Okay here's my next story for High School Musical!Yay!Okay here's just the trailer...okay I never wrote a trailer for any of my sotries so just bear with me. Bold;Narrator italic; scenes, talking

October 20, just another regular day but not for some students at East High

shows the 'gang' walking through the hallways of East High which were nicely decorated for Hallowen.

when suddenly they are appoached by a man in his late 30s carrying suitcase.

They are offered a trip in a place across the country.

"I am offering you all a free trip to Williamsburg in Pennsylavania for a 2 weeks"the man said.

They accept the trip but they had no clue about the surprises awaiting them.

Shows the gang walking up to the manison that they would be staying. Across the street was a cemetry. (screen goes black)

They will be watched, but by who?

Shows a production studio watching the gang by hidden cameras.

Scene goes to 3 teenagers standing there, looking at the manison. (screen goes black)

What happens when they are on a scary new reality show called Halloween Nights ?

Shows a television playing the Halloween Nights theme song.

Will they stick together trying to survive or will they die trying?

Shows two colonial dressed girls playing on the playground.

(screen flashes)the gang watching television when the tv starts flickering and the lights go out.

(screen flashes) Shows a darken room. You can hear footsteps and a hear a ear piercing scream.

(screen flashes again) paintings hanging in the hallway starts falling off.

Shows Sharpay screaming. (screen goes black)

Sometimes Halloween isn't the best holiday...

Halloween Nights coming in late September and early October.

So what do you think? Williamsburg is in Pennsylvania, obviously. It's a very colonial town, some stores and families still dress in colonial style. So please review!