Sam's shotgun hit the pavement a split second after his Dean's. Sam ran around the back of the Impala and darted into the road. Rubber soles raced against rubber tires, both heading as fast as possible towards the seemingly paralyzed Winchester. His head down and his arms out, Sam slammed into his older brother. Dean's yelp of surprise was drowned out by the thunderous noise of the Mustang's engine as it raced by them, narrowly missing Sam.

Sam tried to angle his fall so that he didn't land entirely on top of Dean, but the whoosh of air that came out of Dean told Sam he wasn't completely successful. Sam pushed himself off his older brother and shot to his knees, ready to grab Dean if the car made another pass. He breathed a sigh of relief upon noticing the only two vehicles on the road were the Impala and their "borrowed" pickup truck. Sam turned his attention to Dean, who was slowly sitting up.

"Hey, you ok?" Sam asked, reaching out to help him.

Dean smacked his hand away. "I'm fine. My jacket's seen better days, though." he said ruefully, taking in the long rip that ran from just below his shoulder down to his elbow.

Sam stood up and again extended his hand. This time Dean accepted the help, offering a sincere, "Thanks, man." as he got to his feet.

"I think I sprained my wrist." Dean said as he gingerly picked pieces of gravel from his bloody palm.

Sam leaned in to look, wincing in sympathy. "Come on, we've got to get that cleaned up."

Dean shook his head. "First we get the hell out of here before that poor excuse for a muscle car comes back. Then we'll worry about fixing the wounds you inflicted on me."

"Fine. The next time a ghost car tried to make road kill out of you, I'll leave your petrified ass to get run over. How's that sound?" Sam playfully shot back.

Whatever comment Dean was about to make was lost as the sound of an idling engine cut through the quiet night. Sam's grin faded as he looked over Dean's shoulder to see the Mustang back where it was only a few minutes ago. A million thoughts raced through his mind as Sam tried to piece together a plan. Would they have enough time to get to the Impala before the ghost car reached them? What if it didn't start right up? Could they get it turned around before the ghost car came at them again?

Sam slowly raised his hand. Without taking his eyes off the Mustang, he whispered, "Keys."

Dean slowly reached into his pocket and placed the key ring in Sam's palm. He could tell from his little brother's expression that Sam had a plan. But there was no time for explanations. Dean had to trust that Sam knew what he was doing as they began backing towards the Impala.

Hands on the door handles, both men froze as the Mustang revved it's engine twice. When the car made no further movement they got in the car.

"The shoulder's level. Just make a fast u-turn and floor it." Dean said as he braced himself with his good arm.

Sam's eyes flicked over at Dean for a moment. He wasn't quite sure who he more afraid of at the moment; the deadly Mustang or the reaction of his brother once he realized Sam's plan. Taking a few deep breaths to steel himself up, Sam started the car.

Sam flicked on the Impala's headlights at the same time the Mustang's came on. Sending a mental apology to Dean, Sam steered the black car into the middle of the road and floored it.

"Sam! What are you doing? Sam!" Dean screamed as the Mustang raced straight at them. Sam's face was ashen as he sat back in the driver's seat, his elbows locked as he held the wheel in a deathgrip.

Seventy-five feet. The Mustang's high beams turned on. Fifty feet. Dean grabbed Sam's arm with his left hand, ignoring the pain in his injured wrist as he tried frantically to steer his car away from harm. Twenty feet. Sam wrenched his arm away and pushed Dean hard into the passenger door. Dean felt his heart skip a beat as he realized Sam wasn't going to back off. Sam was planning on seeing the ghost car's game of chicken to the end. Ten feet. A primal scream ripped from his throat as he tensed his body for the fatal crash.

But the crash never came. Dean nearly choked as a hand grabbed him on the shoulder. His eyes flew open as he gasped for air. He was slouched down in his seat, his arms in front of his face.

Sam removed his hand from Dean's shoulder and let it fall limply onto the seat. He pried his other hand off the wheel and shakily ran it across his face. Both brothers felt numb as they tried to comprehend what had happened.

"Is it gone?" Dean asked hoarsely.

"Uh huh." Sam said slowly.

"That was too close." Dean said breathlessly. Sam nodded in agreement.

Dean pushed himself upright in the seat, wincing at the pain in his injured wrist. "Come on, Sam. I don't want to be here when that damn thing comes back for another round."

"I don't think it will." Sam replied, a bit of awe still tinting his voice.

Sam glanced to his right, not quite meeting Dean's gaze. "It passed right through us. There was this bright flash of light, and then it was gone."

Dean's eyes narrowed suspiciously. "Did you know this was going to happen when you sent us headfirst at that thing?"

"Ye..yeah." Sam stammered unconvincingly. "Well, I was fairly certain. Big John said everyone who took on the car turned away before it reached them. The car keeps showing up on every full moon; obviously it had some unfinished business. I put two and two together. It made sense."

" 'It made sense.'" Dean repeated flatly. "What is wrong with you? You risk your life on a hunch? And you let me get in the car with you? And you used my car! This is the second time you put me and my car at risk because of one of your stupid hunches!" Dean shouted.

"That's not true!" Sam shot back.

"Do I need to remind you of my run in with the truck down in Missouri?"

"What? The plan worked, didn't it? Just like tonight." Sam weakly defended himself.

But Dean wasn't done. "And why the hell did you use my car? Why didn't you use the truck?"

"The truck?" Sam's hazel eyes widened as he looked in the rearview mirror. "I guess I forgot about it."

"Dude, you are such an idiot."

Sam opened his mouth to argue, then changed his mind. Granted, risking their lives on a theory probably wasn't his brightest move, but they'd often acted on less. "Look, the important thing is, it worked. And you have your car back." Sam ended on a positive note, hoping to shift the focus off himself.

Dean saw through Sam's meager attempt to change the subject, but was too exhausted and sore to continue. "Whatever. Let's just go."

Sam hesitated as he began to turn the key. "We should stop at the next town, do some research on the car. Just to make sure it's really gone."

"Oh we're stopping at the next town, all right. But the only research I'll be doing is how many beers it'll take to get that fantastic buzz back."

"Dean…" Sam began.

"Sam, in the last several hours my car was stolen by some little blonde bitch, the meager amount of money I won at pool my annoying kid brother blew getting info out of some reject from Hell's Angels, I nearly get flattened by a ghost car…a pretty-boy Mustang, no less, and then my dumbass kid brother decides to play chicken in my newly found car."

Taking a deep breath, Dean continued his rant. "Now, no one has died from going up against this ghost car."

"Not that we know of." Sam interrupted.

Dean held up a warning hand. "So even if your little experiment didn't work, there's no harm in letting it be for a little while longer. Besides, the next full moon is what, like a month away?"

Sam just nodded, knowing nothing he could say would change Dean's mind.

"All right. So, start 'er up. And keep your eyes open for the nearest bar. I need a beer like nobody's business."

"Fine." Sam conceded. Turning the car around, Sam couldn't resist one last dig. "How about I hang onto the keys this time?"

Dean glared at Sam. "Just drive, smartass." he said as he turned on the radio. With the sounds of Metallica pulsating through the car, neither Winchester heard the ominous revving of an unembodied engine as they drove off into the night.

The End

Author's Note: I'm thinking of maybe adding a sequel to this, but I haven't quite decided. So, hopefully this little ditty will stand on it's own for now. Thanks, I hope you enjoyed it.