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As the doorknob turned, Gibbs let out a breath that he hadn't completely realized that he was holding. He felt like he had been waiting for an infinite amount of time and had begun to worry that she had decided against even talking to him. The only problem now became that he had no idea what he was going to say.

Kate was no better. She had expected an instant reaction when she came in, had hoped he would know what to say. Instead they stood there staring at each other, both too afraid of the other's reaction to say anything. Finally Gibbs spoke up.

"Kate, I'm not going to apologize for what I… what we… almost did earlier. But I don't want anything to happen if either of us feels like we're going to regret any part of it." Kate had never heard him sound so unsure of himself and she took a few steps closer. Part of her was scared to death that he was talking about himself regreting it, while another part wanted to laugh at the fact that he thought she would. He'd been looking at the floor while speaking, but as she came to stand a bare foot in front of him he looked up, into her eyes and continued. "I'm not good at the…with…well, this." He gestured vaguely between them. "But I'm not going to say sorry for what almost happened earlier. I've wanted to kiss you for a very long time, and-"

His words were cut of as she moved against him swiftly and pressed her lips against his. Her kiss was soft yet forceful as she tried to make fully clear to him that she wasn't sorry either. He responded with equal force of his own and was just about to deepen the kiss when she pulled back.

She smiled softly as she responded to his earlier statement. "I don't want you to apologize for earlier and I'm not going to apologize for now. I've wanted to kiss you for a very long tme too."

She had just begun to move towards him again, her soft, seductive smile almost killing what little self-control he had left, when his hands on her shoulders stopped her. As much as he very much wanted to take their thing further, he was still very aware that there were issues that needed to be discussed first. After a few failed attempts he managed to speak.

"As much as it is driving me close to insane not to kiss you again, you remember the talk we were planning on having? We still need to have it." She nodded slowly, her better reasoning telling her he was right. He continued in a husky tone. "But if we're going to talk, you're going to need to be a little bit further away from me. Because right now…" He trailed off with a gulp as he scanned her body with a lingering stare. "Just… here."

Moving her forcefully by the shoulders he positioned her against one wall and then stepped away and backed himself against the opposite one. Taking a few moments to compose his breathing, he noticed she was doing the same and couldn't stop a slight self-satisfied smirk from forming. Forcing his mind back to the issue at hand, he began with the number one reason that "them" would be a problem.

"I'm still your boss. I don't want that to change because of anything that's going on between us. You're a great agent and I think the team functions better with you than it ever did without you. I'm not sure how…" He trailed off, unwilling to voice anything more. He'd considered the idea of just not telling anyone, but doubted that they could pull it off for long and he didn't want to have to hide the fact that they'd finally figured it out. The silence that had formed momentarily was broken by Kate voicing his exact thoughts.

"If we do this, I don't want it to be some secret thing." For some reason that Gibbs couldn't comprehend she seemed much more confident about the whole situation. "I want a real relationship."

Gibbs let out a heavy sigh. Apparently she thought this would be easier than he did. "Kate, the Director-"

She cut him off with a slight chuckle. He really does make things more complicated than they needed to be. "How long has the Director known you?"

The question surprised him, but he answered immediately. "12 years." He was having trouble seeing where Kate was headed with this.

"So, don't you think that he knows you well enough to know that this won't change anything about how you lead the team?" She had taken a couple of steps away from the wall as she spoke and had a good view of the sudden weight that seemed to drop from his features at her words. It seemed that it was suddenly sinking in that NCIS didn't have any official rules about intra-office dating and that his position as senior agent would earn him a great deal of leeway.

Taking another fews steps brought her into arms reach and she laid a hand gently on the arm at his side. "Was that the only concern you had?" Her voice was gentle, but he could hear the underlying desire in it. Still trying to think clearly despite her touch, he spoke again.

"I'm older than you, and-"

"I don't care. And if you think that an age difference is going to scare me off…" She left the sentence hanging, but accompanied it by another step towards him. They were now almost flush against one another. Gibbs' brain tried desperately to keep functioning clearly.

"I'm not…good at relationships." His voice had dropped extremely low as he spoke and Kate was having an equally hard time concentrating.

"Neither am I, but we'll figure it out." Her statement was accompanied by a hand place firmly on his chest and should could feel his heart speed up. She really didn't understand why he was still trying to give her ways out, but appreciated the sentiment. Just the same she was tiring of his doubt. "Anything else?" She asked in a sultry tone as she ran her hand in a light caress over his chest muscles. The movement seemed to finally get him.


She barely had time to register the word before strong hands on her waist turned her and pushed her against the wall behind them. The push was quickly followed by his eager lips on hers. The kiss became quickly heated and passionate. Running the tip of his tongue over her lips, Gibbs registered the sugary sweet taste of her vanilla lip gloss and a small part of his brain wondered if the taste would last an entire night. The thought was blown away almost immediately as she parted her lips in a breathy moan to allow him access.

Her hands on the back of his neck pulled him closer as he ran his tongue along her teeth and gums before pushing in fully to tangle with hers for control. One of his hands held her hips firmly against the wall as the other stroked up and down her side.

They reluctantly parted for oxygen and Gibbs took the opportunity to explore the vast smoothness of Kate's neck. Pushing her hair behind her shoulder, he placed feather kisses from her collarbone to her ear before she pulled him back into a kiss. This time neither of them heard the sounds of the approaching band in the hall or the door opening.

"Woah!" At the sound of Mike's voice, the pair pulled away, but only enough for Gibbs to turn his head and glare at the other marines. Mike held his hands up in a gesture of surrender, but spoke laughingly anyway. "You guys should really warn people with a sign or something if you're going to be making out backstage."

Gibbs' glare softened slightly as he realized that they really were in a rather public location. He heard a light giggle come from where Kate's face was buried in his chest. Looking down he noticed the beautiful blush that had colored her features. Raising her chin with two fingers he dropped a gentle kiss onto her lips before stepping fully away from her and turning to the guys.

"Was there something you needed?" His tone was the one he used when informing Tony of his tardiness or asking if McGee had finished a report and Kate was surprised to discover that it had almost no affect on the other men.

"Just wanted to let you know that the rest of your team and Director Morrow are still out there waiting for you. Something about getting dinner together."

Gibbs swore gently under his breath and was unsurprised to hear Kate do the same. He'd totally forgotten about the meal in the heat of everything that had happened tonight. Looking at her next to him, he shrugged slightly and was even less surprised when she nodded in complete understanding: Not much we can do now, better get out there. He turned back to the band.

"Thanks, Mike. Let them know we'll be out in just a second."

"Sure thing. And Kate, it was great playing for you." He moved over and gave her another hug, mocking fright at the look Gibbs shot at him. "It would be great if you came and sang with us when we practice; another voice would be great." He was moving toward the door and the band had already disappeared through it. As he reached for the handle, he turned back. "You should have Jet bring you along to the garage sometime." He gave her a big smiling before leaving, closing the door behind him.

Kate turned to once again face Gibbs with an amused look. "Jet?"

The look in his eyes darkened and he moved fractionally toward her. "I was really hoping you would let that go. It's a long story."

"I won't say anything." The disbelieving look in his eyes forced her to continue. "At least not to anyone else. But I think it's kinda hot." Forcefully reminding himself that the Director was waiting, he leaned into her so that his lips just barely brushed her ear.

"We will continue this 'conversation' later." His tone was dark and dangerous and full of heated promise. When he pulled away to look her in the eye, he noticed a heat that matched his own.

"Good." Her voice was little more than a whisper as she moved past him to the door, pausing just long enough for him to catch up. As they stepped into the hall he was sure he felt her hand rest lightly on his butt for a moment and his last thought as they stepped back into the bar echoed the one in Kate's head.

We will definitely be continuing this later.


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