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Chapter 11 Coming Back Home

At Camren's house

"What are we gonna do now"?TRoy asked.

"Camren!Can you come in the kitchen for a second"?Anne (CAmren's mom) called from the kitchen.

"Sure mom"Camren said. She got up and walked into the kitchen.

"What is it mom"?Camren asked walking up to her mom.

"I was wondering if you could pick your sister from Margreet's house right now"?Anne said.

"Mom! Lily's nine years old! She can walk home by herself! Besides I have better things to do"Camren whined.

"You know I like when Lily walks home by herself in the dark, and what other better things"?Anne said.

"Like trying to figure out how to get "Halloween Nights" cancelled"Camren said.

"Well that show is gonna get cancelled one way or another"Anne said.

"What do you mean"?Camren asked.

"Well that mansion is pirvate property of Williamsburg, so if you wanna use that house for anything, you have to get a permit from cityhall...and from what i heard JAson Monde and his crew are trespassing private property"Anne explained. Suddenly Camren had an idea.

"That's it"!Camren exclaimed.

"What's it"?Anne asked.

"No time to explain mom"Camren said and ran out the kitchen.

"Don't forget to pick Lily"Anne called.

"Moommmm"!Camren whined.

"You either do it or no party next month"Anne said.

"Fine'Camren muttered.

"So you actually think that cityhall will do something about this"?Gabriella asked, while they were walking over to cityhall.

"I think so, well at least give it a chance"Camren said with Lily by her side.

At Cityhall

"So you think that this guy named Jason Monde is trespassing private property"?one of the mayor's representative said after the teens explained about the show and JAson. The teens nodded. Th representative just bursted out laughing.

"Not to be rude or anything but why are you laughing"?Sharpay asked.

"You teenagers all have imaginative minds these days"the representative laughed.

"We're not kidding"Troy said. The guy just kept laughing.

"Why are you laughing Walter"?a voice asked from behind them. They turned around and saw the mayor of Williamsburg, Mayor Silva.

'Because these teenagers appear to think that a guy named Jason Monde is trespassing private property"the man named WAlter said.

"Jason Monde"?the mayor repeated. The teenagers nodded.

"Well then, kids I think it's best that youl be on your way now"Mayor Silva said.

"But what about-"?Chad started.

"Don't worry about that, I'll take care that"Mayor Silva said. The teenagers sighed and walked out.

"You think that the mayor will actually do somthing to fix this"?Ryan asked.The others shook their heads.

At the Studio

"Jason, we go on in 3 minutes"the producer warned. Jason nodded. Just then TRoy and Chad walked into the studio.

"May I help you gentlemen"?one of Jason's assistance asked TRoy and Chad.

"Uh yeah we're looking for Jason"Chad said.

"I'm sorry but Mr.Monde is about to go on air maybe if you come back after the show-"the assistance started but was cut off by JAson.

"Helen, who are these men"?Jason asked looking at Troy and Chad.

"I don't kow sir, they wanted to see you"the assistance named Helen said.

"Yes, do you guys know that you're trespassing private property"?Chad asked.

Jason chuckled and said"I don't know what you're talking about".

"Yes you do, that house that you're fiilming is private property"Troy said.

"That's absurd"!Jason exclaimed.

"No it is not!"someone said from behind them. They turned around and saw Gabriella and Camren, along with mayor Silva and a couple of police men.

"Jason Monde, you're under arrest for trespassing private property"mayor Silva said. The officers handcuffed Jason.

"Halloween Nights is cancelled"mayor Silva said. TRoy and Chad walked up to Gabriella and CAmren.

"I thought you guys were gonna find Tessa and them"Troy said.

"WE were but then we saw the mayor coming..."Gabriella said as her cell phone started ringing.

"Hello?...You found them?!...Where?...Okay, we'll be right there"Gabriella said and hung up.

"Did they find them"?Camren asked.

"Yeah, come on"Gabriella said and walked outside. The others followed. Outside they found Taylor and Chad standing near a trailer.

"Where is everyone"?Troy asked as they walked up to Taylor and Chad.

"Home"?Camren repeated.

"Yeah, the officers decided to drive them to a hotel for them to stay since the mansion is haunted or whatever you wanna call it"Taylor explained.

"What about Tessa, Cole, Kyndra and MAry"Gabriella asked.

"Home"Chad said.

"Are they awake yet"?Camren asked. Taylor and Chad shook their head.

"Pardon me but the mayor has requested for me and my partner to take you kids to a hotel"a officer said, walking up to them.

"Okay"they said.

"Where's Lily"?Camren asked.

"With the others"Chad said getting into the car.

A few days later

"Well, the last few days have been quite..interesting"Kyndra said. Gabriella, Troy, Chad, Talyor, Ryan, Sharpay, JAson, Zeke and Kelsi were going back to New Mexico.

"Yeah but we need adventure once in awhile"Sharpay said as they walked into the airport.

"You know what guys?!We should come back and visit sometime in the summer"Kelsi suggested. The others agreed.

"But next time, we're coming to New Mexico"Tessa said.

"We'll keep in touch until then"Taylor said. They said"good bye" to each other and boarded the airplane.

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