Author's Note: To readers of my last story, Non-Photo Blue, you knew this was coming. To everyone else, yes. I am once more going to attempt to begin and finish a story (and I still have not given up on my others, I swear.)

This story is going to be a lot longer than Non-Photo Blue, I'm hoping. It'll be dramatic, and long, and funny, and happy, and sad, and hopefully something everyone will enjoy reading.

I'm really going to try to do well with this one. And by that, I mean, I'm really going to try to write stuff that I've never written before. I'm going to push myself. I'm going to see if I can be a really good writer. Now, I've just turned fourteen, and I haven't really begun my full education on literature yet, so I may fail, but I am going to try my hardest to write a really wonderful story.

I hope you'll let me do that.

PS: The story will not be written in the format this chapter is for the rest of the story. This is just a little introduction of sorts.

Couples: I'm going to tell you right off the bat. This story will be focused on the relationship between Brooke and Lucas. However, I'm going to try to fill it with lots of Nathan and Haley, some Peyton and Jake, and hopefully, any other couples I can explore. Couples could possibly change, so don't kill me if they do. But one thing is for sure. This is a Brucas.

Background Notes: This story is entirely alternate universe. There will probably be mild spoilers from seasons 1, 2, and 3, if any, and will most likely just be things that will have to do with character background. Some things you should also know: Brooke and Peyton are not from Tree Hill. Nathan and Lucas are half-brothers (because I do sometimes feel that that's a necessary story-line.) There was no Naley marriage. Anything else that you should know will be explained in the story.

Disclaimer: I do not own One Tree Hill. I also don't own the title of this song, which is 'Wonderwall' by Oasis and Ryan Adams. Both versions are awesome songs, and I recommend them to anyone that likes good music. Hehe. The only thing I own in this story are any original characters and the storyline.

Dedication: I'd like to dedicate this story, first, to Hilary. She's my closest bud online, and whether she likes it or not, I know she'll stick through this story with me, because we've stuck together constantly for over a year. Also, in case you're a reader of my stories, and you've noticed, I give her a cameo in all of my stories, except Non-Photo Blue. Idiot over here forgot. So I'm therefore dedicating this story to Hilary, who doesn't even really like Brucas. (Go read Never Forget!) I'd also like to dedicate this story to my wonderful muse, Hana. She really helped me think up some great ideas, and I think everyone will really like some of what she incorporated to this story. Thank you so much, Hana! Your ideas are awesome, and I hope you enjoy and read the story!

Summary: They'd been through so much in the short time they'd been together, that much was for sure. And Lucas knew one thing. He'd never loved anyone as much as Brooke, and he was sure their journey had just begun. When a fire leaves him hurt badly, it is Brooke who must save him from himself. It is Brooke who must be his wonderwall. It is Brooke who must help him as he'd helped her. Brooke/Lucas

Fuller summary: Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott had been in love since they'd met - despite a couple set-backs. With Brooke's career as a fashion model doing extremely well, with a line of design in the works, and with Lucas's days as a firefighter - a hero, the two could not be more in love. They could not be more happy. Marriages looming in the distance, and young love at its highest, things seemed they could never go wrong; until they did. When a fire leaves Lucas hurt terribly, it is Brooke that must save him from himself. It is Brooke who must be his wonderwall. As the couple attempt to overthrow pain, old friendships, new ones, love, heartbreak, desire, and drama, Brooke must be strong for Lucas, just as he's always been for her.



The day he met her, Lucas Scott was sure he'd met the most beautiful woman in the entire world.

He hadn't planned on it. In fact, he'd been so turned off by the thought of a blind date, he'd expected to hate her. He had cursed the day his brother was born - almost a year and a half after him - and had waited at the expensive restaurant with arms crossed and a scowl firmly placed on his face.

And she had simply breezed in ten minutes late, much to his annoyance. When she had offered him a smile, he had offered her a frown.

"Are you," She'd paused, contemplating for the shortest of moments, before grinning sheepishly. "Sorry. I forgot the name of the guy I'm meeting here."

"Well that'll certainly leave a good first impression, won't it?" His words had stirred a frown from inside her, and she had hesitantly taken a seat, eyeing him in suspicion.

Although for the most part, he'd allowed himself to get caught up in a smug-ness completely unfamiliar to himself, he did not fail to notice her beauty; the way she had first smiled upon seeing him, and even then, though her dimples had disappeared from her cheeks, and her smile had turned relatively upside down, she remained gorgeous.

"My name's Lucas, by the way. Lu-cas. If you'd like me to repeat it a couple more times, I will."

She had sighed heavily. "Brooke Davis."

"What do you do? You know, for a living." He could still to this day remember the look she had given him. It was one he would never again receive from her, and during that night, he had wondered what she had meant by it. It had not been a frown or a smile; it had not been one of curiosity or annoyance; it had been of some sort of calm he would never understand. It had been such a simple question, and yet the affect it had had on her had made her seem all the more mysterious.

After what seemed like forever, she'd said, "I'm a model."

A smirk had crossed his face. "Really? For Playboy or Penthouse?"

Brooke had laughed. "Clearly, Haley was mistaken in thinking that you were a good person."


"I'm not finished," She'd held up a hand. "What makes you think that you can treat me so badly when we first meet? I've given you absolutely no indication that I'm stupid, or slutty, or annoying. And so I forgot your name. Big deal. Like you remembered mine! By the way, the Playboy/Penthouse joke was beyond idiotic. Like that's never been said before.

"Also, what makes you think that you have the right to act like you're better than me? I didn't want to go on this stupid blind date either, but I at least had enough class to act polite! And just because I'm not from some tiny town in North Carolina, and I wasn't raised by my mayor-of-a-daddy, and I didn't go to The University of North Carolina for college, does not give you any right to insult me or think that you are somehow better than me!" She'd finished out of breath, but with a look that told him she could start up again at any second.

It was then that he'd realized he was on a date with the most beautiful girl in the world, and it was then that he realized he had some apologizing to do.

"Actually," He'd smirked, "I went to Duke for college."

And despite herself, she had giggled.

And they had been inseparable ever since.


Their second date had lacked the romantic suspense their first one hadn't. This happened for one reason exactly: Haley James.

At this point, Lucas had known Haley James for approximately four years. Almost. He'd met her at his family's Thanksgiving dinner exactly two months after she and his brother had begun dating during their Junior year of college. Instantly, he'd thought she was a perfect fit for his younger brother. She was cute, with her large chocolate brown eyes, and her mid-length cinnamon-colored hair.

And then she had started talking.

It didn't take a genius to figure out that most of what she said was gibberish or useless facts. She babbled when she was nervous, she explained, and she was very nervous. He couldn't blame her. She'd be meeting his father that day, and those occasions rarely went well.

But he had liked her. And Nathan had loved her. And they'd been together for approximately four years. Almost.

Which led him to his second date with Brooke; a double date with his brother and his long-time girlfriend, Haley.

Where Haley could not. Stop. Talking.

Apparently, since Haley was a first time setter-upper, and an all-around perfectionist, just the thought that their date would not go well upset her. Which is, of course, what led her to all the babbling.

Eventually, Nathan had forced her out of the room, claiming he needed "help" in the kitchen, leaving Brooke and Lucas to themselves, to giggle like young children unsupervised.

"Haley's crazy," Lucas had grinned.

"She's sweet!" Chuckled Brooke, dimples showing so deeply he couldn't not not stare at them.

"True. I do have her to thank for setting me up with you." He'd easily warmed up to her during their first date, despite his initial difficulty.

"Are you sure you want to be thanking her just yet?"

"How about you and I go out alone again together tomorrow, and I tell you for sure?"


Their new-found relationship was essentially the "cheesiest" he'd ever been in. Their simple comments to each other were ridiculously cliché, and both knew it, using puns and humor to mask the beginning jitters of the start of something neither could control.

By their third date, they'd not kissed once - a new record for Lucas - and he could not believe how much he didn't care.

Brooke's looks were a shield to her personality. Unfortunately, Lucas knew he was like every other person in the world that initially did judge a book by its cover, but he was quickly learning to attempt not to do this.

Brooke was beautiful, yes. But she was also funny, and cute, and had pretty damn interesting opinions on things. She was smart, and he loved the way she said what she wanted whenever she wanted; she was not at all shy of her opinions. And despite his behavior on their first date, he was quite shy and quiet.

He soon realized that if he and Brooke could work, it would prove that opposites truly did attract; She had grown up rich and ignored by her parents, had gone to a community college, and was a struggling model; he had grown up with his mother, not at all wealthy, until he'd reached the age of fourteen, when he'd finally begun a relationship with his father, resulting in shared-custody between his parents. He had gone to Duke University, and he was training to be a fire-fighter.

If Brooke was Yin, he was Yang. She hated most shades of blue; it was his favorite color. She didn't particularly enjoy literature; it was his second love. She listened to the Top 20 and enjoyed some classic rock, while he was stuck in his world of indie-bands and NOFX. She loved living in New York; he could hardly stand it.

All these things made him unsure of their relationship, and yet interested in their future.

It was their third date that made him realize that their story had just begun, and would certainly be long-lasting.

They had decided to meet at a small café entitled 'Perk on the Park'. funnily enough, it had been karaoke night. Lucas had paid little attention to this factor, completely caught up in Brooke and all her silliness.

When she asked him what his favorite song was, he didn't even hesitate, a grin coming across his face. "If She Wants Me" by Belle and Sebastian. It had been for years.

She'd given him her infamous grin, and had then crossed and uncrossed her knees. "I really have to go to the bathroom." She'd excused herself.

After waiting for minutes and minutes, he'd naturally assumed she was paying him back for that first date, and had ditched him, when the opening cords to "If She Wants Me" began to softly strum from the room's speakers.

And then he heard her voice. It was almost ironic how badly someone so beautiful could sing, but he ignored this tiny factor, grinning widely from ear to ear all through the entire song.

When she'd finished, she had set the microphone down timidly. But he'd let go of all shyness, taking long strides towards the stage, and picking her up off the ground, wrapping his arms tightly around her, bringing her lips to his.

It was cheesy as hell, he could say that much. But it didn't really matter. To him, anyone that said they didn't want to be involved in a cheesy, lovey-dovey relationship had merely never been in one.

Sure as hell not one with Brooke Davis, anyway.


They'd been together for a year and a half exactly, they'd been living together for six months, they'd even considered buying a puppy together, and Lucas was sure he'd never been so in love with anyone before.

This is what had driven him to get the ring. As he had browsed through shops and shops and racks and racks of rings, he wondered if Brooke would say yes. She was a huge fan of marriages, he knew that much. But she'd never actually had one of her own, and they'd never really discussed marriage being an option in their relationship.

But after you hit the one year mark, it was always an option, right?

Of course, these thoughts did nothing but scare him to death. And he was beginning to think that the fact that he had yet to find a ring - after two weeks - was a sign that he was making a mistake.

Until he'd opened a package in the mail from his mother, and had been surprised to find a ring inside. It had been his grandmother's, and it was simple, with a silver band, and a nicely set square diamond in the middle, with smaller stones on each side of it. It was - to say the least - gorgeous.

And that night at their dinner, he had fiddled with it in his pocket for over an hour, thinking that he must soon find a way to do this. Sweating buckets, he'd chosen an interesting way.

"Luke," Brooke whined. "I've been talking for like, the past half hour. Have you been listening to anything I've said?"

"Sure. Um, you said you, er, liked the color of the kitchen?"

She groaned. "No. I said I hated it, and that I think we should paint it a softer color. So that it still looks pretty, but doesn't like, outshine the living room."

"Mhm," He said distractedly. "Sounds good."

"Are you okay? You're sweating."

He nodded. "It's really," Pause. "Hot in here."

"So take your jacket off."

"Oka- uh, no thanks."

"Well Sweetie, if you're cold.." She smiled gently, biting her lip.

God, he wanted to kiss her so badly.

"I'm fine, I'm fine. I've just been thinking.."



Brooke frowned. "Huh. Kind of a broad topic."

"Yeah. Well, mostly about like, you know, things." He clenched his fists tightly, hoping she would answer in the direction he was hoping for.

"Wow. Um, you're being awfully specific." Bingo.



"Yeah, that's what I'm thinking about."

"O-okay. Luke, maybe you should slow down on the martinis." She reached for his drink, sliding it away from him.

"I was just thinking that we'll probably want to have our wedding in the summer, because lilies are really in season then, and I know lilies are your favorite flower."

"Oh, okay then." She smiled, taking a bite of her pasta. He grinned, studying her carefully. They were silent for a few moments, before finally, her mouth dropped open and her eyes widened.

"Oh my God. Did you just say wedding?"