Disclaimer: The characters presented in this narrative are not owned by me, but are copywritten trademarks of Sunrise, (except for the character of Jim Seabourne, created by me). Author's note: This fic is an extremely sour lemon! If you are offended by tasteful, tactfully detailed, enticing sex, I'd suggest turning back now. Please Enjoy!


"We got a head over near Jupiter, Spike." A surly Jet Black spoke over his shoulder to his companion from an illuminated computer screen.

"Hm?" Spike inquired.

"Name's James Seabourne; they call him Gumbo Jimbo." Spike, having removed his long, lanky legs from the coffee table, walked over to where Jet sat. He ran a hand through his thick hair.

"4,000,000 wulongs, huh? This guy doesn't look like much of a threat." Spike studied the photo identification of the convict on the screen. A grungy, heavy man stared back at him with a toothpick dangling from the side of his mouth.

"Charged with masquerading as a mechanic and stealing parts of ships right out from under the client's noses," informed Jet.

"Is that all?" Spike answered with a sarcastic bite.

"You were expecting a mass murderer?" Jet replied dryly. Just then the voice of Faye Valentine could be heard echoing the length of the hall.

"Hey! Don't we have anything to eat around here?" she shouted rounding the bend.

"Oh, look who's up! Rise and shine, sleeping beauty," Spike teased. Ignoring his banter, Faye squeezed in between the two men.

"Oh, you guys found a bounty for me! How thoughtful!" She leaned onto Jet's shoulder, examining the screen. Spike rolled his auburn eyes.

"How would you survive without us?" he mused under his breath.

"Ya know, it wouldn't kill you to be nice to me for once," Faye said in a sultry voice.

"Just like it wouldn't kill you to find your own bounty!" Spike answered, getting a little aggravated.

"Now, settle down, kids," Jet mediated jestingly. "Why don't we try something different this time and actually share the bounty, huh? Seem fair?" Spike and Faye did not look amused. Jet gave a defeated sigh. "It was worth a shot," he said, more to himself than to the others. For the most part, they did go after larger bounties together, but it wasn't unusual for someone to go after the small fries alone. Slowly, Spike lowered himself to Jet's ear level.

"It's in the bag," he whispered. With that, he hurried off to the bowels of the Bebop. Faye watched him leave, feeling defeated. She knew Spike just about always got his man.

"4 million wulongs? That's chump change. I can't hunt on an empty stomach anyway," she said to Jet confidently as Ein, the Bebop's resident pet, waddled by. The Welsh Corgi looked up at the disgruntled Faye with a look that seemed almost mockingly. "As for food, I'm not so out of luck!" Faye said, glaring hungrily at the small dog. Ein gave a yelp as he began bounding away from the beautiful psychopath.

A grungy, heavy man with a toothpick dangling from the side of his mouth walked around to the side of the Swordfish II wiping his hands on a filthy grease rag. A friendly smile occupied his face. "What can I do for ya, Mac?" he asked jovially.

"How 'bout a refund, Jim?" came a smooth and deep voice.

"Huh?" The jovial smile transformed into a look of fear and suspicion, and was quickly met with a threatening glance down the barrel of a sharp handgun.

"A refund of say… 4 million wulongs."