

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