Pokemon: Life in Redville

Author's Notes: Well, I decided that after playing Pokemon FireRed, I should start a fanfic in the Pokemon section about 8 of my Pokemon I own in Pokemon FireRed, and I thank Pokemon Mystery Dungeon for sparking me this idea. In fact, I thought it'll be great to show you what my Pokemon do when they're not around with humans. So I created this fanfic, in which 8 of my Pokemon life together in harmony, and have many misadventures. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Pokemon characters. They all belong to Nintendo, but the Redville town belongs to Yoshizilla, so don't sue. Anyway, on with da show!


Prologue: Welcome to Redville

Charmander yawned loudly as he scratched his head. He got up in his bed and looked around. His house was rather small on the inside and outside, but he didn't mind, because he was a small Pokemon. Albeit, a reptilian Pokemon.

Anyway, Charmander got out of bed and walked outside his house. He smiled as he looked around the small town that was Redville. He, along with his friends Oddish and Ekans, lived peacefully in Redville ever since they were born. But since their parents have left at their early years, the young Pokemon had to cope with each other. And thus, came the birth of Redville, with five buildings occupying the space: three of them being home to each Pokemon, one building belonging to the post office, and the final building belonging to the food storage. The three Pokemon were all happy and in harmony with each other, but today, that all changed, for a Pokemon from another village came by, and thus, he would make Redville his home.

"Morning, Charmander!" Oddish greeted, waving her leaves around.

Charmander smiled and waved back. "Hello, Oddish. How are you this fine morning?"

Oddish giggled. "Oh, it's the usual. Getting up, drinking water, looking outside in this beautiful atmosphere, the usual."

Charmander stretched his arms out. "Yeah. It would be great if we had at least a couple of visitors, ya know, to have fun with."

Oddish nodded. "Yeah." She then thought up of something. "Hey, where's Ekans, anyway?"

Charmander shrugged. "Beats me. I think he went on a walk sometime earlier."


Ekans was taking a leisure stroll down the Redville gardens. He sighed to himself as he slithered happily. "Ahh…a peaceful walk, with nothing to ruin it…just peaceful."

He hummed a soothing tune to himself, when suddenly, a Magnemite bumped into him.

"Gah!' Ekans cried, falling into the flowerbed.

Magnemite sweatdropped. "Whoops…my bad. Did I get you dirty?"

Ekans growled, and then he wrapped his body around Magnemite in a tight grip. "You stupid Magnemite! What are you thinking?"

Magnemite gasped as he tried to get out of Ekans' grip. "Ack! Gack! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to bump into you! I just wanted to check out Redville!"

Ekans heard what Magnemite said, and he released his grip. "Is that so?"

Magnemite nodded. "Yes. I wanted to see how it is, so I can move in!" He smiled a bit.

Ekans looked at Magnemite for several seconds, and then he started chuckling. "Ho ho! What didn't you say so in the first place? I'll be glad to give you a tour!"

Magnemite cheered. "Woot! Let's go!"

Ekans nodded. "Sure thing! Follow me!" He and Magnemite started heading to the Redville township.


Charmander and Oddish were chatting for a few minutes, when Ekans and Magnemite came over.

"Hey guys!" Ekans said, pointing at Magnemite with his tail, "I'd like you to meet my new buddy, Magnemite!'

Charmander and Oddish both smiled and waved. "Hiya, Magnemite!"

Magnemite smiled and waved back. "Hiya, guys!"

Charmander laughed cheerfully. "It's great to have you here with us, Magnemite! What brings you over to Redville?"

Magnemite shrugged. "Well, the village from where I come from was too overcrowded, so I decided to seek a place much more peaceful and less populated, and well, I came here!"

Oddish smiled. "Magnemite, you're going to enjoy living at Redville? We're all friendly, and we also don't get as much tourism as we noticed."

Magnemite liked the comment he was granted. "Why thank you! Am I glad I came here after bumping into Ekans in the garden!'

Charmander gasped. "Wha? The garden?"

"So that's where you've been!" Oddish said, looking at Ekans.

Ekans shrugged. "Hey, can't I enjoy a peaceful walk once in a while?"

Charmander nodded. "True. Anyway…" He looked at Magnemite, "We only have three houses at the moment, but we can make a fourth house for you."

Magnemite gasped as his eyes flashed. "You mean…!'

Oddish squealed. "Yeah! You can live here with us!'

Magnemite let out a good cheer as the danced in the air. "All right! Thanks, guys!'

Ekans laughed. "Don't mention it." He gave Magnemite a map of Redville. "Here. You can look at this map while me, Charmander, and Oddish make your house."

Magnemite smiled. "Thanks, Ekans! I'm sure that I'll enjoy living here!' He started reading the map.

Charmander smiled, and he turned to Oddish and Ekans. "Let's go make the fourth house for Magnemite!"

Oddish and Ekans nodded. "Right!" The three Pokemon then ran to a blank spot nearby Charmander's house, and they started working on the new house.

Magnemite smiled as he looked up at the sky. "Man, am I glad to find this place. Who knows what can happen when I live here!"


Ladies and Gentlemen, that was the small, but detailed, pilot of my new Pokemon series. I hope that you'll enjoy these Pokemon's exploits as they live together to help their problems and overcome challenges!

Next time, we get the show on the way!

To Be Continued!