The Mother of a Hero

By pyrofreeze

The moment that he left, she could have sworn she felt it. When she called him down for dinner and received no reply, she already knew that he wasn't there, but she ascended the stairs to check on her son anyway, knowing that his room would be empty.

And so somehow, she couldn't bring herself to be surprised when she found his room empty with the windows open, and the drapes billowing slightly in the storm's harsh wind; she couldn't bring herself to be surprised, but she couldn't help but wish she hadn't been right. It's what mothers do you see; they may know that their child will be in danger, and they may try as hard as they might to protect them, but in the end… you can't shield a child from the world forever: they grow, they become independent, they move away from you and your protection, and there's nothing you can do about it. This, all mothers know, but for some, for some, it was harder to deal with than others; especially when you were the mother of a hero: one who would trod a path much harsher, and darker then any normal child.

Yes, she knew her child would be a hero; she could feel it in her soul that her son had some sort of task that he had been born to do. She also knew that when, and if she were ever to see him again, that he would be a man; after all, heroes couldn't stay children for very long; real heroes had to let go of the innocence of youth in order to walk their less then desirable path.

And so, the mother of the hero gazed out into what she knew was a less then normal storm, knowing all too well that she may never see her son again, and that he was about to face some of the toughest times of his life; but through all this, her face remained strong, and she refused to shed a tear. If her son was to be strong, she would be too, and she would accept her fate without fear.

Bracing her hands on the window frame, she gazed out into the raging sky and whispered her final blessing to her brave warrior. "Be Safe…Sora, my son…" She then closed her eyes, and let the darkness take her, knowing that there was nothing she could do anymore; her son had chosen his path, and not even she could deter, or protect him from it.

"Come home soon Sora."

A/N: Come on; did nobody but me wonder what happened to Sora's mom? Well… maybe I am the only one…