I just feel like doing a song fic, so I have to find a song to go with it. I only want it to be short though… Now what's a song I can do it to…? I know!

I do not own Danny Phantom or Evanescence…

Call Me When You're Sober

Don't cry to me.

I'm sick of all the things you've done.

If you loved me,

You just let me take the blame, just because you want to keep your identity secret.

You would be here with me.

You spend all your time drooling over other girls, when I have always loved you.

You want me,

I won't let you blame me anymore.

Come find me.

You won't be able to find me.

Make up your mind.

Choose a girl.

Should I let you fall?

I don't know if I care what happens to you.

Lose it all?

You could lose everything. Your friends, your family.

So maybe you can remember yourself.

Remember who you are.

Can't keep believing,

Remember you aren't normal, and I've always accepted you.

We're only deceiving ourselves.

But all this time, nothing is true.

And I'm sick of the lie,

You made me think there might be a chance.

And you're too late.

But now I will not be tricked anymore.

Don't cry to me.

It's your own fault.

If you loved me,

I loved you.

You would be here with me.

But you never kept your word.

You want me,

Now you've changed your mind.

Come find me.

Well you won't be able to find me.

Make up your mind.

You chose the other girls instead of me.

Couldn't take the blame.

You always made your best friends take the blame for whatever the ghost boy did.

Sick with shame.

You want me back.

Must be exhausting to lose your own game.

But you won't get me back.

Selfishly hated,

All you think about is yourself and your secret identity.

No wonder you're jaded.

But no one cares anymore.

You can't play the victim this time,

You aren't a hero.

And you're too late.

You won't be able to stop me.

Don't cry to me.

Nothing can change my mind.

If you loved me,

You should've cared more.

You would be here with me.

We could've gotten married.

You want me,

But you never used to want me.

Come find me.

You want me now though, and I won't let you have me.

Make up your mind.

Live or die.

You never call me when you're sober.

Now you spend all your days in front of the TV with a beer.

You only want it cause it's over,

You gave up your ghost hunting days.

It's over.

No more turning back.

How could I have burned paradise?

I shouldn't have let you give it up.

How could I - you were never mine.

But I was so angry at you.

So don't cry to me.

It's not my fault.

If you loved me,

You made the decision.

You would be here with me.

And now your life is screwed up.

Don't lie to me,

Don't say you love me.

Just get your things.

You're leaving.

I've made up your mind.

Where did that boy I used to know go?

NOW THAT WAS REALLY POINTLESS! I JUST FELT LIKE A SONG FIC… AND YES I KNOW THAT I'M SPEAKING IN CAPITALS, BUT I DON'T CARE… I would've posted this last night, but I found out some very sad news, and so I went off the computer.

Love Kirst…