Title: Time Changes Everything

Rating: MWarnings: Non-explicit slash HPDM, non-HBP compliant, implied MPREG
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Chapter 10: The Last Day

Potter and Malfoy's last day in the future was proving to be a trying one for Harry and Draco. The children were acting out because they were sad that Potter and Malfoy were leaving and Potter and Malfoy were biting everyone's heads off (including each other's) because they were anxious about leaving their future selves and children and they were annoyed about having to be obliviated by Harry and Draco. Conversely, as much as they had a great time with Malfoy and Potter, Draco and Harry were ready for their lives to get back to normal with their regular routine.

The elder Potter-Malfoys were currently trying to eat breakfast. Trying, being the operative word. Lila was whining to Malfoy to play one last game of dolls with her while Lucky was attempting to climb up a sitting Potter as he ate, like King Kong climbed the Empire State Building. Jamie was sitting at his breakfast plate with a sullen look and he refused to eat. Harry and Draco alternated yelling at their children to eat and avoiding the death glares that Potter and Malfoy were sending their way.

The argument that was occurring was the same dispute that had been going on for the past two days.

"Come on Draco, no one will know if you don't obliviate us." Malfoy said.

Draco was losing patience with his younger self, "that is true, Malfoy. But trust me. Your future is great. Believe me when I say that you want to experience it as genuinely as possible when it happens to you."

"But I don't want to forget-"

"Malfoy, we know," interjected Harry, "but first of all we can't go against Dumbledore's orders to obliviate you and it will only be a few months until you two finally get together."

Potter cut in, "It isn't just Malfoy that I don't want to forget, I don't want to forget any of this. The kids, the house, how happy you seem.."

"But don't you understand, Potter? You won't forget. You will get to live this life as it happens to you. We have. And it has been something out of a dream." Harry looked admiringly at his husband who nodded in agreement, "when you two get a bit older you will start to understand the wonderful thing that is postponed gratification."

Potter was about to argue that he didn't want to postpone any gratification especially when it meant that he wouldn't be able to be with Malfoy, but the blonde haired boy who was on his mind interrupted his train of thought.

"Let's go take one last walk, Potter," he suggested.

Potter nodded and stealthily attempted to remove Lucky from his person. It was only with help from Harry and Draco and the promise of a chocolate frog to the little boy, that he was able to remove the clinging Lucky from his lap.

The two teens walked in silence to the nearby park. They sat down at the bench on which they had shared their first kiss.

"It is hard to believe how much has happened in the past month, isn't it?" Potter mused as he took Malfoy's hand in his, "I mean who would have thought that we would end up like this? I have to say, it has been amazing getting to know you, Draco. I can't wait to do it all over again. I can't believe I am about to say this but you have become so special to me and I am really going to miss you."

Malfoy laced his fingers with the Potter's and slowly began to rub the top of Potter's hand with his thumb.

"Hmmm," responded Malfoy lazily as he put his head on Potter's shoulder.

"Hmmm? That is all you have to say, Malfoy?" Potter asked incredulously. "I just practically bared my soul to you and all you have to say is 'hmmm'?!?"

"I am sorry, Potter. I heard every word you said and I agree completely, I was just reveling in your closeness. I wanted to remember what it feels like to be so near to you. I want to smell your scent- you know your smell drives me crazy," and he proved this by burying his face in Potter's shirt.

When Malfoy showed his face again, he had tears in his eyes, "I don't want to forget you, Harry. I- I, love you."

Hearing those three words was more than Potter could take. He felt like a weight was being placed on his heart and it hurt. It hurt more than all the times he thought of his parents and how much he missed them. It hurt more than when Sirius died. He felt like a part of him were being ripped in half.

"I love you too, Draco." Potter said and then attempted unsucessfully to squelch the sob that was rising in his throat.

The two boys held each other and silently cried. They knew they would eventually be together but the thought of forgetting the closeness they were feeling now was too painful for either to consider.

Potter cupped Malfoy's face in his hands and started placing kisses on his forehead. He moved down to his eyes, his cheeks and finally his lips. The boys kissed for what seemed like hours, when in reality it was really only for a few minutes. They pulled apart from the kiss and simply held each other, trying to memorize the feel and smell of the other before they had to return to oblivion.

"As much as I don't want to, we should go back to the house," Malfoy said, "We have to say our proper goodbye's to Harry, Draco and the kids."

Potter agreed and the two hesitantly got up. They walked back to the house hand in hand.

The two arrived back at the house and found that Narcissa had come to say good bye to her son and future son-in-law as well.

Potter and Narcissa had gotten on very well during this trip. He realized that she was not only a wonderful mother and grandmother but she was also quite entertaining. Potter reveled in listening to Narcissa tell stories of her Hogwarts days as well as hearing her talk about the ungodly state of dress that witches were wearing nowadays. She was quite the character.

When the time arrived to return to the past, Potter and Malfoy took turns saying good bye to the children. They both hugged each child and told them how proud they were to have been part of making such wonderful human beings. Jamie told them that he would miss being able to make fun of his parents since Harry and Draco were much more strict about cheekiness than Malfoy and Potter were. Lila informed them that she would keep a good eye on their future selves and pleaded with them to go easy on her in the future when they found out that it was her who spilled paint on the living room rug. Jamie simply held onto each of them and quietly told them that he loved them.

Draco and Harry shook hands with their younger selves and told them not to be too hard on each other when they returned to their past. They also thanked Potter and Malfoy for all their help with the children over the past month. Harry pulled Potter aside and quietly whispered in his ear, "Don't worry about fighting Voldemort. You are stronger than you know and you have good people on your side. In the end, good will prevail and you will succeed." Potter nodded a thank you and then hugged his older self.

Draco and Harry explained that the temporal portkeys that they were to use to return to the past also had an oblivation charm placed on them. In transit between now and the future, the boys would forget the details of this trip.

Potter and Malfoy hugged one another one last time and quietly murmured their "I love you"s and they each took hold of their portkeys. They both fixed their eyes on their futures and as sad as they were to leave, they both felt glad that they were going to experience this wonderful life in the future." They felt the familiar pull behind their navals and they were gone.

Back in the great hall of Hogwarts, students began to pop back in one after another. Friends found each other and were happy to reunite.

Harry felt strangely empty and tried to remember what his future had been like, but like trying to remember a dream, the more he attempted, the harder it was to recall.

He started to walk up to Gryffindor tower when he heard a familiar drawl behind him, "How was your future Potter? What was it like to find out that your future is bleak and that you are no longer the special golden boy everyone thinks you are?"

"Stuff it Malfoy. I am sure my trip to the future was just as good as yours was. The good news is that no one remembers any of it, so we can end this conversation now. If you want to continue, then we can have a civilized conversation but I am not in the mood to engage in idiodic banter," Harry said with an air of superiority that he didn't know he had.

"Civilized conversation, Potter? Me and you?" Malfoy smirked.

"Yeah, it probably wouldn't work. You would have to kill me now, Malfoy!"

"Oh, There will be plenty of time for that later, Potter. Trust me," Malfoy said in a suggestive tone.

And he walked away leaving a confused Potter with a strange feeling of deja vu that he couldn't explain. He chalked it up to confusion from time travel, yet there was something nagging at him for the rest of the day.

Meanwhile, back at the Potter-Malfoy house, Jamie asked his parents what they ended up bringing back to the past with them when they left.

Harry answered first, "Well, if I remember correctly I just brought back a newspaper that had some quiddich scores on it. I wrote my report about knowing future outcomes of games and gambling or something like that. I guess I didn't want to bring anything back with me that was too sentimental." he mused.

"What about you, Poppa?" Jamie asked Draco.

Draco answered by running upstairs to his dresser and pulling something out of his drawers.

"I couldn't bear the thought of not having Harry's smell with me, so I stole this from him, " and he held up a worn looking t-shirt that read, "Save a broom, ride a dragon."

"You've had it all this time, and I never knew?" Harry asked his husband incredulously.

"Well, I only knew how significant it was when Potter wore it to the Weasley's that day. I believe I wrote my report on my obvious sex appeal in the future. I knew someone had made the shirt for me, I just didn't know who."

"That is so romantic, Draco." Harry said and hugged his husband.

"What can I say, my sex appeal only pales in comparison to my romantic nature."

Harry grabbed the t-shirt and playfully swatted Draco with it.

"I wonder how Potter and Malfoy are doing back in the past." Draco thought out loud.

"Well, if I remember correctly, we continued to fight like cats and dogs but their always seemed to be this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I couldn't explain."

"Yeah. I don't envy those two."

"I do. Who wouldn't want to fall in love with you all over again, Mr. Potter-Malfoy?" Harry said as he pulled his husband into a hug.

"So, true, Harry. So true."


There is a Sequel Up! Bryar Rose has posted the First Chapter of Somewhere In The Middle! Enjoy! Many Thanks To Bryar Rose and everyone else who offered to write (or is in the process of writing) sequels.