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So, What's Your Story?

By Nichole

Ch. 8- Xiao's Story: 3rd Floor

The circle is quietly looking at Xiao. One person speaks.

"I should've known you'd go next." Asuka smiles at her. "You were really getting into the stories."

Xiao returns the smile, then begins her story. "This story is about me and 3 of my friends from my old school." She looks around the circle. "We were in 3rd grade."

3rd Floor

Me, Sabrina and the twins Lanita and Linette were given passes to go to the rest room. We were talking in the hall till we got to the door.

"Shush." I tell my friends, because I hear some girls talking.

'You know that girl, what's her name?'

'I think it was Rebekah.'

'Well whatever her name was, she killed herself in here. Two years ago.' There's a pause. Then the two girls come out. They stop and stare at us.

"Hey, you wanna see something?" The girl in the khaki skirt says. Her almost black eyes staring at me.

Sabrina answers for me. "Yeah."

The girl in the khaki skirt looks at her friend, then turns and smiles at me. She puts her hands together. "Great. Let's go."

She ushers us into the girls bathroom with her blue capri friend. We stop in front of the sinks. "Do you see that?" I look at her face, then follow her hand that's pointing to a barely there, dark red splattering.

"Well do you?"

"Yes." I look at my friends. They're looking at the spot too.

"Well, that small splattering of blood is from that Rebekah girl, who killed herself 2 years ago. All the janitors were too scared to clean it up, for fear that the girls spirit would come back." We all look at her. "That girl would be just 2 yrs older than you." She points to me, then at my friends.

Her friend in the blue capris speaks. "Rebekah killed herself because she said that she heard and saw Bloody Mary every time she came in this rest room." The two older girls start to walk around us. "Nobody believed her when she told. They said 'You're too old to still believe in Bloody Mary.'"

Khaki skirt takes her turn. "You see, she said that she knew of a girl who saw Bloody Mary in the school rest room, but had killed herself after she started seeing her at her home. Then when Rebekah started seeing Bloody Mary in the rest room, she killed herself before she would start to see her at home."

Me and my friends run from the rest room, hearing the laughs of the girls, back to our class. We don't say anything to anyone.

We talk about it later at lunch. "You know they were lying right? That's just a new urban legend." Sabrina says unwrapping her two pieces of chicken.

"Of course, they were." I nod my head, taking a bite out of a chicken sandwich.

"They may have been lying about why Rebekah killed herself…" Linette starts.

"But they weren't lying about the fact of Rebekah killing herself." Lanita finishes. They take bites of their turkey salads at the same time.

"O please, you two." Sabrina shakes her head. "I never heard about a girl killing herself in the girls rest room." She looks at me. "Did you, Xiao?"

I don't speak, I just shake my head. "Exactly." Sabrina waves her drumstick, then takes a bite.

Linette shakes her head at us. "It's true, even though…"

"a lot of people hadn't heard about it." Lanita looks at us two, nodding her head.

"You know I can't stand when you two complete each other's sentences. It's highly annoying." Sabrina narrows her eyes.

"Forget about all of that. We know that Rebekah went to this school 2 yrs ago, and when she didn't come back, we all thought she moved away." I look around our table.

"But she didn't move away." Linette sighs.

"Do you really think the school would just say 'We regret to inform you that a 3nd grader named Rebekah killed herself in the 3rd floor girls rest room because she was hearing and seeing Bloody Mary'?" Lanita looks slightly annoyed at us.

"Wait a minute. How did ya'll hear about Rebekah killing herself if when she did we were only 6 at the time?" I ask them without a real reason to doubt them, since they're not known to lie.

Linette and Lanita look at each other. "Sera told us…" Linette is interrupted by Lanita.

"duh…" Lanita rolls her eyes.

"Sera was in the 3rd grade with her. Remember?" Me and Sabrina nod. "And she would talk with Rebekah. She told us that Rebekah would tell her about seeing and hearing Bloody Mary in the rest room." Linette looks down at her discarded turkey sandwich.

Lanita leans forward. "Sera said that that's why Rebekah would pass going to the rest room till lunch time, because she didn't want to go to that rest room."

"She only did that when she realized that going to the rest room with another person didn't stop her from hearing Bloody Mary." Linette finally looks up.

"The thing was, that she didn't ever hear or see Bloody Mary in any other rest room in the school." Linette nods in agreement with Lanita.

The four of us look at each other till the few minutes later when lunch was over.

"That girl really killed herself?" Julia asks with her eyes big.

"Yeah." I nod.

"She really killed herself because she saw and hear Bloody Mary?" Steve asks with a look I can't place.

I nod. "Yeah."

"Didn't any adult stop and think that that girl was losing it?" Steve shakes his head.

"No." I shake my head looking around.

Okay, so the next day some strange things started to happen.

I got a pass for the rest room. This time it was just me. I went in and did my business. Washed my hands and was about to walk through the door, when I heard a voice. It was quiet. I thought maybe that someone was in there with me. I checked under all the stalls, but no one was there. I didn't hear the voice again as I got up from my knees. I was walking past the 2 yard length mirror, when I thought I saw something in the mirror. I walk back past it and there it is. A woman wearing all black, that covered everything but her neck and hands. Her neck and hands were such a pale color that they were bright white. Her hair was jet black and long. Her eyes were very big and almost black. Her nails were blood red. Her lips were blood red. Her lips turned up into a smile as we stared at each other. She used her finger from her left hand to beckon me toward the mirror. I looked at the mirror. It no longer had the reflections of the white rest room walls, sinks and stalls, but no reflections of anything. Including me. Just this very pale woman in black with smiling red lips and red nails wanting me to come close to her and the blackness surrounding her.

I almost went to her, but something stopped me. A voice of a girl, not the woman, who said 'You'll end up like me if go to the mirror'. I felt a hand on my shoulder, but when I turned around, no one was there. I looked back at the mirror and everything was still there. The woman, the blackness.

The pale woman in black cocked her head to the side, her smile disappearing. I didn't know why her smile was disappearing until I realized that she could hear what the girl's voice was saying to me. Then all of a sudden, I heard more than one girls voice speaking.

I felt the hand touch my shoulder again, and when I turned around, this time it was my teacher. She was angry at first, but her face changed to a comforting one. I hadn't realized that I was crying. My teacher and I walked out back to the class. Sabrina, Linette and Lanita asked me what happened, the reason I hadn't come back. I told them I was lost in thought. Sabrina excepted my answer, but Lanita and Linette knew better. They looked at me, until the teacher started talking.


"Wow." Was heard from everyone, but Steve.

"Pooh shah. Like that really happened." Steve rolls his eyes.

"Like yours really happened." Xiao crosses her arms.

"Mine 'did' happen." Steve narrows his eyes.

"And so 'did' mine." Xiao narrows her eyes.

To stop the bickering, Asuka tells Xiao that her story was good. Xiao sticks her tongue at Steve. "But I do have a question."

"What's that, Suky?" Xiao smiles.

"We all know that the pale woman in black was Bloody Mary, and that the girl was Rebekah." Everyone nods. "But what did she hear the girl saying to you?" Asuka leans forward, as do the others listening intently.

"Rebekah was telling me that that was exactly how Bloody Mary had gotten her." Xiao look at Asuka.

"What were the other girls saying." Julia puts her hand under her chin.

Xiao sighs. "They were telling me that Bloody Mary takes girls into her world. That she needs a certain number of girls there so that they can take her place there. Allowing her to leave and come into our world." Xiao pauses, looking around at the shocked expressions.

"So, okay." Miharu begins. "How many girls does she need before she can come here?"

"She has 99, 999 girls." I pause, knowing what's coming next.

And Hwoarang asks the question. "She needs 100,000 girls, right?"

"No. She needs a million to stay in our world. She needs 100,000 to come here temporary." Before Xiao can finish, Jin interrupts.

"Temporary? Temporary as in how long?" He looks at Xiao.

"Temporary as in 15 years." There's gasps from everyone but, you guessed it… Steve. "That's how long she can stay here, then she has to go back. And she can't come back until she reaches another 100,000 and she can stay for another 15 years."

They're all quiet and then Steve says something. "You know you're all a little slow to believe her."

"You don't have to believe me, Steve." Xiao shakes her head, then smiles. "But those girls told me that Bloody Mary was going to be changing her thing from only girls, to getting guys too."

"Okay, the question we're all familiar with. Who's next?" Asuka smiles at the one's who haven't been.

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