Title: Time Changes Everything

Rating: M
Warnings: Non-explicit slash, non-HBP compliant
Disclaimer: JK Rowling Owns Harry Potter and its original characters. I came up with this plot, but if anyone can do it better- please go ahead, I'd love to read it!

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Time Changes Everything: Chapter 1: The Temporal Portkey

"What do you suppose Dumbledore wants with the sixth years?" Ron leaned over to Harry and Hermione and asked. The three were sitting at the Gryffindor table in the great hall, along their classmates at Hogwarts waiting for a meeting with Dumbledore that was called for the sixth year students only.

"Well, it is May so maybe this meeting is about our class schedules for next year. It will be our last year after all," Hermione offered her opinion.

Just then Dumbledore arrived at the front of the great hall and began speaking.

"I have exciting news for all of you. The Ministry of Magic has just finalized a new invention and have given approval for the sixth year students at Hogwarts to test it out."

The students whispered excitedly among themselves and eagerly waited to hear what the invention was. Speculation ran rampant as Dumbledore paused to take a drink of pumpkin juice.

"I wonder what it is, maybe a new love potion!" spoke a Huffelpuff.

"I hope not, maybe a new knowledge holder!" claimed a Ravenclaw.

"Maybe a new glamour charm!" shrieked Lavender Brown from Gryffindor.

"It is probably just a new auror tool," yawned a bored looking Slytherin.

"All of those are good guesses, but none of them are correct," Dumbledore continued, "The Ministry has just finalized the invention of a temporal portkey. A temporal portkey is a specialized portkey that can be used to travel through time. It is less complicated than a time turner and a lot less expensive to manufacture. The Ministry needs to do a mass test on the item so they can put it into production as soon as possible. I have contacted your parents and guardians and they have all given you permission to test the invention."

There were shouts and woops heard throughout the great hall. The students were eagerly talking about going backward and forward through time with great enthusiasm.

"Now, before you go and make any plans for time travel, you should know, this will be a very controlled experiment and is to be considered a project for school." Dumbledore spoke, "Here is what will happen. Each of you will be transported 13 years into the future. You will all be 30 years old. You will live with your future self for one month. At the end of the month you will be able to bring one item back with you from the future. You will have to write a report about why you chose that specific item while you are still in the future. You must choose wisely because when you get back, your memories will be obliviated and you will not remember specifics about your time spent in the future. Your goal is to bring something back that is significant to you but does not tell you too much about your future. Remember, we don't want to endanger your present selves with too much information about your future. Any questions?"

Several students' hands shot up and Dumbledore called on them. They asked logistical questions and Dumbledore did his best to answer them. Hermione's hand shot up.

"Why did you choose the sixth years and not the seventh years? They are all of age. I would think it would be more prudent to send the older students." She asked.

Dumbledore removed his glasses and pressed his thumb and forefinger to the bridge of his nose. He closed his eyes momentarily as he sighed. "A complicated question, Ms. Granger, and unfortunately, the answer is complicated as well." He took a few more moments as he seemed to gather his thoughts in hopes of answering as succinctly as possible. "Let us say that I have used the temporal portkey. I went 13 years into the future and everyone in your class is alive and well at that time. I only wish I could say that about the 7th year students."

The gasps and scared reactions quickly turned into almost guilty looks as the students in the great hall digested this information.

Harry sat and thought about what Dumbledore said. He realized that he would be living in13 years. That meant that either he had not fought the ultimate war with Voldemort by that time, or else, He, Harry, had fought Voldemort and had come out the victor and very much alive. He wasn't sure if he imagined it, but Dumbledore seemed to look his way with a twinkle in his eyes and a slight nod of his head when he spoke about the sixth years' fates.

Dumbledore continued, "Alas, let us not dwell on what we can not change. Here is the schedule of events for the next day. You all have the rest of today to pack a few belongings to take with you into the future. Please pack lightly; there is no need to bring clothes. Your future selves have been made aware of your impending arrivals and have taken the liberty of getting you clothes that will be appropriate for the time and place that you arrive to. Please make sure to pack quills and parchments for your reports as well as any personal items that you can not live without for a month. You will all return here tomorrow morning for breakfast and then after breakfast, I will give out your temporal portkeys and you will be transported to the future. Have a wonderful day. You are all dismissed."

There was a palpable feeling of excitement as the sixth year students got up from their tables and exited the great hall.

"Some of us are bound to be part of each other's lives in the future." Hermione said knowingly. "I wonder if any of us will run into one another. I wonder what the future us will look like." She mused.

"I hope for your sake that you have gotten your teeth fixed and somehow managed to tame that nest of hair, Granger. But then again if you do, you probably won't even recognize yourself," sneered Draco Malfoy as he stole behind the Gryffindor Trio.

Hermione's face reddened and Ron retorted, "Speaking of hair Malfoy, I hope they have enough hair gel in the future for you to keep that helmet hair style we've all grown rather fond of."

"Shut it Weasley." Malfoy spat back and then turned to Harry. "Why so quiet Potter? Afraid that your future self won't live up to the "golden boy" expectations that everyone has placed on you? Are you worried that without the familiarity of Hogwarts and your fame, everyone will realize that you aren't anything special?"

Harry seethed as he heard Malfoy's words. The truth was, his thoughts were strangely close to Malfoy's joking assumptions. He was nervous that his future would be bleak. His first eleven years were painful and lonely. Hogwarts was the first place he felt at home. He silently wondered whether his adult self would be happy and settled. Of course he would never let Malfoy know that he had almost hit the nail on the head.

"You wish, Malfoy. I was actually thinking that I hope I don't bump into your junior death eater self in the future," Harry retorted. "I have had enough of you and your evil father in the present."

"For the last time Potter, I AM NOT A DEATH EATER," Malfoy said with quiet control in his voice. "Keep making assumptions about people and their families and you will end up a very lonely man, Potter."

And he walked away with that, his robes billowing behind him.

The next day, the sixth years made their way to the great hall, the majority of them with their arms filled with luggage and other items to bring on their journey. They obviously did not heed Dumbledore's advice to pack lightly. Harry on the other hand had faith in his future self and only brought the required parchment and quills and his invisibility cloak. He toyed with the idea of bringing his broom but he decided that his future self would definitely have a broom available for him to use and if he didn't, the present day Harry would be so shocked that he probably wouldn't want to ride anyway.

After breakfast, the students lined up by house and chatted excitedly. As they moved forward in the line, Harry, Ron, and Hermione said their goodbyes and promised to look one another up in the future.

Ron reached the front of the line first and swallowed nervously as Professor McGonagall handed him an old gym sock. "Er, see you guys in the future-or not, I guess," he said to Harry and Hermione. He grabbed the sock and disappeared.

Harry went after Ron. When he reached the front of the line, Dumbledore walked up next to Professor McGonagall as she handed Harry a butterbeer bottle. "Harry, enjoy your trip. Please go in with an open mind and it is imperative for you to remember that people change." He said in a stern yet caring tone.

Harry was momentarily confused but answered with a muttered, "um yes, Professor," and he grabbed the bottle and felt the familiar tug behind his navel as he disappeared from the great hall.

He felt himself fall onto soft grass and he looked around. He appeared to be in London. He was on an expanse of grass in front of a series of well tended, expensive looking town homes. As Harry stood up he heard something fall behind him. He quickly turned around and couldn't believe his eyes. Sitting in front of him, apparently having portkeyed to the exact same place in time was Draco Malfoy.