"I sure hope this date goes well....Videl seems like a really nice girl " Gohan thought. "Maybe I should call Bulma and ask for some advice." Gohan picked up the phone and dialed Bulma's Number.
"Hey Bulma,this is Gohan..."
"Oh Hey Gohan.... "Let me guess.....you want advice for your first date? " Bulma asked sarcastically.
"Um...Yeah...So do you have any?"
" All I can say is be nice to her..."
"Ohh Ok....Well if that is all,I'll guess I'll see ya later." Gohan said disappointedly.
" Bye Gohan,Take Care!" Bulma hung up the phone.
'What big help she was' Gohan thought. 'Maybe I can call Vegeta.." Gohan thought about what would happen.
Gohan Thinking about if he called Vegeta

Gohan: Hello Vegeta...
Vegeta: What-what do you want?!
Gohan: I need some advice on dating....
Vegeta: You call my house for advice on dating?! Are you out of your mine?!! This is not a dating hotline! I am a warrior not a weakling that works at a dating service!! I had enough of your stupidity. I am coming over right now to beat your sorry little butt into the ground...Do you hear---
Vegeta: How dare you hang up ON THE PRINCE OF ALL SAIYANS?!?!?!
"Nah, I'd rather not go through that." Gohan made up his mind that he was'nt going to call Vegeta.
"Maybe Yamcha could help!" He picked up the phone quickly and dialed Yamcha's Number.
"Yo Yo This is Yamcha...Leave a message at the sound of the beep.."
"Hey Yamcha,this is Gohan. I need some advice on dating a girl named Videl, Mr. Satan
s daughter.. Get back with me as soon as possible because the date is tonight. Peace." Gohan hung up the phone.

He came to the fact that no one was around to help, he had to prepare for the date on his own.
Gohan picked out a Black Tuxedo and put it on. He also put on a red tie,and he chose some black shiny shoes to wear. Gohan went over to Goten "So how does it look?"
"It looks great...but...why are you wearing a Tuxedo to a wrestling match?" Goten asked confused.
" A Wrestling Match?!?!?!" Gohan looked angry.
"Yeah" Goten replied. " A girl named Videl called and said she wanted to go to a wrestling match instead of a silly old dinner."

"How come you did'nt tell me?!?!" Gohan demanded to know.
" Um....I must have forgotten!" The happy youngster replied.
Gohan quickly change into some Jeans and T-shirt. "So much to do so little time....." Gohan rushed and brushed his teeth,comb his hair,and was ready to go.
It was 7 pm. Gohan was waiting for Videl to arrive so they could go to the wrestling match. Videl arrived in her new jet pilot and came through the door. " Oh,Your looking good tonight." Videl complamented on Gohan's outfit. "Well, lets get going..." Gohan grabbed Videl's hand and walked out. "Goten,tell Mom I am leaving...." Videl and Gohan both jumped into the brand new jet pilot and flew off.

"Ok, I'll tell Mom" Goten said as they flew off.

TO BE CONTINUED....................