Disclaimer: I don't own Farid or the line. "There was no going forward, and even worse, no going back." Those belong to Corelia Funke. I do, however, own a highly defective plot to get the rights to Dusty.

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Wish There Were Ghosts


Waiting for dawn to pierce this nightmare

With golden arrows.

Waiting for morning to drive the dark away.


Reaching for a hand to pull me out of the night.

Not that there ever was.

Reaching for a figure oceans and oceans away.

There's no going forward,

And even worse, no going back.


Dreaming of the one thing I can't have,

The one thing far away.

Dreaming of the home I found, gone forever now.


Wishing desperately for morning, but when I wake,

He's always gone.

Wishing I could travel all those oceans.

There's no going forward,

And even worse, no going back.


Searching for his fire to thaw the icy grip

Crushing my chest.

Searching for the craft he taught me, lost now.


Hating myself for saving him once,

But failing in the end.

Hating the fact that I can do nothing, now.

I'm standing on the edge of a void—

No going forward,

And no going back.

The void is a monster, it feeds on pain—

My own makes it larger every day.

No one can follow me where I am now—

I'm stranded between two worlds.

Hands reach for me, I can't touch them—

They're as ghostly as the only one I want to see.

But for me, there's no going forward

And no going back.

No life left for me, in this world or any other,

And for the first time, I wish there were ghosts.