The story of a life time.

Hey to all my reviewers out there! Thanks for reading! Enjoy the story. But be warned this story has character death.

Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, and Zuko walked into the place were the fire lord lived.

"Hello, hello avatar, son." Fire Lord Ozai stood in front of them and created a large ball of fire in his hand. "Good bye" he threw it.

"Katara look out!" screamed Aang

Katara ducked and waited for the ball of fire to kill her but it never came.

Toph stood behind her raising a wall of rock to stop the blast.

"Father you bastard!" yelled Zuko

"Katara get Toph and get out!" cried Sokka chucking his boomerang.

It was Aang, Sokka, and Zuko now.

"You dare to challenge me!" asked Ozai "My own son, a boy, and a buffoon with no bending? I'll defeat you with ease."

With that he shot a fire ball at Aang. Zuko absorbed it.

"You are no father of mine."

Sokka handed a knife to Zuko. He threw it. It missed Ozai by a hairs breath.

"Aang now!" Yelled Sokka

This was what they had practiced. This was the end. Aang shot a blast of all the elements at Ozai. At the same time Ozai shot a great tongue of flame and as it hit it's mark Ozai died. But all was not well Aang lay dieing on the floor of the chamber. The fire had pierced his heart.

Katara and Toph had been watching the battle and when Aang fell, Katara ran in.

"Aang!" she screamed

"Katara it's my time to go."

"No Aang you can't die on me. You can't!"

"It's to late Katara. I can see Roku calling me. But I must tell you something before I go."

"No you won't die Aang I-I won't let you!"

"Katara, I'm sorry. I love you." He kissed her and let out his final, deep breath.

"AAAaaaannnggg!" Katara let her agony out in a wail. "No he can't be gone. He just can't. I can heal him I know it." She tried. And tried again. But to no avail. Aang was gone.

A few days later they held the funeral. Everyone who he had impacted was there. The water tribes, the villagers of kioshi, and even the fortune teller.

"Katara it will be ok" said sokka in an effort to comfort her.

"No it won't I loved him! I wish I was dead!" she screamed

"Katara I felt the same after Yue-"

"Just leave me alone sokka I don't care. My one true love is dead."

As Katara paid her last respects she mourned freely. Her eyes clouded with grief, she cried all her tears out. She did not move from where she knelt at the grave for over Eight hours.

Then she heard a noise. A growl of pain and anguish. And she knew with out looking that the bison Appa had gone. Just like Aang had left. Aang had left the South Pole, had left the world. Had left Katara.

Well what did you think? Please tell me. it took me over a month to write this. Sorry if it depressed you.