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Chapter 21: So Much for Happy Endings

4 Months Later

Jude is now 4 months pregnant and she still looks as beautiful as ever. Oh, and guess what! We're married! We've been married for two months! Some people still can't believe I actually settled down. Not only that, but my solo album is a big hit. Just went in stores last week and already my song, Fast Cars and Freedom, is number 1.

Right now I'm in the studio and Jude is doing her last song for her album. Her third one had to be postponed since the wedding and her pregnancy. The first 2 months are always the worst. She's singing her new song while Wally and Kyle are still laughing at Spiederman's story. I say it's very funny when he showed up on our doorstep.

Speed: Listen! I was I supposed to know that he dad was going to walk in?

Wally: And chase you down 5 blocks.

They all laugh again and Speed slaps them. I turn my attention back to Jude. We were so excited for the baby and so was Stephanie. She told us she always wanted to have a baby sister. I'm hoping it's a boy though. Not that I wouldn't love to have a girl, but I'm already surrounded by them. It would be nice to have a boy in the family.

Jude: Tommy?

I press the button so I could speak to her.

Tommy: Yes?

Jude: Can we start at the beginning again? I want to make my voice sound a little stronger.

Tommy: That's fine. Always Mine in 5, 4, 3…

You may not belong
You know you're not safe
Like a grain on the beach
Meaningless till you die

Oh...No, no, no...

You're heaven baby
And I'll hold you forever
Yeah cuz you're not mine
You never were
Oh...because you were always mine

Slow down play it safe
Laugh it off
Walk away
Live the way you were meant to be

You're heaven baby
And I'll hold you forever…

She stops singing abruptly and she has a look of shock on her face.

Tommy: Jude?

She doesn't look at me. I stop the music and she holds her stomach. Her shock face doesn't change. She bends over and starts to cough violently. I get up from my seat as fast as I can and run into the booth. I touch her shoulder as she coughs even harder. Then blood starts to come up. Oh, my god! What's wrong with her?

I look at Spiederman and see he's already started to dial 911. I look back down at Jude and she has passed out. Oh, no! I cradle her into my arms and hold her close to me. I start to rock her back and forth as tears start to sting my eyes.

Tommy: Jude, baby, you're going to be ok. I promise you. You're gong to be ok. Be strong, you can fight through this.

I can hear my voice break as my cheeks become wet. Spiederman comes in the booth.

Speed: They're here! Quick, carry her out!

I do as he says and run over to the ambulance. They put her on the stretcher as tears keep coming down. They rush her off and I just stand there about to rip open my hair out. I'm about to run into the parking lot until Sadie comes in.

Sadie: What was the ambulance here for?

Tommy: It's Jude.

Sadie's expression changes from confused to scare. Then she looks at me tear-stained face and she knows it's serious. I never cry unless it's serious.

Sadie: Tom, what happened?

Tommy: I don't know! She was singing; she was fine! Then she started to cough up blood and she fainted. I don't know what to do!

Sadie: Ok, Tommy, calm down. Let's go to the hospital. I'll call Kwest and tell him to meet us there.


Sadie, Kwest, SME, and I have been waiting for about 3 hours and I'm exhausted. But I'm too anxious to sleep. I need to know what happened. I'm sitting on one of the chairs and my leg is bouncing up and down. Kwest is holding Sadie as she sleeps. Speed is almost as scared as me. That's not surprising. Jude is like a sister to him. They're very close. Kyle and Wally went to go get some food for us. Like on cue, they come through the hospital doors with 3 bags of Boston Market and drinks.

Kyle: Okay, here's a chicken pot pie and a Mountain Dew for Tommy. Mash potatoes with extra gravy and corn, and a Dr. Pepper for Speed. And lastly macaroni and cheese, corn, and two chicken pot pies for Kwest and Sadie. Here are also your Diet cokes.

Kwest: Thanks you guys.

Wally: No problem. Did you hear anything yet?

Tommy: Nothing.

Speed: I swear, if they don't come out here soon I'll go in there myself and find out what the hell is going on!

Tommy: Speed, calm down.

Speed: Calm down? That's my sister in there!

Tommy: And Sadie's too, and my girlfriend! But from what I've learned, freaking out won't get us anywhere. We just have to stay cool.

Speed nods his head and starts to eat his food. I start to eat my food too. I'm just hoping they would tell us soon.

About another two hours Sadie was finally awake and Kwest was the one sleeping now. We all finished our food. Soon we saw Darius come in looking frantic.

Darius: What happened?

Tommy: D, what are you doing here?

Darius: Liam told me about Jude. Did they say anything yet? Is she ok?

Speed: We have no clue. We've been waiting here for almost 5 hours and nothing.

Darius takes a seat next to Kwest and rubs his temples. Believe it or not, Darius does love Jude. She's like a daughter to him, and he cares a lot about her. I wanted to reach her dad, but he was out for a whole month and Sadie lost his cell number. Her mom was still somewhere in Europe.

I was about to break if I didn't know what was happening. I felt like I was suffocating inside this stuffy place.

Sadie: Tommy, I'm going outside for a bit. Do you want to come?

I look up and shake my head no.

Sadie: Are you sure?

Tommy: I don't want to go out just yet. I need to stay here just in case they finally tell us what the hell is going on.

Sadie: I understand.

She walks out with a coffee at hand. Sadie must feel the same way I do.

About another 45 minutes Sadie finally came in. Wally and Kyle were asleep and Kwest was still asleep too. A nurse came in and looked around the waiting room.

Nurse: Is anyone here for Ms. Harrison?

Everyone becomes wide awake at the sound of her name. Sadie and I are the first to get up and walk towards her, with Speed at out heel.

Tommy: We're here for Jude Harrison.

Nurse: I'm going to need to talk to a family member.

Sadie: You can talk to me. I'm her sister.

The nurse sighs and nods.

Nurse: Come with me.

Sadie: Wait, can they come? Please?

Nurse looks at Speed and I, and nods. They follow her quickly into an office.

Nurse: Dr. Turner will be with you in a minute.

We all sit on the couch in front of the desk. The door opens and a woman with a clipboard comes in.

Dr. Turner: Hi there. I'm Dr. Turner. Are you all here for Jude?

Speed: Yes ma'am, we are. We've been waiting for almost 6 hours.

Dr. Turner: We are very sorry about that. But we found that Ms. Harrison was having an internal bleeding in her womb. We're not sure what caused it, but that's why she was coughing up blood.

Tommy: Is she ok?

Dr. Turner: She'll be fine. But I am very sorry to announce…she had a miscarriage. She lost the baby.

I sit there shocked. She lost the baby? No, that can't be right. She couldn't of just lost it like that. I put my head in my hands and Sadie wraps her arms around me.

Speed: Can…can we see her?

Dr. Turner: You may. She's very upset though. She said she would like to see Tom Quincy first.

I nod my head and follow Dr. Turner out of the office. She takes me to room 303 and walk in. I see Jude play with the blanket that covered her and her eyes look up at me. She smiles sadly.

Jude: Hey you.

Tommy: Hey.

Dr. Turner closes the door. I bring the chair from the corner next to her bedside. I hold her hand and she smiles and closes her eyes.

Tommy: Tired?

Jude: A little.

She opens her eyes again and there are a couple of tears in them. I kiss her hand lightly and smile sadly at her.

Jude: I…I lost the baby.

Tommy: I know. Dr. Turner told us.

Jude: I'm sorry.

She starts to cry and I stand up. I scoop her up in my arms.

Tommy: You have nothing to be sorry about. This is not you're fault. Oh, god, I was so scared when they took you away.

I pulled away and climb in bed with her. I kissed her on her forehead and she laid her head on my chest.

Tommy: I thought I was going to lose you.

Jude: It was going to be a boy.

Tommy: What?

Jude: They sad it was going to be a boy. It was going to be a healthy, beautiful boy.

Jude starts to sob and I join her. I start to think about Stephanie. She was sleeping over a friend's house tonight. How can I tell her this? She's already lost so much. I hold Jude tighter and kiss her hair. I guess this is where the story ends. So much for happy endings.

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