Pokemon: Life in Redville

Author's Notes: Sorry for the long delay on Pokemon: ife in Redville, ladies and gentlemen. Yoshi Kart kept me occupied, so I was unable to make a chapter for this story until this moment. I hope you all enjoy!

And special dedication to this chapter goes to Clario, who was kind enough to let me use one of his Pokemon characters Q2. And if you don't know who Q2 is, just go and take a look on Clario's profile before or after you read this. Enjoy!

Fishing Away

It was your average, yet beautiful day in Redville, with the birds in the background, and the wild grass Pokemon singing. Yes, all was peaceful and boring on this fine day until...

"Hey guys!" Ekans called out, holding up an envelope. "Look what me and Dratini got in the mail today!"

Charmander, Magnemite, and Oddish all rn up to Ekans, who were wondering what was in the envelope. Dratini also came out, and she appeared by Ekans's side.

"What is it, my king?" Dratini cooed in a sweet, soft voice.

Oddish giggled in excitement. "Is it an invitation? Is it a permit?"

"Bingo," Ekans answered, opening the envelope, "I just got a fishing permit from my good friend, Q2. He said that the lke down by the beach is free on Saturdays, and luckily, today IS Saturday!"

"All right, Ekans!" Charmander cheered, smiling widely as his eyes grew bigger with excitement, "Whoever this Q2 guy is, he sure is awesome!"

Magnemite nodded. "Yes. I'd like to meet Q2 sometime, too."

"Me three!' Oddish shouted.

Dratini smiled. "I guess it wouldn't hurt if we came face to face." She admitted.

Ekans chuckled, smiling as he did. "Luckily for all you guys, he's gonna be joining us at the lake in a few hours, so I can expect to see wide, broard smiles from you!"

"Like this?" Charmander, Magnemite, and Oddish said, smiling as wide and tall as they could.

Ekans sweatdropped. "Ummm...I didn't mean it like that..."

Charmander, Magnemite, and Oddish all fell down on their backs.

Dratini sweatdropped at the three fallen Pokemon, and then turned to Ekans. "Was that a good idea?"

Ekans slowly nodded his head. "Actually, now that you mention it, it wasn't." He sighed. "Let's just go to the fishing area."

"A great idea!" Charmander blurted out, as he watched Ekans and Dratini go back into their house, "But first, can you get us back up?"

Several minutes passed by, and Charmander was still calling out while Magnemite and Oddish waited patiently for Ekans and Dratini. It wasn't until 15 minutes later that Charmander gave up.

"Oh, screw it," Charmander sighed, "I'll just wait here until they get back."

"That's the spirit!" Magnemite and Oddish said in joy, although they, too, were a bit annoyed that they had to wait for Ekans and Dratini to return.

Author's Note: Yeah, not much of a beginning, huh? BUT...I can assure to you that it only gets better! What will happen as of this reading? You'll find out, when the Redville Pokeom go to the Lake to fish! Yee-haw! See y'all next time!