Later on, after food was eaten by all, Faye seemed to have spread her lethargy throughout the entire crew. Spike sloppily leaned into the corner of the couch, his long legs sprawled in every which direction (his most comfortable reclining position) an arm on the side of the couch, with a cigarette at it's length. Taking a slow drag, he looked down into his lap, where Faye's head rested. Looking around the room, Spike saw no traces of Jet or Ed, who had both retreated to their quarters for some much needed rest. He threw his head back, exhaling a puff of smoke. For a moment, he closed his eyes, listening to his own breath. As he stared at the lethargic ceiling fan propelling his harmful smoke, he felt Faye shift. She lay curled into a ball by his side. He looked at her again, thinking how cute she was as wisps of her raven violet hair dangled over her eyelids. I think I just found another thing that makes her so gorgeous, he thought as he watched her sleep. He reached down to brush the hair from her face back behind her ear.

As Spike sat, peacefully stroking the beauty's hair, he was startled by a voice. "Aww, how cute!" Jet murmured to him, creeping down the stairs. Spike threw his hand behind his head.

"Isn't it past your bedtime, old man?" he asked snippishly.

"I just came down to check up on you crazy kids," he replied dryly. "So, Faye was right; there is something warm and fuzzy underneath that bad-ass exterior." Spike raised his hands in forfeit.

"Ya caught me," he answered. The men moved softly and spoke in hushed voices, so as not to wake the sleeping woman. Jet carefully sat across from the couple.

"You guys an item now?" he asked bluntly.

"An item?" Spike never really thought about that. Ever since Julia, he had held every woman at arm's length. He chuckled to himself. "I dunno about that," he replied. Faye snuggled herself onto Spike's leg, her rest disturbed by his laughter. The two bounty hunters looked at the stirring woman with suspense; Jet seemed about ready to bolt if she awoke. Fortunately, Spike's easy breathing lulled her back to peace.

"You don't know?" Jet asked, even quieter. "How do you think she'd take it if you told her you were 'friends with benefits'?" Spike took another drag from his cigarette, shrugging his shoulders carefully. The hand that stroked Faye's hair came to rest on her ribcage. "You might as well be an item," Jet continued. "You both have quite a bit in common; it's not hard to see the desire between you two, either." Spike blew some smoke as his eyes widened.

"Desire?" he asked, more than aware of the denial he was expressing.

"Did I stutter?" Jet retorted. Spike turned away, contemplatively. "You've already had sex with the girl. Twice!"

"Wha…" Spike began defensively. Jet shot him an all-knowing glance, and Spike was still.

"When it rains, it pours," he said philosophically. Spike rolled his molasses eyes. Jet stood and stretched his arms out. Scratching his vacant scalp, he looked at the young lovers.

"Just give in, Spike. It'll get to you if you don't."

Spike sat in silence as Jet returned to his quarters. He finished off his cigarette, chewing over the words of wisdom. Damn, he thought. I've been wrong a hell of a lot more than he has. He exhaled the last breath of nicotine-filled smoke. Why would he be wrong now all of a sudden? His heart beat faster just thinking about the fact that he might be able to have a relationship like he once had, no, a relationship much better. No secrecy, no jealousy… Faye would be his… just his. But then his mind began to flood with worry and fear, two emotions he would fiercely deny ever feeling. What if I fall for Faye so hard, like I fell for Julia, only to see her leave me… to see her die? There are a lot of things I can live through, but I don't think I could go through that again. He furrowed his brows thinking of the pain his fallen angel had left him in. Looking at Faye, his expression brightened. Faye would be different. He had felt the strength in her emotions ever since she invited herself aboard the Bebop. Julia had been coy enough to seduce him, but she'd always seemed emotionally dead. She'd toyed with him, it seemed, stringing him along until her contradictions got the better of her. Tossing the thought of Julia out of one ear, Spike gently stroked Faye's soft hair. Then again, it won't be easy to get rid of Faye. She's pretty strong. A faint smile grew on his face. She's already seen me die once…